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The sentinel's sorrow (S4) Advanced tips included

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Hey everyone! I'm Herkamur and this is my first guide. I am currently a gold 1 player who is LP locked due to going on a 13 ranked game win streak followed by a 6 game lose streak. I currently have a certain obsession for three champions in this game--Wukong, Galio and Rumble. I often see many people building and playing Galio wrong so i decided to make a guide for him to try and help people better understand his full potential. Galio not only has a game changing AoE ult such as amumu's, but also grants insane utility to his team through added durability, movement speed increase, hard peels, and slows. [IMG][/IMG]

Galio is very weak early game. just focus on farming until you get your first big item down. Try not to spam abilities until you start getting blue buff or chalice otherwise you will OOM insanely fast. Many champions will try to capitalize on your melee auto attack range and will harrass you everytime you go in for farm. Most champions will beable to out trade you at this point aswell, save your mana until you rack up a little bit of MR and AP and then become a brick wall. If you are getting pressured early by their jungler, use your E to escape situations, dont pop your W until they are just about to hit you to make sure you still get the effect of the 5th heal before it wears off. Key to win: Play passive and FARM

Mid game is where galio starts to shine because this is when he starts to finally get damage, while also being tanky. You should have your first two core items done by now since galio is a farming machine. Also, this is when dragon fights start to happen with is galio's forte. If the enemy team starts to go for dragon and you can engage a fair fight: go for it. They will most likely all be clumped up killing dragon which is GG for galio. flash ult onto them and let your teammates pick up the scraps. Pop your W on whoever they are focusing, it makes them tanky and also still heals you. Key to win: try to flash onto their squishies and CC them long enough for your bruisers//assassins to get onto them.

Endgame is where Galio ult truly shines, dont be afraid to make plays and dont hesitate. The worst is when you have a tank who is hesitant towards intitiating so you either lose out on plenty of opportunities, or one of your bruisers gets antsy and initiates a fail fight. If you see an opportunity to flash ult onto their carries then you will most likely always win the fights. By this time the enemy teams priority should be your ADC since youre the APC and youre tanky they will only focus him. pop your W on him when they get near him. As with mid game dragon fights, galio also shines rather well around baron because people tend to clump up making it easy for you to land ults. Even tho you are mid and the \"APC\".. dont let your lack of kills discourage you. most of the time your combos will blow squishies up, down to about 15-20% and then its easy pickings form there for your team. Your end game wombo combo, fully built with elixirs and W casted on yourself will do : [img=skills/galio/q.png] 300(+371) = 771 [img=skills/galio/w.png] -- [img=skills/galio/e.png] 240(+301) = 541 [img=skills/galio/r.png] [440(+371)] x1.4 to factor in max bonus damange from taking hits = 1135 Total = 2447.4 damage (this does not factor in your magic penetration or their MR)[b][/b] Key to win: flash ult OP

I hope you all enjoyed my guide and learned atleast something about galio. If you found this guide helpful please give me a thumbs up! As this is my first guide, any constructive remarks will be well appreciated ^.^

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