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THE GLORIOUS EVOLUTION REBORN! - The basics of bringing Viktory to your team with Mid Lane Viktor

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JOIN THE GLORIOUS EVOLUTION! Hello all, my name is KingKrafter101, and I'm a Viktor main in League of Legends. I'm here today to share some of my secrets/strategies that I use when playing Viktor. I'm not the greatest or strongest Viktor player, but I've been playing and maining him for a long time, so I hope my guide can help more people learn him so I can see more of him in-game, as I believe he is insanely strong right now and I'm really disappointed that I almost never see anyone else play him, especially against me in blind. I'd like more Viktor vs. Viktor duels, as they can be amazing, and when you have a mirror match like that you only have yourself to blame if you lose, as you both have the same kit and pretty much the same damage. I'd also like to see what others build on Viktor, and compare what I do with what they do. So come on, read my guide and start playing this amazing mage today, I assure you you shall bring Viktory to your team!

The early game with Viktor really depends on your matchup, and can be unique to each champion you face, but in general any early weak melee mid laners like Mordekaiser or Yasuo, you'll want to start q and poke while farming. Farming is very important on Viktor, as his items can be very expensive and he needs them to become really strong, so when you first start playing Viktor focus more on getting the farm you need. With the Viktor changes he really isn't as strong of a lane bully as he was before, so passively farming is really good for him, and playing defensively is good as well. One rule when playing Viktor or any champion with no escape: NEVER pass the halfway point of the lane in mid. That is incredibly dangerous for you, as it allowing the enemy jungler to gank you from 4 potential areas, which is scary as hell for a champion with no built-in escapes like Viktor. Keeping yourself on your side of the lane limits the enemy jungler's ganking options and still allows you to harass your enemies and still get farm. Around the 1400 gold mark try to be in a position where both you and you opponent are backing, as this will give you a good advantage. Viktor's first augment (which should always be your Death Ray augment) is incredibly strong and allows laning to be much easier for Viktor. This is also around the time solo lane champions become level 6, so you can potentially think about all-inning your opponent depending on who they are and if they still have flash or not. If you're able to all in and get a kill around this time, Viktor's mid and late game will snowball like crazy, allowing you to do crazy damage to your opponents and help win your team the game.

Around level 11, which is what I would say is the mid game (or about 15-20 minutes) you should try to have your perfect hex core, Lich Bane or Zhonya's, and possibly your sorcerer's shoes. With just these items you should be able to easily out-damage most enemies, giving you an advantage. The best option for Viktor at this time is grouping with your team, as despite your damage you are still very weak defensively, and pushing with them to get towers. Viktor has AMAZING wave-clear with his Death Ray, and he's able to use Death Ray under enemy towers to poke them down while staying out of the tower's range most of the time. If your ally starts a fight, or an opponent jumps your team, he can quickly assist with a gravity field and ult or death ray. The gravity field will slow and/or stun your enemies, or at least cause them to retreat, and your ult and/or death ray can deal significant damage to the enemy team, allowing yourself to clean them up with a q-auto, or your teammates to finish them off. If you have a very strong ADC, such as Draven, Lucian, Kog'mah, or Tristana, you have the ability to easily give them kills, allowing your game to be much easier (though it is possible your burst will just kill the enemy regardless, which isn't bad either as you need a lot of gold as well). If your team and the enemy team engage in a teamfight, Viktor shines brighter than the rising sun for this! Viktor's huge burst and AOE damage allows you to easily blow up multiple opponents at once if you place your skills correctly, and gravity field is really good in team fights as most enemies will not notice it in the heat of battle and many can and will get stunned by it. The AOE damage, AOE stun, and a good ally tank to stay behind allow Viktor to be a teamfight pretty much in himself, and destroy the enemy team completely, allowing your allies or a few q-autos to clean up. If you put your huge burst on the wrong targets, however, you are almost guaranteeing your team to lose the teamfight, so always try to aim for the enemy ADC or APC, and blow them up fast so they can't deal much damage to your own team. If all goes well you should win most fights, allowing you to take complete control of objectives, which will win you the game.

Late game, with his full items, Viktor can easily blow up any opponent with ease. He has incredible scaling and at level 18 his perfect hex core will be giving a huge boost to your AP. It's not uncommon to have 800-900 AP even with Void Staff and/or Abyssal Scepter. This high AP and your magic pen build gives Viktor even more potential to be a teamfight in himself with allied support, as any 1v1 should be easily won by Viktor even without his ult. Just e-q-autoing someone when you're full build Viktor can outright kill or severely damage an enemy, and your q is on such a low cooldown you can chase your enemy down and q-auto them again to kill them. In teamfights you'll want to do the same thing as able, but you'll be able to do this even more reliably and deal insane damage, easily winning your team fights or the entire game. With Lich Bane you can also become really good at destroying towers, and with your adc and another ally you can destroy an entire lane's worth of towers before your opponents can react, and escape with q if things get scary. Late game though you WILL blow up if the enemy is able to get onto you, as you haven't built much in terms of defenses, but with a good or at least decent team by your side protecting you from the enemy's tanks you should easily be able to burst squishy targets and even severely chunk the full magic resist Galio. If you're able to win those fights your team should win matches and honor you for the hard work and damage you brought to the team.

I hope my guide has helped anyone who feels like they wanted to try Viktor, or anyone who wanted to know Viktor strategy from me. As I stated before I'm not the ultimate Viktor player, but I have mained him for a long time, even before the rework, and I hope my knowledge helps you all somewhat. I'll be adding more mid-lane matchups soon and I will keep this updated as much as I can if people find it helpful or useful in any way. Good luck out there on the rift, and join the glorious evolution today by playing Viktor! :D Likes are appreciated but not required! :)

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