Illaoi Build Guide

Terror from the Deep

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Skill Order
Tentacle Smash
Harsh Lesson
Test of Spirit
Leap of Faith
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Illaoi's early laning is rather anemic due to having low base damages on her abilities and total ad scaling. You won't be fighting much, but that equally does not mean that you should let the other laner push you around. Focus primarily on getting as much cs as possible while avoiding damage, but if someone tries to take a tentacle and you are near by hit them back, between two tentacle hits and w damage you will make quite a dent. You should not use E outside of an all in unless they are already below 50% health or you can snag one under a turret, turrets do attack spirits and otherwise you won't have the damage output to make it worthwhile spending time wailing on it rather then csing. Where possible, try not to use your w as a gap closer, make the most of its auto reset capability to improve your damage output.

Past level 8, potentialy as early as level 6, laning starts to get a bit fuzzier and you see frequent roams from solo lanes. This is also the point where Illaoi starts to have enough base damage and ad to become a serious threat, so look for fights in lane where you can. Poke with Q and opportunistic W casts, then Test them under a tentacle. If they try and fight you ult and clean house, if not then you get a bunch of free damage down. You can roam, and Test of Spirit can be effective at forcing damage down, but you don't have the cc to really make it your forte.

Once lanes break down totally you should be sticking with the pack where possible. You have acceptable side wave clearing, but it wastes the potential of Test of Spirit having to do so for extended periods of time. Keep fishing for spirits while not getting initiated on, remind your team not to blow too many cooldowns on them, and grind your way towards turrets. You can contribute to wave clearing but the range on q is not sufficient to act as effective champion poke, so don't put yourself at risk for it. When doing neutral objectives you should be among the first to peel off and intercept anyone coming in

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