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AP Kog - Spam Happy [S4]

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Hello! I am RudgimusMaximus and this is my first guide here on SoloMid. I am a Gold 3 ADC main, but when I go to mid lane, there is one champ I will try to play every time if the situation is right. I love playing AP Kog and find him to be one of the most fun champs around. Sniping people with max range ults is a joy, and pelting opponents from beyond tower range as they try to defend just is endlessly frustrating. He is a poke composition in 1 champion, with amazing late game DPS to boot. Give my guide a shot if you wanna try him, and let me know how it goes! [highlight]AP Kog is definitely a viable champion[/highlight] Froggen plays AP Kog. All the more reason you should try him. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a1HyeCwv3AY] He also showed up recently in LCS. Although the game did not go well (for all of GGU, not just Jintae), I believe it shows he is viable. I am hoping he becomes FotM soon so I can say \"I told you so!\" to a lot of people. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hzMEL8OtxI4[/youtube] Tinkady as I'm sure you can tell helped get this guide approved and has been playing AP Kog frequently in ranked since trying this guide. He has reached Diamond maining Kog, AP Corki, and Nidalee (notice the poke trend here?), and has his own featured guide with a more concise explanation of Kog. His is probably better for experienced players, where this guide is probably better for those new to AP Kog. http://www.solomid.net/guide/view/120394 [imgext=http://i.imgur.com/oth8Q6w.png] Kog is DEFINITELY able to carry games; his damage output is so high that as long as you position well you can win engagements and easily siege/defend objectives. He is a unique combination of Nidalee and Karthus, in that he provides amazing poke from safe range during siege and also has insane lategame damage. [imgext=http://i.imgur.com/5aw5Jpn.jpg] [highlight]Don't need to follow the meta[/highlight] [.]Mid/Bot: Normally I play AP Kog at mid, but he is also perfectly viable and quite strong in a Duo lane bot. If you can send an ADC mid, or even just an AD Assassin/Bruiser, Kog can go bot with a support. The play style ends up being the same, but it can be very easy to push their ADC out of lane post 6 since they generally have little MR. When I run AP Kog bot I prefer a Soraka support for the amazing lane sustain. She feeds you health and mana, and you farm up a storm. You can swap in Armor yellows here for safety, or buy an early Seeker's Armguard if you are getting harassed hard. As with every champ, AP Kog has his strengths and weaknesses. [title]Strengths:[/title] [.]Has great wave clear. His 2 main abilities (E,R) are AOE and have good range. So you can hold off multiple people by insta-clearing waves [.]Farms very well, mostly for the reason above [.]Very safe if played correctly. Make it to level 6 and ward well, and you should be safe in lane, even against assassins [.]POKE!! Oh man the poke. Levels 6,11, and 16 are huge power leaps for Kog as the range gains on his ult are massive. Abuse this in lane to punish opponents for every last hit. [.]Siege artillery. Kog's true power shows in tower sieges, either making one or holding them off. The ability to poke from well behind towers and provide slows from that far makes taking towers a breeze when your team lets you do your thing. And catching someone out of position with the slow from Rylai's makes them easy to pick off. [.]Fun to play! The main reason I love playing Kog. Chaining ults and max range kills are tons of fun, and people rarely expect the burst you can dish out with a full combo at close range. [.]Turtles well. Since he can instaclear waves from a distance and do his damage from safety. Can easily drag out games till he outscales opponents. [.]Late game damage output. Full Build you will do absurd amounts of damage. At the end of most games that go longer than 25 minutes, I usually double the next closest person in damage dealt to champions. [imgext=http://i.imgur.com/LavMUcT.jpg] A game from Tinkady. [imgext=http://i.imgur.com/KhxG9Mg.jpg] [title]Weaknesses:[/title] [.]Squishyyyyyy. Abuse your range to stay away from the opposing team, as you get blown up VERY quickly. [.]Immobile. Positioning is key as you have no way to reposition outside of flash. If you get caught, you won't be escaping. This also makes it difficult to roam well. [.]Little utility. Outside of his E, Kog is straight damage. Know this going in and have a team that builds with it and you will be fine. Kog is all about damage, he has no hard CC whatsoever. We build Rylai's as it has amazing synergy with his playstyle and it allows us to provide some utility in the form of AOE slows that will be spammed throughout team fights and during siege. [.]Power level takes major jumps at 6, 11, and 16. Hitting these levels gives you such a power jump with the damage and more importantly the range on your ult. You scale better due to this, but also give up some early power.

