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Bard is highly underestimated. Few people realize how powerful he is. This is one of the more difficult champions. because what sets a good bard apart from a bad, is planning. Ability to predict the outcome. Every single Bards ability can be considered useless in the wrong hands. Passive is inconsistent and requires time to be felt. Heal is extremely low and on a long cd, portals allow enemies to travel just like your teammates ( WTF, that doesn't HELP!!!), Q also depends on success and is fairly useless if there are no walls or 2 champions in a line, plus it has short range, and the ult, boy the ult....Doesn't do anything, just postpones the battle by 2.5 seconds. Yep, it is very easy to mess up with Bard, I'd say Tahm is more suited for trolling your teammates, but Bard is second in line. And yet, at the same time, Bard is one of the best supports out there, if you think before you do. bards Portal is his signature ability, that allows even the most stationary team move over great distance. Remember those times when in pro matches the whole team flashes over the enemy wall to attack the nexus. If Only they had Bard. Bard's portal can be a double edged sword, but not if you use it correctly. While Bard's e seems friendly to enemy champions, it is in fact an illusion. Bard's portal sets up a perfect binding position. enemy champions almost never know what they're getting into when they go through the portal, and even if u think that the portal doesn't help u escape, that is wrong. You move a lot faster through the portal, especially late game, the longer the tunnel is, the bigger the gap will be between u and the enemy team.

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