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[img=] [center][b]About the Champion[/b][/center] Hello and welcome to my Corki guide. This guide covers any lane that is in combination with a support, but does not include solo top or mid. Corki is a high mobility, high burst, and high sustain damage marksman. He controls almost every aspect of the game until the very late game where long-ranged auto-attack champions begin reigning. Corki's strengths are bursting a target with a combination of spells and auto-attacks at mid-range. The best supports have an AoE CC or high poke potential. Corki excels greatly because he's gifted one of the longest ranged escapes in the game as well as some of the longest range spells such as the Phosphorus Bomb and Missile Barrage; it's nearly impossible to stop Corki from dealing damage. Although Corki suffers from carrying into the late game, due to lack of high AD long-range damage, you can stay relevant for a very long time, often long enough to win you the game. [b]Pros[/b] High Poke Potential Great Sustained Damage with Long Range Missiles Efficient and long ranged escape True damage on hit makes CSing easy Decently long range with auto-attacks and phosphorus bombs Scales very well into the mid-game with cheap efficient items Great Siege and waveclear with Phosphorus bomb and Missile Barrage Armor AoE shred [b]Cons[/b] Relatively weak when behind No real scaling into the late game Hard to hit Skillshots sometimes [center][b]Change Log[/b][/center] 7/30/2014 - Guide Created 9/10/2015 - Updated guide to include more matchups [center][b]About The Author[/b][/center] I'm a veteran League of Legends player who started in May 2010, I have consistently played AD since the start of Season 2 and have played in many offline and online tournaments. I held an ELO of 1600 in S1, 2100 in S2, Diamond I in S3, and am currently Diamond Division I this season going for Challenger. If you like how I teach, please follow my stream! It'll give you e-mail notifications as to when I'm live. I also answer every question directed on my twitter page below: [.]Livestream: [center][b]S4 Statistics[/b][/center] [imgext=]

-=LOADING SCREEN=- Observe what lane you are up against and what lane partner you have. Take note of whether they have a lot of poke / range / sustain / CC and take note of what you have, this should determine what starting items you will buy. -=FIRST 10 MINUTES=- The first ten minutes is arguably the most important time slot of any bot lane composition. AD carries are by definition late-game and require an immense amount of gold in order to do well. What you do here determines how well you can get that gold. In this period of time, the enemy bot lane will determine if you are a pushover lane or not. You should be able to farm effectively while showing your lane opponents that at any given opportunity, you WILL attack them. But be careful, do not get harassed / miss CS too often while doing so or else you will get too far behind. When your support is being attacked, return the damage for free since they are focusing him, do not let them know that your synergy is flawed or they will capitalize on that as well. As Corki, you want to deny and harass the enemy bot lane. Be wary of jungle ganks and try to farm as efficiently as possible while poking down the enemy support or ADC with your spells and passive. If you harass well enough you can easily catch them with your movement speed, dash, and culling. In the first 10 minutes you are going to: Show your presence, don't let them push you over. Be aggressive. Farm as effectively as you can Farm double golems if it is on your side as much as possible Ping wherever you see the enemy jungler or mid roaming Assist your jungler when he is being counterjungled or when he desperately needs a leash

At this point in the game, you should be doing very well. Your Q should be maxed, and you should have a few skill points into your E. You want to take advantage of your presence in the game to secure objectives. Mid-game is about dominating dragon-side because of the abundance of gold surrounding that area. If you control dragon (mid / bot lanes pushed), then you have access to everything on the bottom side of the map including: two lanes, a renewable 750g resource, blue buff, red buff, wraiths, and double golems. The rewards for controlling dragon is great, and competitive teams realize that, but the biggest mistake that people make over objectives such as these is FORCING team fights. Don't be pressured to force dragon fights if you know you are going to lose because that will put you even further behind if they come out ahead. If you lose that forced fight, your enemy will not only take dragon and win the team fight, but they'll also have the ability to take the rest of your jungle camps, push turrets, gain free farm, while you WATCH. It is better to farm jungle camps or push lanes and lessen the gold difference than lose dragon and a team fight. The only exception to dragon-control is when there are 5 enemies at dragon, and you know for sure you cannot win (enemy all at full - HP, outnumbered, no ults on your side etc.). A better trade-off instead, is to split push and weaken, or hopefully take multiple turrets while they are all gathered at the dragon pit, this will not only offset the gold difference but give you more map control and future dragon control as well. Your primary goal in this portion of the game is to: Run to ANY lane and ANY uncleared jungle camp and farm its gold Join your team when they are taking objectives or when they are initiating a team fight shortly Get as many dragons and turrets as you can You want to have a CS of 200 at around 20-21 minutes Control the map as best as possible

