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Eve itembuild guide - 5.11 (In progress/delayed)

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[b]About the guide:[/b] The reason I made this guide is because I played quite a bit of Eve in season 4 and it was by far my favorite jungler. I really liked her ability to sneak around the map and be a constant nagging pain in the back of the enemy's head, because they never knew where you were unless you showed yourself on the map. Her ganking prowess was great, especially if you found countergank opportunities. With the season 4 god tier junglers of Lee Sin, Kha'zix and Eve, Riot decided to make a couple of changes so there weren't just a couple of viable options (mainly for competitive play) and they wanted to increase jungle diversity. Long story short, jungle diversity is still an issue (mainly for competitive play) and in the process they nerfed Eve's early game power and increased the difficulty of the jungle so your jungle can actually kill you now. I've been focused on my Heimer guide and Heimer mechanics so much, that I didn't put a lot of effort or thought into making Eve work in the season 5 jungle. I've had some time and I've come up with item builds and jungle routes that work very well in the new jungle. [b]About the author:[/b] This is my second guide and I'm currently in the process of getting a lot of games in on a separate account so I can better judge the season 5 matchups. In season 4 I played over 100 games of Eve around Diamond 3/4. This isn't a lot and it isn't what I'm basing my guide on, what I'm basing my guide on is the same research method I've done for my other guide. Mainly looking at the best Eve's from around the world and finding a build I think has the best from all Eve's. My first guide can be found here: http://www.solomid.net/guide/view/130572-heimerdinger-build-guide-apc-fighter-by-stealthlink I hope that's all the introduction that's required, so let's get to the champion. [b]Pro's:[/b] Invisibility, kind of obvious. More gank paths because of your invisibility. Constant pressure in all three lanes as long as you don't show yourself on the map. Very flexible build paths. [b]Con's:[/b] Very prone to the \"lvl 2 cheese invade\" by popular junglers. Doesn't do well when behind. Is not a very good duelist against other meta junglers.

Like your item build your early Jungle route is a bit of a \"Choose your own Adventure\". I always prefer starting at the bottom side of the map, because you need a strong leash/pull. And your bot lane is usually the most helpful in that department, whereas toplaners usually only want to give you one or two auto attacks, which isn't nearly enough. [b]Blue side starting route:[/b] Start with E and the Krugs and ask for a strong leash. It's important you make this clear, because your early game pressure depends on it. [b]Route: Krugs (smite) > Raptors > Red (smite)[/b] After you've killed the Red buff you should be full hp or near enough full hp that you can choose what to do. You can go for a gank in the mid or bot lane, and if you want to gank but don't see an opportunity yet you can clear the Scuttlecrab and hope one arises in the time you clear the crab. If it doesn't, or if there is no ganking opportunity at all, you can clear your Wolves and Blue (smite) if you have full health, or just your Blue if you don't. [b]Red side starting route:[/b] Start with Q and remember to ask for a strong leash. You can also ask your support to tank the first 2 hits, most of them are nice enough to do it. [b]Route: Gromp (smite) > Blue > Wolves > Red (smite) > Raptors [/b] You'll need to kite the blue so you don't take as much damage, the same goes for the wolves. The raptors you can do with taking very little damage if you kite them and use your Q to kill the small raptors. The big raptor alone doesn't do a lot of damage. [b]Dangerzone:[/b] One of the most annoying things about Eve is that pretty much every single jungler can walk into your jungle on your first clear and either mess with you or kill you. If you don't ward properly you can get invaded at either your Blue or your Red buff. When you do the Krugs > Raptor > Red route you should ward the brush between the Red buff and the Baron pit around 1:45. When you do the Gromp > Blue > Red route you need to choose between warding the jungle entrance near the midlane around 1:45 or the same brush as above at 1:45. (You can also ask your toplaner to ward your red for you at 1:45) [b]Alternative route to avoid getting \"cheesed\"[/b] Start at either your Red or your Blue buff. This makes your route very unpredictable for the enemy jungler. It does hurt your clear speed since you have neither the Gromp or Krugs buff and you need to walk some extra distance to your camps. But it can stop you from becoming predictable and therefor getting invaded. [b]After your first clear:[/b] You should look for ganks. And the ganks you want are the ones in lanes that are easy. This means either having a laner with crowd control or an enemy laner without mobility. Always ask if there's a lane that doesn't have summoner spells ready, because those are the lanes where you want to set up your tent and make it rain. I suggest ganking solo lanes until you get to level 6 and have access to your ultimate. Because if the enemy ADC/support both focus you and they have ignite, you can die incredibly fast. Once you gank and blow a summoner it's just a rinse and repeat of ganking lanes without flash and farming your jungle. If you get a kill after your second round of buffs spawn in the mid or bottom lane, you should see if you can do the dragon. Make sure you ALWAYS have a pink ward on the map. And make sure you ALWAYS check brushes for pinks yourself when you run past one.

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