[title]Farming:[/title] During this part of the game you are mostly just farming passively. Your AAs are weak, especially without Spellsword, so take some time in a custom game to learn how to last hit with them. If you are struggling, you can use your W to make it easier. When shoved under tower, activate your W and use Q as another AA to hold you last hit there. If your opponent is trying to shove lane, feel free to use your E to keep it from getting to your tower. Otherwise be prudent about using your E a lot, as it costs a good chunk of mana and is your initiate/escape spell as well. About once a wave is generally ok as long as you are not spamming Q and W. A good habit to get into if you are comfortable pushing is to try to get all the creeps in the wave low enough so one E will kill all of them. This tactic holds through all stages of the game [title]Harassing[/title] You have 2 main sources of consistent/safe harass at your disposal [.]When using your E on the wave, make a line out of yourself, the creeps you are last hitting, and your opponent. The range on E should allow you to hit them behind their creeps for some solid poke. [.]On an opponent who cannot retaliate from range, activate W and AA harass them from range. If you are maxing W second this damage will start to add up over time. You can even combine the two methods by using E to slow them and give you more time to AA as they try to walk out of range. [title]How to Initiate Ganks[/title] If you have a wonderfully nice jungler who ganks early for you, normally you want to execute like this: Initiate with your E. The slow should allow you and your jungler to close in on them. Q as soon as you can to reduce their armor/MR, then activate W and AA when you can, moving between AAs to stay within range. Depending on the amount of CC your jungler brings, you will be surprised how quickly you can take people down. [highlight]DO NOT DIVE![/highlight] If you get a summoner spell, the gank was successful, but Kog does not have the tools nor the health to dive well. Be happy with the advantage the gank gives you, and use it to zone and outfarm your lane opponent. Your main goal is to hit your big level benchmarks safely. [highlight]STAY ALIVE.[/highlight] Your ultimate goal is to hit level 6 when your safety and power increase ten fold. Do not be afraid to blow your summoners to avoid an early death. Hitting level 6 on even ground with your lane opponent is a good place to be at. Kog is an amazing farmer, and out CSing your opponent is the best way to make money in League. If your lane pushes, do not try to shove the tower without knowledge of their jungler. Map awareness is one of the best skills to have, so try to work on knowing where everyone is on the map at all times. [title]Summary[/title] [.][highlight]Stay Alive[/highlight] Try not to shove without knowledge of their jungler and keep tabs on them when you can. Ward well, and do not be overly hesitant to blow a summoner to escape if you get caught out. [.][highlight]Farm[/highlight] Out CSing your opponent gains you a good advantage and propels you towards your powerful lategame faster. [.][highlight]Harass[/highlight] Kog'Maw is not great at killing lane opponents, but he is good at harassing them out of lane and gaining incremental advantages through levels and CS.

[title]Itemization[/title] By now you should have some of your essential finished. Build them in the order you prefer. I normally like Tear->Chalice->Boots 1. After these are done I usually pick up Giant's Belt on my way to Rylai's. I like the survivability the extra health provides. You should not be concerned with getting AP for damage, as at this point in the game you can rely on your base damage and focus on survivability. [highlight]Note:[/highlight] You can delay Sorc Shoes for quite a while. I usually do not prioritize level 2 boots until it seems like the opposing team is roaming (ie the laning phase is ending). Once you need to be moving around the map and out of lane, picking up Sorc Shoes for the added mobility is necessary. [title]In Lane[/title] Once your essential items are done, you should be able to spam in lane frequently. Try to avoid building more then 2-3 stacks on your ult, as until your Tear is charged it will run you out of mana. However, even if you do run OOM, you can generally stay in lane as the regen from these 2 items should keep you sustained enough to stay in lane once your stacks cool down. [.][highlight]Farming:[/highlight] At level 7 you can kill the caster wave with one R and one E. I prefer to try to wait till my opponent goes near their casters and immediately E-R for harass while farming. You an also AA the melee minions so that when you E you clear the whole wave. Feel free to use Q and activate W when it is up both to stack tear and to farm from a safe distance if you are in a dangerous lane. Remember to take Wraiths when you can if your jungler will not be around the clear them in 60 seconds. It may seem small, but building this little advantage over and over adds up throughout the game. To clear them quickly, R, then E before the R lands so both spells hit all 4 Wraiths. Then Q the big Wraith, activate W, and AA the big one. If the little ones have not died, R between AAs to finish them off. Against very dangerous lanes, use your R to farm from safety. What makes Kog able to survive difficult lanes is his range. You are very difficult to zone effectively if you become good at last hitting with R. [.][highlight]Harassing:[/highlight] Most people will naturally try to stand near their back minions to feel safe. To abuse this, follow the combo above and E-R the caster minions while they are near them. While harassing, if you lead with E, most people will start to walk away from you to avoid further damage. After you E, R a bit behind them so they will walk right into it when they try to run away. You can really abuse your range to zone/harass low range/melee opponents. If they within range and you are confident you can outrade them, lead with E for the slow and proceed to Q to shred their MR/Armor. Then activate W and AA-move-R-move-AA-move...etc. This will eat away a good portion of their HP bar when executed correctly. Kog's poke will not be dealing large portions of their health in one spell. However, it is unrelenting. You should pay attention to your opponents creeps as well as yours and try to learn their patterns. Try to R where they will need to walk to CS. Since his ult is so cheap and on such a short CD, you can constantly be putting small chunks of damage onto your opponent. They will add up quickly. If