Mordekaiser Build Guide

Update 5.16 Support Mordekaiser ! Control your dragon to push and carry your team as support !

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Hi guys, This is my first time to write a giude as long as I play LoL since it born. Please left your comment if somewhere is wrong. Support Morde is a new place compare with traditional morde ( or ad morde). You dont need to concentrate on farming and got ganked by jungler or mid(top). All you need is peel for carry who harassing. In this guide, I am sharing some experience as support morde. Hope you guys enough his new placement !

Use your E to harass as much as you can, trade with opponent ad is better than only hit support. look for chance to all in before 6, morde 9x damage is insane in the Lv 3 fight or Lv 2 fight.

If jungler is camping a lot in the early game, now you may have some gold for success kill or assist and farm from your relic. Grab your Defense item or Offensive item followed by the game condition. Control drake as you can and push as team with your drake after slained it. Give your drake soul with W and let its take down the tower or suspend oppoent champion to defend. As long as your team pushing efficiency to upgrade your best fit item.

Remember to peel your ad carry and if she/he is saved, try get your opponent adc soul to win team fight. Cast your W on your adc or your teammate who need to disengage. Use your E to generate your shield and help to take some damage for releasing team fight pressure.

Concentrated on your adc and their adc, you have to do it in late game. But in the early game, try to smash incoming force from your adc then ulti+ignite to a most dangerous champion for your team (such as fed riven or fed ahri). you could surely let them have 20% or lower Hp that they cant do anything in the team fight.

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