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www.Twitch.TV/Syrmor (Working on first few videos to release currently) Hello. My name is Syrmor and I play on the North American server at platinum 1 elo. In this guide I'm going to teach you how to Varus by going over things such as what you should do during objectives, how to team fight, how to lane, how to build competently, and how to deal with match ups. I will be updating the guide as time goes on when match ups change because of balance changes and stuff like that. Varus is an ADC that has never really been too popular but right now in season 4 his percentage damage really helps shred popular tanks like Doctor Mundo and he lanes well against the popular attack damage people like Lucian, Jinx, Sivir, and those smart people who are catching on that they should pick up Draven. He has mediocre range for an adc but he has extremely long range poke to make up for it and an autoattack animation that goes really smooth so hes pretty easy to last hit with. He is good at objectives because of his percentage damage and his ult can let him lock down someone which a lot of ADCs can't really do. [vid=] Varus is like The Bride from Kill bill. Whole family slaughtered and out for revenge. Good soundtrack to listen to while playing Varus and music can help you concentrate.

Farm. You poke and damage the enemy so you can gain control of lane and farm easier. You get ad so you can farm easier. You right click minions t kill minions or do whatever you do and just farm . Something really important that I see a lot of ADC's not do is placing you trinket early on so you know if the enemy jungler is ganking since the support doesn't usually have wards at the start anymore.

Farm and dragon control. The type of plays that you will be making at this part of the game will be based around dragon, taking tower, or invading an opposing buff. Contesting an opposing buff: If bottom lane is winning or pushing in they can help their jungler. Coordinate an invade on the enemy buff close to bot side by pushing really hard while your jungler goes and takes it. This will force the opponents to either stay and allow it to be stolen or to leave their turret with a lot of minions under it and lose a bunch of farm and possibly a tower. Dragon: When Varus hits six he has the potential to push anyone out of lane if he can land ult properly. When Dragon is up try to push the opponent out of lane with your ult. Remember that you don't have to use your ultimate just for a kill, it could also be used just to force your opponent to back and this applies to every champion. When your opposing lane goes back then you can rush dragon with your jungler. Don't let it attack you though because Dragon reduces attack speed. Varus is really good at taking drag because of his W. Varus W does percent damage to monsters (it is capped though) so he shreds dragon and baron really fast. Auto attack the dragon three times and then pop blight with Q or E. Repeat until dragon is dead. Taking tower: Varus is really good at pushing into turret. Just ready a Q and shoot it straight through the oncoming minion wave before it hits yours and they all spread not letting you hit them all with one Q. Remember to auto the turret whenever you can even if it is just one auto because it really builds up. Remember that the really small things in League of Legends are really important.

Late game you will either be grouped with your team or in a lane quickly pushing it out or split-pushing. Never ever ever go out on your own into lane late game especially without any vision because Varus has no escape and if hes caught by a group of them he is probably dead. Split-pushing: If you and your team can win a team fight then there is no reason to do this. The only thing split-pushing does when you could just win 5v5 is give the opponent a chance to catch someone out and get back in the game. Only split-push if pressure is being applied somewhere else so if they do choose to go for you they are going to be losing something else such as baron or a tower.

Varus is strong in team fights because of his kit and tank shredding. In a soloQ team fight not everyone is going to be perfectly positioned. Because of this use your E to zone some opponents out. If theres an enemy that is running towards their team to help them out it is a good idea to throw your E in the middle of their path to their team even if it doesn't hit them because they will be forced to make the decision to either walk around it or walk through it and both will take a long time. Your summoner spells are very important in team fight especially a late game one where losing it could mean the game. You need those summoners to protect yourself in a late game team fight so you survive for more then 3 seconds because late game is the time for an ADCs damage to shine. Because of this it is really important that you do not blow your summoner spells doing something stupid late game. If you are over extending for whatever reason and you are going to die anyway don't even waste any summoner spells. If an enemy is running away into the fog of war and you don't know where his team is don't flash into the fog of war. The more you play ADC the more valuable those few seconds your summoners buy you in a team fight become. Something you probably read about a lot if you read a lot of guides that discuss ADC team fighting is that in a team fight you should just attack whoever is closest to you even if that is a tank because that way you will be safe and be able to output the most damage. This isn't always true. It may be true a lot of the time because a lot of the time there really isn't a true 'tank' in league of legends. That Jarvan possibly has a Tri-force along with all his armor or that Darius has a blood thirster which means that they are killable because they aren't complete tanks but sometimes you are going to run into a different situation. Sometimes there might actually be a true tank on the enemy team. Someone that did not build a single damage item and all they have are their abilities that do no damage and their autos don't hurt. When this happens and they go for you in a team fight and they blow their abilities that means you can stop caring about them. They have nothing else to do . If a Leona with 6 warmogs (A very extreme example) comes at you in a team fight and used all her stuns already then you can completely ignore her and go for someone else even if she is closer. It might be hard to tell who has what spells are up in a hectic team fight so it's really important to keep a cool head and eventually you will be able to tell what is actually going on in all those hectic team fights.

I hope you learned something about Varus and check back often because I will be constantly updating this guide. Feel free to comment any questions or send me a tweet at .

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