you can poke them low enough and they hang around for you to kill them, great. If not, be happy to force them out of lane and pressure objectives (towers, dragon). [highlight]OBJECTIVES ARE ALWAYS MORE IMPORTANT THAN KILLS![/highlight] [.][highlight]Getting Kills/Ganks:[/highlight] Don't forget you have other skills outside your E and R. When going for a kill/engage make sure to land a Q after your E to shred their Armor/MR. Also activate W for the bonus % damage. In a full on 1v1 engage, ([highlight]which you should avoid unless you are positive you will win or will die anyway[/highlight]), you should E,Q,W, then R-AA-R-AA. AA between ults. You have time to do this at this point in the game before you get any CDR. Ignite (if you took it) early in the fight to reduce any healing. If you are getting jungle help, follow the same strategy as in the early game, adding Rs between your AAs. If you get caught out and are sure you will be dying, then try to go 1 for 1 by focusing all your damage on the easier one to kill, and hopefully finish them of force Flash with your passive. [title]Objectives[/title] The big things to focus on during this portion of the game are towers and dragon. If you manage to force your opponent out of lane/kill them with harass, you have the option of pressuring one of these 2. [.][highlight]Towers:[/highlight] Kog has great wave clear, so once you force someone out of lane, span your abilities to shove and get as many hits safely on their tower as you can. If their jungler comes to cover, you can often activate W and still safely AA the tower from range, using E to disengage if you must. Taking towers gives you map control, allowing your team to more aggressively push and ward their side of the map. The further you can ward their jungle, the safer you are to push more towers and objectives using knowledge of the enemies whereabouts. For tips on prolonged sieges (ie groups of 3-5 team members pushing/defending towers), see the late game section. [.][highlight]Dragon:[/highlight] If your jungler and bot lane are nearby and either you or bot have forced opponents to base, you can use this numbers advantage to take dragon. Try to stay out of the pit so you don't get pincered by closing opponents. Activate W to kill dragon pretty quickly with % damage. Also use your R to check surrounding brush and approach paths the enemy might be coming through. Having vision over the wall of their team will make steal attempts much less successful. If you think the other team is doing Dragon and you do not have vision on it, use R to gain vision and try to put as much damage on the opponent from safety as possible. Often you can force 3 people off it alone with Rs, or can turn it into a few kills if your team closes around them. Make sure to keep your E up for engage/disengage. Also note that you can AA from blue side over the wall with your W, as shown in the skill section. [.][highlight]Warding![/highlight] Warding becomes more and more important as the game progresses. You should not be pushing objectives without proper vision, or you risk getting caught from behind. For towers, make sure you have AT LEAST one side of the lane warded, preferably both. For Dragoon, make sure both exits to the opposing jungle on bot side are warded. This allows you to both take the objectively quickly as well as catch your opponents off guard as they come to check/defend. Ideally you will pink Dragon pit to make sure they do not have vision of you taking it. If you manage to take towers, try to get wards into their jungle. This allows you to group further on their side of the map and steal their camps safely.

Ideally at this point you will have finished your core items and will be staring to hit pretty hard. Use your ult for vision, [highlight]you and your team should never be face checking once you're grouped.[/highlight] [title]Siege[/title] [.][highlight]Offense:[/highlight] This is the strongest part of AP Kogs game. [highlight]Make sure to tell your team to not engage immediately.[/highlight] They have to give you time to land your poke. If they do not, you are taking away one of the strongest aspects of your character (think of AP Nidalee). Your poke is so strong, you will be surprised how easily you can force a key opponent (ADC, AP caster) off the tower for an easy secure. Once you have a numbers advantage taking the tower should be easy. You should be only using your ult to poke. This is because you absolutely must save your E for strong engage/disengage. It's range, AOE, and slow can be essential to a good team fight. Once a fight breaks out, try to lay it across as many opponents as possible right at the start. Try to hit high priority targets when you can. If they are out of range, keep your stacks low and poke whoever is within range. [highlight]Be wary of building too many stacks on your ult,[/highlight] as if a fight breaks out and you run OOM you will deal very little damage. This is also one of the reasons we build Rylai's. During siege, if you land a slow on a key member of their team, it makes it easy for the initiators on your team to follow up and punish them for being out of position. [highlight]Keep your E always available for engage/disengage.[/highlight] You can see in the skills section the range you can hit from. You should always be a safe distance away. If blue is available, try to always have it during siege. The CDR will cap you at 40%, putting your ult on a 0.6 second CD. Also the added mana regen allows you to be much more liberal about build stacks and spamming your poke. [highlight]Every time your blue (or theirs if you can get it) is up, take it and try to group and force a tower.[/highlight] [.][highlight]Turtling/Defense:[/highlight]All the same rules apply while defending as well. Abuse your range to poke from safety, focusing your R on their damage dealers if you can. At this point in the game, your should be able to E-R the whole wave. This AOE is invaluable. [highlight]Quick wave clear will force opponents to tank tower shots in order to put damage on it.[/highlight] Similar to Anivia, this is what gives Kog his strength in turtling. If they reach the tower and are bashing away, land your Rs on whoever is hitting the tower. If your team is around, you can usually activate W and start AAing them as well, really try to bring the hurt if you safely can. [highlight]Force them to make the choice between putting damage on the tower and living.