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Taste their Fear - Kha'zix Jungle (5.10)

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I'm currently a mid Diamond 1 Jungle main who's been playing League since 2011. Kha'zix has been one of my favorite champions since release and it's sad that he isn't terribly powerful in this meta due to the prevalence of tank junglers and top laners, along with some decently tanky supports. Kha'zix thrives in spread out teamfights and against squishy target with low escape potential like Xerath or Ziggs. Although Kha'zix can build tanky it doesn't really work all that well with his kit since he won't be a huge factor in fights if he can't assassinate the enemy carries or provide any sort of backline threat. Due to Cinderhulk being very strong due to the 25% bonus health Kha'zix is definitely not a top tier jungler, but against the right compositions he can be the perfect champion.

Farm as much as you can as fast as you can to get to 6 before the enemy jungler. Your Evolved Rank 3 Q will be doing absurd damage to isolated targets and you can easily force dragon by burning it down in record time. You're still squishy in the early game so don't take fights you won't win. Kha'zix's ganks are pretty bad since his W only slows for 20% and you have to auto attack them to get the 25% passive slow down. Just be aware of ganks on your lanes so you can countergank and clean up.

This is where Kha'zix really hits his stride. You should have your Q and E evolved by now so you'll want to be teamfighting around objectives as much as you can. Constant leaps and isolated Qs will tear the enemy carries to shreds and let you take very little damage. You should be able to amass a Dragon lead as long as you communicate with your team since isolated Q's will tear it apart. If the enemy team comes to contest you can easily turn and get leap resets or just disengage over the wall.

Things get a little more difficult here for Kha'zix since the enemy will get better at positioning and could lock you down. Your Merc Treads and Banshee's Veil should prevent a large amount of the lock down but you still have to be aware of when to go in for the kill. I recommend waiting for a carry to get low and then leaping in for the easy assassination before leaping back out. Communicate with your team on what targets you want to kill.

Always be aware of how the enemy team is positioning and be ready to leap on their carries at a moment's notice. Kill their main damage source before leaping out of a fight can cripple the enemy team and force them to retreat. Your primary job as Kha'zix is to make sure that their carries can't get close enough to kill your carries. The constant threat of you leaping in to assassinate somebody will force the support or tank line to peel for their carries letting your team get off some good poke damage. Look for any stragglers and rip them apart with isolated Q's, a squishy carry even slightly out of position can be instantly shredded by Kha'zix before he leaps back out.

Kha'zix is an extremely fun carry jungler who thrives in the disorganized environment that SoloQueue provides. He's a solid pick since many of the meta junglers are banned in every game, although I still place him below those junglers. Champions like Gragas, Rek'sai, Sejuani, and Nunu control the jungle right now while others like Kha'zix and Rengar are delegated to a more niche assassin role. Both of these champions fill similar roles and play fairly similarly, but I personally prefer Kha'zix due to his ability to quickly disengage after kill a carry while Rengar is often forced to fight after ulting in.

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