This is the point of the game where you may have tapered off depending on how much you denied the enemy AD and what kind of AD they are. Your strongest opponents are those that can kite you, so if you want to start a fight with a late game champion, you have to do it by surprising them and getting in close range. Camping a bush to guarantee hitting your spells and tri-force proc will pop almost any ADC in the late game from 100 to 0. Your focus in this portion of the game should be on Baron and the enemy inhibitor. They are almost interchangeable in priority. If you take Baron, pushing down turrets and the inhibitor will be a lot easier --likewise if you take inhibitors, the super creeps will cause enough pressure to take Baron easily. The general guideline should be as follows: if 4 of the enemy team is down, you take their inhibitor (especially if it is primarily their carries) -- if 2-3 of the enemy team is down (especially the jungler), you take Baron. The above guideline usually guarantees the objective 90% of the time. In some cases though, you won't have the opportunity to take these for free. In diamond tier, the NUMBER ONE throw is objective control, I cannot tell you how many games I lost just because of sloppy control over objectives. ALWAYS have vision over every entrance to Baron, you want to be able to estimate to the best of your abilities whether to finish Baron or turn to fight the remaining enemy team. A common mistake that people call out is that there is 1 person bot -- automatically go for Baron. This is WRONG. That call is entirely situational -- if the 4 enemy team remaining are nearby and can stall until the 5th, you will fight a losing battle and Baron cannot make up for that. You also have to be wary of AoE teams that can lock you into Baron pit -- as an ADC you will most likely be trapped taking not only the AoE skills, but also Baron's massive damage as well. Your main priorities in this portion of the game: Be there for EVERY team fight Have Baron warded and controlled (pushing down top and mid turret / wave)

