Vladimir Build Guide

S3 Vladimir.

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Vladimir is a good solid pick top lane against melee bruisers. He should be able to out harass and sustain most melee champions if your making good use of your range especially if they don't have any gap closers, ranged skills,etc. Make sure to build at least a couple tanky items for your team especially since health items such as warmogs, randiuns, and rylai's scale with vlad.

[.]Make use of your range to get CS [.]Never use your Q to cs. [.]Q your opponent whenever you can/when they go in for a cs [.]Utilize the range of your Q and autoattacks to your advantage. [.]Never spam E early lane phase unless you for sure can follow up with a Q right away. Using E on minions or to stack empowered should always be followed by a Q on the enemy laner. [.]You can use your E to cs, but follow up with a Q on the opponent. [.]Never let your opponent get free damage, if they hit you hit back. Trade damage with them because you should be able to outsustain them. [.]Save your W for when you get ganked. Try to time the W well so you can actually dodge their CC. For example, when getting ganked by jax, you want to pool right when jax leaps into the air. [.]Use W before deciding to use flash.

To know when to go in for a kill is simple really, "Calculate Your Damage." For every champ, not just vlad that you want to harass your opponent down, so that when you turn 6 they're either out of pots and their HP is at least the less than the amount of your skill damages + ult + ignite. You have to do this quick because many people will back after having no pots. [.]Harass them down so when you reach six they're in a killable HP. [.]Look at the damage of ignite Take it note of the damage [.]Q and take note of a rough estimate of how much damage it does towards your opponent. [.]Stack your empowered and Q to see how much damage you'll do. Take note of a rough estimate of how much damage you do. [.]Add them up [.]Go in for the kill when you harassed your opponent HP down to less than what you calculated. Example/ Look at your opponents HP if less/around 500hp on your opponent by lvl 6 or anything after those lvls then you should consider going in. Stack E for to maximize damage, then follow it up with a ult + Q + ignite combo. Your ult does at least 150 damage. Ignite at level six is 170 true damage. With a fully stacked empowered, your Q should do around 200-300 damage. Theoritically you should be able to get a kill as this combo is around 500-600 damage as long as its in these ideal situations. Don't forget you should be auto attacking when you go in to rise killing potential. If you ever get turrent dived, realize you can turn around turrent dives as long as the jungler isn't diving you too. If you get dived and blow your ult, ignite,Q, then W and hope for the best. Only do this if the opposite laner is not stacking tank items such as health items and if thier 2/3rds of thier HP. Chances are you'll be able to kill them, or someone esle can pick the kill up. Don't be to scared to blow your ult because by the time you get back to lane the cooldown is almost gone.

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