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Lane Bully Malzahar

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Welcome to my guide on how I play Malzahar. If you've played him before and are familiar with his kit then this could be new and enlightening or at least another option to consider. Basically I start AD Malz and build AP, and I will explain my rationale. Prepare yourself for numbers! If you pick Malzahar, you are playing to dominate your lane and win by keeping the other mid laner down, forcing skirmish type combat, and avoiding team fights. This is best accomplished by establishing your lead as early as possible and as such is the goal of this guide. Most mid lane champions would prioritize AP even early, but not Malzahar. Let's check some examples shall we? Simply looking at his AP Damage Ratios can make a mid lane player salivate with thoughts of eradication, but early on Malzahar has fantastic potential elsewhere. Both his Q and E have 80% AP Ratios, some top tier damage right there. However, in the level range where runes and masteries REALLY make a difference and where you want to establish lane dominance, maximizing their damage is not the best path. Consider the case of running an AP rune page with Doran's Ring and typical masteries. Sitting around 40 AP at level 2, you get an additional 64 magic damage before resistances from your Q+E combo (80%x40 + 80%x40 = 32 + 32 = 64). At 30 MR and 23% reduction, that is 50 total bonus magic damage. Running this build starts you at with a bonus 20 AD. Against 30 armor, not an unreasonable expectation, each basic attack deals 15 more damage. Four basic attacks now exceed the bonus damage from landing your combo. Additionally, as most Malzahar players already know, voidlings gain 100% of Malazahar's bonus AD. Voidlings have 250 hp, 30 armor, 50 magic resistance, 0.831 attack speed, 451 move speed, and 25 AD at level 1, gaining 50 hp and 5 AD at each level. After staying alive for 7 seconds, they gain 50% extra AD and armor, and their attack speed \"doubles\" to 1.5. Casting Q three times before leaving the fountain means you go to lane able to summon a voidling with a fourth Q which will have 44 AD, 20% faster attack speed than your opponent, 100 move speed faster than your opponent, and is effectively tankier than a melee minion. Attacking your opponent will signal your voidling to attack as well. At this point you effectively are 2v1, causing your opponent to choose: fight you, fight the voidling, flee from experience range. In the first case, kiting your opponent with stutter step attacks or just duking it out are viable paths to victory as your voidling will be dealing effectively 30 damage per second (assuming 30 armor) in the first 7 seconds of its life, 45 dps from 7-14 seconds, and 90 dps at 14-21 seconds. Malzahar himself should deal approximately 37 damage per second, and combined you're looking at 67-127 dps at level 1. When your opponent has approximately 600 hp or less, that is devastating and will result in death quickly. The second case is not much better for them. Attacking and kiting your voidling reduces a majority of voidling damage, but it leaves them open to your own attacks and you won't receive any damage, guaranteeing a superior trade. The third case is the safest for most opponents but still conveys the advantage of lane control and the experience lead. Threatening aggression if they come too close keeps their farm and level down, obviously the desired goal. Another detail to consider with Malzahar is his E, Malefic Visions. At very low levels it is very possible to be unable to kill a healthy minion before Malefic Visions expires. Traditionally this is handled by planning out damage on the entire wave ahead of time, but the bonus AD allows MUCH stronger control and minion kill potential from both yourself and your voidling, ensuring your farm, the mana restoration from your E, and the threat of it bouncing to your opponent. Running this build will cost you between about 50 and 80 total AP at full build and level 18, but Malz is designed to win well before that and this build should set you up from the get go.

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