-=Controlling the Wave=- One of the most overlooked tactics as an ADC. Controlling the wave is everything; everything you do as a champion in this game is focused around controlling the wave. You harass the enemy to push them away from the wave. You push the wave to turret to prevent the enemy champion from farming easily. You freeze the wave a little ahead of your turret so it forces the enemy to overextend in order to absorb experience and gold. You want to take advantage of any champion and tactic to the best of your ability to manipulate the wave at bot lane. Get as much CS and gold as possible, deny as much CS and gold as possible -- that is the mantra of your role in any role. As an ADC there are many ways to do this: Get your support to push the lane with you. Either you or your support harass the enemy as much as possible (without losing too much HP or CS) Push as hard as possible without losing CS or getting harassed too often Force them to try to harass you but push the lane instead of harassing back -- this is a dangerous tactic though, you don't want to get hit while doing this, but every autoattack they spend on you, they don't spend on pushing the wave back. Attack the enemy champion to cause the whole wave to focus on you for a few seconds, then drop aggro by running into a bush or falling back. You should not take much damage from this and it causes the enemy minions to be pulled towards you while your minions are still attacking them. Clear the wave with as many abilities as possible. Hold the minion line at your turret for as long as possible and kill as many minions as you see fit to hold it there, but keep at least 1-2 alive a little further ahead from the turret so that his minions will just freeze in front of yours -- this will cause the jungler to be able to come gank easily without you losing too much EXP if you do decide to engage with him. Hold the minion line a little ahead of THEIR turret if your jungler is coming and they are very very low -- push the remaining minions then turret dive them, waiting for either your support or jungler to make the first hit. Doing this will cause them to lose the whole wave of minions that you froze in front of the turret after they die. -=Tips on Harassing=- A very important skill in determining lane presence is the way you harass. Harassing is difficult for ADCs because they rely on auto-attacking for both last-hitting and primary damage against enemy champions. The best ADCs can harass and weaken enemy champions, take low damage, and farm effectively all at the same time. There is no real tip for this besides practice. You want to practice positioning yourself in the \"sweet spot.\" You want to be in range of the lowest HP minion, while in range of possibly hitting the enemy ADC simultaneously. To harass, be in safe distance between you and the enemy and auto-attack them and/or chain your skills to deal further damage. Advanced harassing also involves using skill shots to both harass and damage the opponent to maximize mana efficiency (i.e. Using Graves' Buckshot to farm the wave and damage unsuspecting enemy champions in range). -=Tips on Baiting / Forcing a Fight=- This section will probably be very controversial. The general guideline for ADCs is to not initiate / engage any fight. Baiting is when you put yourself in a dangerous position in order to force the enemy to engage. You should probably heed this if you are not very comfortable with this role. Baiting is an art that has great rewards, but also very great risks. -=Tips on Last Hitting=- Always prioritize CS over harass. Remember, you can only harass if you have lane control --so focus on controlling your lane early on rather than constantly harassing for nothing. Chances are, you are missing CS by over-harassing. When laning against an aggressive long range poke champion such as Caitlyn, you really want to thwart her aggression by combining your damage with your support's. Have your support throw as many spells and auto-attacks as you can while you auto + net + Q, which deals massive damage and puts you to safety. Make it as hard as possible for him to harass you, PUNISH him everytime he does it. Push the wave to turret so he has to decide whether to chase you and lose precious gold or stay at turret and get whittled down. Don't be afraid to use your skills when last hitting. If you are contemplating on whether you have time to auto-attack, just use a skill instead. Mana is a renewable energy, and with the new buffs it is even easier to maintain. A common tactic I like to use when 3 minions are about to die is: I shoot the lowest target with an autoattack, Q the next target and finally shift to the last target. This tactic takes less than two seconds to pull off and nets you 3 CS for that extra pot that you might have desperately needed. -=Tips on skirmishes=- Keep your enemy at the turret, and keep poking them down -- ADCs will be just like you, they love CS -- they won't back to base if there's a huge wave at the turret. This is where you whittle both of them down to the point to where your ultimate will finish off either one or the other, and ultimately forcing them to back to base and lose experience + gold. Know your limitations, if you are low and know you can't finish the opponent off, don't be afraid to back out of the fight. It is better to back out and lose a few CS, than snowball the enemy to the point where you can't even gain experience. Constantly keep track of your opponent's summoner spells and cool downs. You don't want to be surprised by a flash when you are turret diving or a barrier when you are expecting a kill after one more auto-attack. Always engage with your support unless there is a huge wave under your turret that you are about to lose OR if you see the enemy jungler coming down and you are positive you cannot burst one of the two enemy bottom laners quickly. If your lane opponents see that your synergy is off, they will take that advantage and pressure you constantly.

This is a sample game-play of how you should approach the lane as Corki. It embodies the many things I talked about such as keeping the wave in the middle so you're able to harass, and moving in for the poke when they try to last hit. This video will be a sample gameplay of C9 Sneaky who features solid game sense, as well as solid mechanics. Take special note of how he handles the lane after he is faced with an even matchup against Lucian. [vid=]

Corki is an incredibly strong and fun champion. With his crippling lane dominance against champions of similar range, you can expect to out harass and trade your opponents until the very brink of late -game and by then if you play your cards right you can also carry from there as well. The best way to get better at Corki is to practice him constantly. Reading guides should only give you a general outline as to what you should be capable of doing. It is up to you to take this guide and practice over and over. I'm glad you read up to this point and hope you support my stream and other outlets. I had the pleasure of writing this guide for you all and plan to do many more for other ADCs. -=Note=- If you like or dislike what you read, please give me feedback in the comment box below so I can modify and adjust the guide. Thank you all!

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