[/highlight] [highlight]2 Important Notes for both Scenarios[/highlight] [number]1[/number] Use your ult to check surrounding brush/unwarded Fog of War when you are not poking. Sometimes you will catch a member of their team trying to sneak around for a flank. Catching this early will thwart their attempts. [number]2[/number] [highlight]Try to keep a slot open for wards if you are not finishing a major item.[/highlight] Vision/knowledge is the most important thing to have, especially late game. If you ward well as a team, you will never get caught out and should always have the advantage during engagements. There is a reason pro teams ward obsessively. Vision is knowledge, and when skill levels are even the team with more knowledge almost always wins. [title]Team Fights[/title] I dedicate an entire chapter to this below. [title]Dragon[/title] Same strategy as mid game for securing dragon. [title]Baron[/title] The biggest late game objective. Worth 1500 gold and an absurd buff for your entire team. [highlight]Keeping Baron constantly warded is a late game priority.[/highlight] [.][highlight]Taking Baron:[/highlight] Pink Baron pit to remove any vision your opponents have and try to minimize the chances of a successful steal. Try to ward the all the surrounding paths leading to Baron in the opponents jungle so you can see them coming and peel off if necessary. Activate your W for the % health damage and use your ult when your W is on CD. Also use your ult to check unwarded brush nearby and slow any incoming opponents looking to steal or engage a fight. [.][highlight]Defending Baron:[/highlight] Abuse the range of your ult to put as much damage on your opponents as possible. Baron does a lot of damage on its own as well as shredding resistances, so spam away to try and force them off it. Make sure to be at a safe distance, as many champs can engage on you from inside the pit and pick you off if you are not careful. If you have vision inside the pit and they have no way to jump the wall, activate your W and AA them over the wall. If have a good amount of items finished, you can hold off quite a few people alone by landing ults on as many of them as possible. If they insist on finishing it, try to pick off 1 or 2 and get the buff off the, or go for the steal if you think its possible. [highlight]Check the skills section for good places to pressure Baron from depending on Blue or Red side[/highlight] Baron can secure a game you are ahead in, or turn around a game you were losing. It is worth a ton of gold and the buff it gives is insanely powerful. Do not underestimate a team that is behind if they have Baron. When pushing lanes late game, try to shove mid or top so you can react and defend/take Baron quickly.

Usually the deciding portion of a game. If you can consistently win team fights, you should win most of your games. Here is a break down of some of the important points to teamfighting as AP Kog. [title]Positioning[/title] [highlight]The KEY to team fighting well as AP Kog is positioning.[/highlight] You want to abuse the range of your ult to DPS from safety. If you are within range to cast your other spells, you can be caught. Fire R every time it is up, every 0.6 seconds. This allows for SIGNIFICANT DPS when landed properly, while providing soft CC with slows from Rylai's. If you are in range to E, try to drop it on as many members of the opposing team as you can. The AOE slow is pretty significant. [highlight]You should not be casting your Q or W unless you get dived,[/highlight] which will be explained below. Ideally you will be over a wall, somewhere that is near impossible for the enemy to get you. You excel in fights in the jungle due to your ability to be behind multiple barriers. If opponents need to burn multiple spells and summoners to get to you, you're doing it right. When in open areas, be sure to be well behind your tank line. You should be even farther back than your ADC if you are not poking, since you have more range. [title]Targeting[/title] If their carries are within range, try to hit them with your ult and knock them quickly out of the fight. If you cannot reach their carries, abuse their front line while kiting and shred their tanks before they shred yours. Try to hit multiple enemies whenever possible, but [highlight]do not prioritize this over hitting their carries.[/highlight] The only time you break away from doing one of these 2 things is if you or your ADC get dove hard, in which case you want to focus on defending yourself/your ADC with your spells. [title]Uh Oh(Getting Dove)[/title] If they are diving you/your ADC or you got caught out of position, now is the time to unleash your other spells. Q them first for the single target slow as well as the Armor/MR shred. Then activate W and AA between ults while kiting. You need to be quick with your mouse, but you can kite pretty well with W-AA-move-R-move-AA-move-R-move etc. Aim your ult and your E on yourself or your carry to protect whoever is getting dove. If you and your ADC focus the diver, you should be able to take them down quickly. If you are forced to 1v1, you usually go E-Q-R-W and begin kiting as above. The first ult you cast when fighting a 1v1 is the most important, as it will often decide the duel. Make sure you place it so they will need to get hit by it to get to you. If you miss, it will probably mean you lose the fight, but do not give up kiting as if you get them low enough, you can sometimes pick them up with your passive. [highlight](DO NOT RELY ON THIS)[/highlight] [title]Tough Calls (Decision Making)[/title] [highlight]Kill their carries, or protect yours/yourself?[/highlight] Well this all comes down to who does more damage. If they have a fed hypercarry (Vayne, Karthus) taking them down should be the priority, even if a little extra risk is needed. If you/your ADC are fed and can deal more damage, then protect them as much as possible. Your late game DPS is VERY high if you aim your ults well, so only prioritize killing them over protecting yourself if they are ahead or scale better into late game. [title]Team Comps/Synergy[/title] [highlight]Anyone with AOE Roots/Knock ups/CC[/highlight] that gives you time to freely land ults while they are CCed makes for a great team mate. People like Amumu, Cho, Malphite, Varus, Zyra, Maokai, etc. Use the time they are CCed to land free ults on as many people as you can and start chaining Rylai's slows. If you see their team out of position and in range for your E, lay it down to give your initiator an easy job of staring the fight. Make sure to stay behind your tank lines at all times. Kog does pretty well at cleaning up fights by catching runners with the insane range and reveal from his ult, so try to not let them get away when possible.

