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Jungle Azir - The Bird Is The Word

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Alright so this guide is going to be simple and sweet. Azir is a better Jungler than a Mid lane Apc. Why you ask? Because his ganks are awesome, he is able to protect carries while doing massive amount of damage and his kit is really not built as an apc. Also heads up, this is my [b]first ever guide.[/b] My definition of an apc is simple. Someone who can burst down a target in 1-2 seconds. Azir sadly does not have any 100% hit abilitys everything revolves around his (W). This becomes a huge problem when you are an apc. People can easily avoid your sand guys and kill you or your teammates while you have to wait 2-3 seconds before being able to move them again. [b]So Azir has no burst.[/b] So why jungle? He can easily clear Blue, Wolves, Red , Wraiths and back without a problem. He has a built in slow on his Q and he can TD at level 2 without taking any risks. At level 3 his combo can slow, knock up and secure a kill quite easily early game. His late game is amazing since his minions can pretty much kill a carry in 2-3 hits. Video [] My Penta using Jungle Azir [vid=] Currently Gold 2 [img=] So I ended up getting some decent teams that didn't rage and did solid leashes and I ended up getting a 9 win streak. [img=[URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL]]

Clear Blue, Wolves, Red, Wraiths, then either Gank top or mid or back. Clear Golems , Gank top even if you just send a sand guy to harass top it makes your top get ahead in farm and hp.

Clear jungle, gank when needed.

Focus carries and make sure you sand guys play defense and offense. Poke the enemy team in teamfights by sending 2-3 sand guys using your Q if a fight starts try to peel for your carries with the sand guys. Try to never use your E unless its necessary otherwise you will go head first into death.

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