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Tibbaz -Pedobear on fire

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Hello and welcome to my first Guide on Solomid for Annie. Im currently at Platinum V and got there by playing Annie, most times in Midlane. Annie is by far my most favorite Champion as she brings huge burst to the table and can snowball her lane very easily. As Annie you can either be super agressive in lane or just sit there and farm and wait for a gank where chain cc can lockdown any lane opponent. Due to her Q being reworked in the 4.4 Patch you can now get your stun up within 3 seconds to prevent yourself from being killed as you may get ganked. Throughout this guide I will use abbreviations and shorthand terms. Here is a list and explanation of all those that I may use. CD = Cooldown CDR = Cooldown Reduction AP = Ability power AD = Attack damage MR = Magic resistance AA = Autoattack

Your main goal in the early game is to farm farm farm to get to your items and keep an eye on the map as you are pretty strong in the first few levels. When landing an early gank onto your enemy laner your lane its pretty much won. You should ward your lane and when you get ganked while the enemy jungler is not at full health you can maybe nuke him down and take his buffs. This happens pretty often so just buy those wards and place them in the brushes next to your lane. If your doing well you can politely ask your jungler to take care of warding one side of your lane as this saves you around 300-500 gold which can obviosly be better spent on some items.

The goal of the middle game as Annie is to kill either your lane opponent or to roam around a lot at best when your enemy is chased out of lane so you can double gank a lane with your jungler. For the case that you have enough gold to buy your DFG yet, you should place your trinket ward and go back. When based you sell your trinket for a lens sweep and grab your DFG. Then you push out your lane and pretend ganking a sidelane. When doing this you should get into the brush and sweep it. When no ward is there, you can often see that your opposing midlaner is walking up to follow you and counter gank. Your task is pretty simple as you sit in the brush hit your DFG and follow with Tibbaz and Q+W+Ignite. Hurray you got a sneaky kill.

Late game is, when Annie falls of pretty hard due to the fact that she has no range. This is the point where you should pressure objectives like towers due to the fact that you can use your kit pretty defensive and counter engage a teamfight.

As Annie you have 2 choices in a teamfight whereas one will not be given most of the time. The first is that you can flash ultimate onto 2-3 enemys completely deleting them from the map. The problem with this on the one hand is that the enemys in most cases won't give you that chance and on the other hand if you mess up you lost the teamfight. The second choice is the one that you protect your ad carry. With Rylais and Torment built and Tibbaz summoned, you will be able to shred most Tanks trying to kill you or your ad carry when you both stick together.

Thanks a lot for reading my Annie guide, I hope you enjoyed it! I will try to keep this guide updated and add more information in the future. Annie is by far my most favorite champ that I played over few hundred games with since I started to play League of Legends. She will always have a special place in my heart despite Riot nerfing her once in a while. Feel free to like and comment. See you on the Fields, - ALC Whiskey

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