Kog Maw excels in farm lanes. Against mids with low kill potential who want to merely sit back and farm he will have a field day. Some examples are Karthus, Morgana, Anivia, etc. He struggles against assassins and high burst mages. Against farm lanes, farm until 6 then poke them out of lane. Against assassins, do your best to not die until 6, then just farm with your ult. With the range you should be able to stay safe. Make sure to call MIAs as if they can't kill you they will roam to get kills elsewhere. The worst match ups for Kog and people who are very aggressive pre 6. You are very vulnerable before you have your ult to farm with, so try not to pick into these opponents. If you do, just be passive and wait for jungler help till you are 6. [title]Good Match Ups:[/title] [img=champ/anivia.png] [highlight]Anivia:[/highlight] Her major threat is her Q, and it is a painfully slow skillshot. You should be able to dodge it, buy boots earlier if she is giving you trouble. DO NOT GET BAITED BY HER! Between her egg and wall, as well as her Q, she can bait you into tower or right into ganks. If you are not warded, do not be over aggressive and make sure to keep tabs on her passive before eating any tower shots near her. Once she hits 6 she can be more aggressive with R-E combo. It will hurt, but you can safely farm/poke her from well outside the range of those spells. If you can dodge her Qs and ward well, without jungler help she should be an easy lane. [img=champ/heimerdinger.png] [highlight]Heimerdinger:[/highlight] Again his major threat is his slow Q, which stuns if it hits you directly. Dodge it and you should be fine. It is slow and easily telegraphed. He pushes like a fiend, so be prepared to have to shove back or sit under tower. His turrets are annoying, but if you activate W you can just AA them a few times to rid yourself of the hassle. Do not chase him through his turrets when he ults, you will get kited to death. His main harass are his missiles. They begin to hurt after a while, but just play safely, drink pots, B if you need to. Once you're 6, you can poke him out of lane from safety. [img=champ/karthus.png] [highlight]Karthus:[/highlight] I LOVE laning against Karthus. He has low kill potential, is very weak pre 6, and is easily bullied by us. Normally his safety net is the range of his q, but we do him one better with R. Poke him with E-R whenever possible and punish him for farming, as it is all he wants to do. Buy 2 wards an feel free to shove and play aggressive on him. If he does not pick up kills with his ult, you will quickly bully him out of lane and gain a solid advantage. [img=champ/morgana.png] [highlight]Morgana:[/highlight] Similar to Karthus in that she farms hard, but she has much more kill potential in lane with her Q and R. Stay behind your minions so her Q cannot hit, and be wary if you are unwarded and she gets aggressive post 6 for a gank + ult. However you can poke right through her shield and her w will only clear the casters, so if you are warded again feel free to be pretty aggressive and poke her down. Also you can clear the casters faster than her post 7, and if you do it quickly you can make yours move out of her pool, forcing her to have to work a little harder to CS. [img=champ/ryze.png] [highlight]Ryze:[/highlight] His early game damage is relatively low, and all his spells are short range. Be wary of a W root early, as with a gank this can force a summoner. But post 6 you far outrange him and can poke him a lot. He can build solid MR without sacrificing damage, so it is not as easy to force him out of lane, but once you get your ult never go within range for him to land his spells. One full rotation won't kill you, but it will hurt badly. [img=champ/twistedfate.png] [highlight]Twisted Fate:[/highlight] His main damage spell is another one that is easily dodged. He can farm from range as well as you if he is good with his Qs, so until 11 it may be hard to bully him, but you should be able to farm just as well as he does. Keep warded on one side and hug it, as his gold card sets up easy ganks for junglers. You can easily stay outside its range and poke him though, and he is very squishy, making it pretty easy to knock him out of lane. If he goes off screen, let your team know in case he ults to gank another lane. When he does this, shove hard and try to take his tower to punish him for roaming. [title]Even (Can win or lose depending on skill):[/title] [img=champ/galio.png] [highlight]Galio:[/highlight] He buils a lot of MR and has some nasty poke with his Q. It hits hard and slows, leaving you vulnerable. But he is also melee and mana hungry early. You need to really use your ult to farm and you can easily turn it into a farm lane, which is fine. Definitely take cleanse for his ult. His ult is great in team fights, but it makes him stand still so punish him for using it. MS quints are not a bad idea either to help dodge his Q. This is a good match up to level W second to AA harass him from range when he is CSing. [img=champ/brand.png] [highlight]Brand:[/highlight] Brand brings a stun to the table, so Cleanse can be very helpful against him; Barrier is also good to eat up a lot of his combo. Brand isn't terrifying early, but will start to hit hard in the midgame. As with most matchups, survive till level 6 and you can just farm safely. His full combo will probably kill you, so dodging either the pillar or his stun is KEY to making this lane a possible win. Stand away from your minions and make him decide to either burn his mana farming or harassing. He is not very durable, usually the match up is decided by who lands their skill shots or gets a timely gank to push the lane in their favor. [img=champ/chogath.png] [highlight]Cho'Gath:[/highlight] A perfect match up to level W second over Q to harass him down with AAs. His Q and