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hi again! My name is Heartbeat, and I used to play AD from Team MRN (currently switched to support). I'm currently Diamond 1 right now on solo queue, and I still play AD carries every now and then to keep myself good at the role. [imgext=] Varus is a very unique AD carry that a lot of people are starting to pick up. Varus is also very popular in EU/Asia scene, although not so popular in the NA scene. I think he's a very good champion to have in your arsenal, because he brings a lot to the table. [highlight][center]Pros[/center][/highlight] [.]Great AOE spells that scale off AD [.]Great poke with your [imgsmall=skills/varus/q.png] [.]one of two AD carries that carry around an initiate/counter initiate ulimate (other being Ashe) [.]deals % health damage [.]has higher base movespeed (335) than other AD carries [highlight][center]Cons[/center][/highlight] [.]no escape (blink/jump) skills [.]unreliable passive [.]a lot of skillshots [.]damage falls off a bit compared to other AD carries

3/10/13 - guide created! 11/26/13 - season 4 update!

[b]This section might be a bit outdated due to the season 4 changes and how new supports are being played.[/b] match ups can vary because bot lane is a 2v2 lane, and depending on the support the match up can become different. however, i'll give you guys the 1v1 match ups for varus! [imgsmall=champ/ashe.png] - very easy lane, her harass is on a really long cool down, and you do a LOT more damage to her. be aggressive! but stay near creeps so you don't take free volley damage. [imgsmall=champ/caitlyn.png] - this is a 50/50 lane, caitlyn obviously has a really strong laning with her 650 range, but you can out trade her if you do get one auto + E off. if you do get zoned by a really strong support like sona/lulu + cait, you can always farm with Q! [imgsmall=champ/corki.png] - you destroy corki if you guys trade corki's auto + Q for your auto + E. don't try to duel him, as his gatling gun can tear your armor and make you lose. short trades win, long trades lose. [imgsmall=champ/draven.png] - draven is op. [imgsmall=champ/graves.png] - you outrange him, so abuse that! unless he quickdraws into you, you should be winning most trades. [imgsmall=champ/tristana.png] - you beat her early in lane, but after she starts leveling (around 7~9) she can start beating you. be careful of her all ins with strong supports, and because she has to naturally push lane with her explosive shot, you can zone her out when you're close to your own tower.

Varus has slightly higher range than most AD carries at 575. This means you have a better harass potential than other AD carries, and it's easier to keep distance from people. Make sure you auto+E harass when possible - such as when they are going for a CS, or if they seem to be out of position. Be careful for ganks and realize that you don't have any escapes other than flash. If your flash is down then you have to play safer. Good thing with varus is that he has a pretty good range so you can play safe without a problem. If the enemy jungler is camping you or youre getting zoned from creeps, you can always use your max charge Q to farm creeps from a really long range. But your focus is to farm as many creeps as possible! and go for kills at your discretion.

Although several AD carries have a midgame dip where they don't do damage during the midgame phase, varus's strong point is that he is able to dish out a lot of consistent damage throughout all game. although you might not be completely fed, you will still be doing % max health damage with your abilities, and you provide a lot of utility (slow, snare) mid game is when your first teamfights occur, so make sure you shop before your team wants to teamfight! positioning is extra important because flash is your only escape. if flash is down, make sure you play as far back as you can, although you might be scared to do damage, do the best you can to throw out as many auto attacks/abilities from a safe distance and MAKE SURE YOU DON'T DIE. And ofcourse, continue farming! farming is the most important factor of AD carries, farm everything. farm lane creeps and jungle creeps when they're up, and keep your gold income high so you can get as many items as you can.

This is when you have most of your items, you should have about 5 or 6 items. Make sure you buy that fort pot when you feel like a fight is about to occur, because fort pot adds a LOT of health and damage for only 250 gold. At this stage of the game, you can continue farming if you're not max items yet but if you are max items, pay EXTRA attention to your positioning. keep asking yourself, are you in a place to be caught? are there any blind spots? am I well behind my team ? And when that teamfight occurs, know that you are most of your team's damage, so if you die, your team's chance of winning the game diminishes by a lot. Learn and practice how to teamfight. Practice makes perfect. Try to get as many auto attacks as you can - if tanks are all you can hit, then so be it - you should be able to take down tanks with fair ease with your last whisper. stay alive!

Varus is a really cool champion, and he's definitely one of the most fun AD carries to play. Just respect that you're not a mobile champion so pay extra attention to your positioning. You'll be fine! This will be probably my last guide i make on AD carries due to me switching roles. Thanks for giving me a lot of love on my first guide on tristana! ^_^ and again, i would like to make a video section for this guide but I'm still playing/practicing on my laptop so i'm unable to do so. tune in to my stream, i often do commentary and teach how to get better at the game, as well as me trying to get better myself. this is my stream schedule! weekdays (mondays~fridays) 12PST ~ 6PST and i stream on weekends on random times :p but DO tune in on weekdays! ^~^

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