W bring a TON of CC to the lane, so be prepared to be dodging skills. He has enormous mana costs though, so if he misses some skills he should be forced to be less aggressive for a while. Do not underestimate his level 6 burst with R noms. When maxed out his silence lasts 2.5 seconds. Be aware of this when going on a full engage with him. Hit W early before he silences you. Once you max out W you can AA harass him pretty well, especially if he builds for damage and bypasses MR. [img=champ/elise.png] [highlight]Elise:[/highlight] Her E is your big threat. If she lands it past level 6 expect to blow a summoner. It has a long CD though. You generally wont see her mid as her waveclear and consistent damage isn't great as a major magic source, but she is not an easy lane if you see her. As with Morg, stay behind your minions so her E can't hit you and you'll be fine. With the MR from chalice and health from Rylai's you should be able to eat whatever harass gets in range to hit you. [img=champ/katarina.png] [highlight]Katarina:[/highlight] Ok so I HATE Katarina, but really the lane isn't terrible. It is annoying, be prepared to chug pots. If she starts 9 pots, just CS unless you're getting a gank cause your damage won't stick. You will be forced to chug a lot of pots to keep your health up since she is resourceless and will spam her Q. But keep chugging cause if you stay above 3/4 you should be safe. She will try to roam generally, so stay on top of your MIAs. If she blows her E CSing, go aggressive with poke while it is on CD. If she ults you and you cannot get out of range, put all your spells on her. She has to STAND STILL to ult you, so you can take advantage of this by landing all your spells and making it a 1 for 1 if she does catch you out. [img=champ/lux.png] [highlight]Lux:[/highlight] Stay away from your caster minions. Her E is hard to dodge since it slows you, and if you let her AA you after she lands a spell it will hurt. You have to be constantly on your toes against her, as she packs a lot of CC and solid burst. It is a lane of skill shots and dodging. Both of you have great range and good damage, so make your skill shots count. Lvl 11 you will be safe since your Ult outranges her Q and E at that point. She is squishy though, so if you win the skill shot war you will in the lane. [img=champ/masteryi.png] [highlight]Master Yi:[/highlight] An uncommon mid. He can shove lane hard for free and safely with his Q. Try to keep distance between you and your creeps or his Aplha Strike will bounce to you, and it will hurt. He should never be able to kill you as he has the most predictable damage and if you get poked low he cannot stop you from walking away and recalling. His W provides a hefty amount of sustain, so only fight for harass while it is on CD. Post 6 he is invulnerable to slows, so only some hard CC or help from a jungler will kill him. You are a safer team fighter later, so just farm and focus objectives in this lane. [img=champ/mordekaiser.png] [highlight]Mordekaiser:[/highlight] Melee, uses health to cast abilities, and all of them have short range. Stay away from your creeps and abuse him while his shield is not maxed. Do not try to duel him in close combat. His shield and Ult make it very hard to win the face to face engagement, but you should have no issue farming and poking him from range. Relatively easy lane. [img=champ/nidalee.png] [highlight]Nidalee:[/highlight] The other serious poke champ in the game. You have to swallow your pride against Nid. When her spear is maxed out (lvl 9), one at max range can force you to B. Don't hang around low. She is very mobile and has an execute in cougar form. Come level 7 you can shove her to tower by clearing faster than her and make it difficult for her to CS. Keep a creep between you and her whenever possible to eat spears, and if she walks into Fog of War expect a spear to come from that direction soon. Another skillshot match up. [img=champ/swain.png] [highlight]Swain:[/highlight] Low range, high kill potential. With his buffs not too long ago, he has some really good ratios. Cleanse is a must here for his root. If it lands, you will be in trouble. However his spells are all relatively low range, so as usual making it to 6 can mean safety and this can be turned into a farm lane. One of the few opponents who Morellonomicon is a good buy against, as his ult makes him very difficult to kill if he gets in your face. [img=champ/viktor.png] [highlight]Viktor:[/highlight] Have not played against him much, but his Q hurts and his stun field is a pain. His ult also does a TON of damage, so if you get stuck in it good luck. Not much experience here, so as usual play safe till 6 then ult to farm if needed. [img=champ/zyra.png] [highlight]Zyra:[/highlight] She has been nerfed a lot so she is not so lane dominant. Her plants are a pain, but like Heimer turrets you can kill them. AA-Q will take out a plant. They are free gold, so kill them when you can. Killing them also eliminates some of her zoning power. Her root is much slower than it used to be, so juke it when you can. She should not be able to 100 to 0 you unless she blows everything, but she can still be pretty aggressive against you early. She is very squishy though, so she can be poked down hard post 6 like most people. [img=champ/zilean.png] [highlight]Zilean:[/highlight] Not a common mid, but he is an interesting one. His bombs have HUGE base damage and 0.9 scaling. They hurt. This can be another swallow your pride match up. He will spam bombs on you whenever possible, and he has a powerful slow/speed boost. Again stay away from creeps so he has to either harass you or CS. Don't get baited by his ult. Just like Nid don't hang around if you get low. Without kills his damage is far less than yours, and you have better waveclear as the game progresses. Bombs are his only source of damage so after he burns them he can only AA. [img=champ/ziggs.png] [highlight]Ziggs:[/highlight] A lot of poke and strong zoning abilities. His poke has solid range too. He will probably build some mana and spam just like you. Difficult to kill in lane as well if he is good with Satchel Charge. Not a bad idea to turn this into a farm lane. Either shove or follow when he roams, since his ult has huge range and can pick up kills from far away. Avoid his minefield whenever possible. The slow lets him line up easy Qs and Rs plus his passive, which can kill you quickly if you are caught unaware. [img=champ/xerath.png] [highlight]Xerath:[/highlight] Almost the same champ as you, except with more upfront damage and less sustained output. He has CRAZY lvl 6 burst, so stay out of range of Mage Chains once he hits 6. Cleanse isa good option to break his stun or Barrier for the burst. Stay away from your creeps, and make him use his Q to farm or to harass. This is his major skill and is he harasses he will have trouble CSing. Also remember the range increase from his W. [highlight]TAKE ADVANTAGE WHEN HE DOES THIS![/highlight] He is rooted! At any point in the game if you see him use W, abuse him for it and land ults on his head. His ult has a total 1.5 ratio, so it hits VERY hard. If he lands a stun on you post 6, expect to burn a summoner to dodge Arcane Barrage. [img=champ/fiddlesticks.png] [highlight]Fiddlesticks:[/highlight] Another uncommon laner, and another annoying swallow your pride one. His E will bounce to you even when you are pretty far from your minions. It is annoying, but difficult to avoid. His drain gives him a lot of sustain, and to boot he gets a 3 second fear and AOE destroy faces ult. His lane presence is underwhelming though. He has to decide to max W or E first. If he maxes W, he is easy to shove into tower to make him miss CS. If he levels E, his W will have a long enough CD to be an annoyance while it is down. Do not to in range of his fear, it lasts forever and his drain has long range. Despite his W it is possible to poke him down. Just be wary of his ults from Fog of War, they are devastating if you are unprepared. [title]Tough Lanes: (Try to avoid, or be veryyyy passive) [/title] [img=champ/ahri.png] [highlight]Ahri:[/highlight] Stay behind your creeps always. If she lands one E, you're probably dead. She also has no trouble diving you once she obtains her ult. She is very mobile and hard to lock down, making it near impossible to land you skill shots. Be as passive as you can, you are not really safe till level 11, when you'll have enough range on your ult to stay out of harm's way. [img=champ/akali.png] [highlight]Akali:[/highlight] She is melee, and she farms poorly, but she has absurd base damage as soon as she hits 6. She can zone you by walking at you. Stay away and E when she engages hard towards you. If she has 3 charges on her ult, life will be difficult. BV or Spirit Visage might be essential to surviving when she is around, as once she finishes an item or two, if she gets to you there is no escape. 3 dashes for no energy OP. :P [img=champ/annie.png] [highlight]Annie:[/highlight] Pay attention to her passive, it is what makes her. Level 6 she can flash ult you and all in for a kill. Her Q has 650 range, pretty large. She is not as hard as others on this list, but she can dish out a lot of stuns when she stacks her passive well. She has poor wave clear since she maxes Q first, so shove when you are safe. She is not as big a threat when her flash is down as you can outrange her skills during this time. Cleanse is a must against her. [img=champ/cassiopeia.png] [highlight]Cassiopeia:[/highlight] One of the strongest champs lvl 2-5. She will dish out a lot of early harass, so you might fall behind early, but as usual b when you must and you can be relatively safe post 6. She can shove as hard as you and will out DPS you 1v1, so avoid engaging her directly whenever you can. Fortunately she is short range, so suffer a few lost CS to avoid a death when she zones you and farm up for the end of laning phase. [img=champ/diana.png] [highlight]Diana:[/highlight] Bruiser stats with good base damage and decent scaling. He shield makes her very difficult to duel, and if she lands a Q her resetting gap closer is a pain. She has a slow as well, so once she lands a Q she brings the pain. Her mana costs are low, so she will come at you often. Her Q also has deceptively long range. Stay even in farm if you can and always dodge to HER LEFT (her character models) since her Q comes out of her right hand and is a crescent. Keep in mind she can R-E-W for guarantee damage. A difficult lane to come out ahead. [img=champ/evelynn.png] [highlight]Evelynn:[/highlight] You can bully her early since her Q has low range. Another match up maxing W second is not bad in. The real issue is her roam/level 6 burst. She is much less of a threat since her nerfs, but the shield from he ult combined with her E-Q can do a large chunk of health out of nowhere. Pinks and MIAs are the key to this lane. Her threat isn't as much to you as it is to your other lanes. Shove have if she roams and outfarm her to come out ahead. With some health and MR from our core you should live through her burst. [img=champ/fizz.png] [highlight]Fizz:[/highlight] This little guy will ruin your day. He has 2 gap closers, a slow, and an ult that means your death. Add in % missing health on AAs, a way to break tower aggro, AND a passive that reduces AA harass and you have a counter to AP Kog. His mobility makes him tough to lock down, and his burst with few/no items is still very high. Avoid him if you can, he is very strong against you. If you cannot, chug them pots and B when you need to. I believe you can cleanse his ult and walk out of it, so keep this in mind during lane. But also remember Cleanse is on a much longer CD than SHARK! [img=champ/gragas.png] [highlight]Gragas:[/highlight] Possibly to bully early, but has a low CD mobility, health and mana sustain, and a devastating ulti that can punish you hard for being out of position. He gets pretty beefy and hard to kill, and his barrels hit bard despite being slow. Try to avoid getting ulted into him at all costs. If it doesn't pull you to him, chances are you can escape without dying. [img=champ/jayce.png] [highlight]Jayce:[/highlight] Slowly becoming more popular mid, this guy packs a punch and is mobile. His E-Q will chunk you very hard with a few points, and beware level 3/4 when he gets all 3 (actually 6) spells as his full combo can definitely drop you. Armor runes and an Armguard help, but he still gets to bully you around. If you can dodge Shock Blast-Acceleration Gate you can be relatively safe post 6. MS quints can help a lot to dodge his shillshot. [img=champ/kassadin.png] [highlight]Kassadin:[/highlight] ABUSE HIM EARLY! Once he hits 6 his power level increases as much as yours. Burst, Silence, Slow, and mobility. We do not like these. He also roams extremely well, so stay on top of those MIAs and think about Merc Treads for this match up. Shove the lane early as he has no wave clear ability and pre 6 is very weak without his ult. [img=champ/kayle.png] [highlight]Kayle:[/highlight] Another very strong lvl 2 character. Her Q has a huge slow, is a huge nuke, and lets her AA you to death. Very strong and popular right now, she can shove lane hard and has a heal and an Invincibility ult. Do not duel her if it is off CD. She can assist ganks very will too with her W for speed and Q for slow. Very easy to get caught out and just die to AAs from her, keep your distance and watch for dives if you are low as she can Ult tower aggro and walk away fine. [img=champ/khazix.png] [highlight]Kha'Zix:[/highlight] THE assassin right now. Strong wave clear and poke, a HUGE resetting gap closer, and goes invisible. The points you gain range are the levels he gains evolutions to match your power surge. He can leap enormous distances to get in your face and his W and passive slow you and let him stick. He is hard to keep at bay, but do your best to farm far away. He usually evolves W first, so he won't have his scary gap closer till 11. You are more safe 6-11, as once he evolves E he can come at you out of nowhere. Stay by your tower whenever possible to discourage him jumping on your face. Also note his W casts from where he will land with his E, not where he is in the air, allowing for serious range on his engagements. [img=champ/leblanc.png] [highlight]LeBlanc:[/highlight] W-Q-R-E. She will do this to you all day, and it will hurt a lot. Abuse her pre 6, as your laning phase is essentially over afterwards. Her full combo will decimate your health and is up more than once a minute. You will have to B often. Suck it up and try to farm for late game when she will fall off. Not a safe lane til you hit 11. [img=champ/malzahar.png] [highlight]Malzahar:[/highlight] Flash ult level 6 can kill you with no items. Cleanse/QSS are essential to surviving against Malz. He has easy mode farm, free mana sustain, silence, and percentage health. When his flash is down you are safe at range, but be ready to Cleanse his ult when it is up. In fights destroy him if he ults someone other than you, as he is held still the entire time. [img=champ/orianna.png] [highlight]Orianna:[/highlight] Her Q-W chunks hard, and her shield gives her MR. She will bully you around pre 6. Don't let her stack AA's, her passive makes them hurt. You can be safe post 6, but beware her ult paired with a gank. Her Q has relatively low range, so if she does not work to zone you post 6 you can be safe. MR runes help a lot against her in the early levels. [img=champ/syndra.png] [highlight]Syndra:[/highlight] Potentially the highest level 6 burst in the game with a spammable AOE spell and a long range stun. Cleanse is good here again for that stun. She usually telegraphs it and it is hard to hit, she has to line up you with a ball and her, so pay attention to the angle between the 3 of you. If she lands a stun on you, she will E-Q-R and you will probably die. Don't bother flashing if she casts her ult, the damage will hit you anyway. Get a Giants Belt ASAP and be on your toes for those stuns. [img=champ/talon.png] [highlight]Talon:[/highlight] Good gap closer, silence, and invisible ulti. He is meant to blow you up. He can farm well too once he gets points in his W. Seeker's Armguard makes this lane MUCH easier. Without it you will get blown up or zoned very hard. Get it or Glacial Shroud after your Tear to survive, then farm up and call MIAs as he will probably roam. [img=champ/zed.png] [highlight]Zed:[/highlight] He is SO strong right now. Great wave clear, strong poke, 2 gap closers, and sustain via his build. Zed will shove while harassing you and can W-E-W-AA-Q for very strong poke. Like Kha/Talon, early armor is a must for this lane. He can shove lane faster than you, farm wraiths, and roam quickly and effectively. He will try to use his E to set up his combos and Qs, to if he gets aggressive or uses W try to get out of range of his E. Call your MIAs and make sure to stay away from him in fights as he will blow you up. Keep an eye on him at all times, he is great at flanking carries and sneaking over walls and is difficult to pin down. There are only a few lanes that are (almost) entirely unwinnable if you play smart and know their strengths/your weaknesses. Never go in thinking you will \"lose.\" Accept the weaknesses of your champion and do as much as you can to stay in the game.

Any advice/suggestions are appreciated! First guide, hope you enjoyed. Please let me know what you thought!

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