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Season 6 (5.24 Preseason) Jungle Talon Guide

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Most Talon mains or casuals prefer to go mid and pinch some squishy champions tits with underestimated damage, roam, snowball, etc. But for those that like to get frisky with it here's a jungle guide i've made in the midst of maining talon since early S3. [center]TL;DR video![/center] [center]Sorry if it's not great it's my first time, hope i was informative though![/center] [center][vid=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D132Pa0LzAQ][/center] [b]Pros[/b] - Snowballs like mad - Mid-Late game impeccable - Deadly burst - Ult has a very low cd - Gets to focus on building raw damage instead of [img=items/blade-of-the-ruined-king.png] - Mobile [b]Cons[/b] - Very squishy - Expect to be focused by tanks - Knowledge, not skill based (Out damaging over outplaying typically) - What kind of a loser jungles him *pff*

Your early game in the jungle isn't anything to write home about. Just about everyone will probably have a easier time in the jungle mainly because Talon wasn't made to clear and sustain.If you can't get a leash the jungle clear is possible it just leaves you clenching your ass cheeks at chickens. Try your best to avoid confrontation. With a leash bot side i like to start side camp (Gromp or Golems), move to my buff, do a smaller camp (Lizards or Wolves), and go back. I pick up my Trailblazer and Health Potions, then head to my second buff. Smite should be up by the time you reach your second buff so you should be full hp to begin ganking thanks to the mana regen from Trailblazer and health steal from Smite.

The first step to ganking is finding a gankable lane, if you're a experienced jungler this is simple to do but for new guys look for a lane with an acceptionally pushed opponent and move in behind them via bushes. Open every gank with a W to slow them, if they use flash or an escape use your E to get back onto them. Straight forward ganks there, be aware of your jungling opponent because if he counter ganks you you'll most likely lose the trade with your less than average early. Once you hit 6 your ganks become quite a lot more potent, but not overwhelming. Ganking a squishy mid laner should be your focus since you have the burst to do away with them. Post 6 top lane gank and vary depending on the laner, Renekton, Nasus, Mega Gnar, Shen, are all not a good call to force a gank on because they got some beef up there. If it's a teemo, gangplank, kennen, generally squishy top laners it's typically an easy lane to get a kill from. Bot lane is a mixed bag, Generally if your bot lane is losing you might have to abandon them because a decently fed adc and a decent support will ragdoll you quite well. If your Bot lane is doing well i'd just help em out with some vision by warding whenever you got some on you, or just straight up murder their adc to get you even more ahead and develop some drag control.

There's a myth out there that Talon falls off late game, basicly what that means is that he doesn't do damage to EVERYBODY. To be honest late game is when you get to have the most fun with the build i got set up here. Very simple just E to the carry and Q and their health bar should be damn near all gone sonce it should be doing 1500 damage with a crit, if not the damage will be roughly 800-1000 damage. Either scenario your ult comes into play to finish them off with the initial blades surging outward (which can also crit), if they somehow live through it depending on their hp you either re-activate ult or throw a W at them. Your W will automatically activate your ult giving your maximum damage.

When a teamfight is about to go down i try to stay away from the front line charge as their bruiser should be able to make a child of you, if they don't have a bruiser or Tank then there isn't really any way this should go wrong. Anyways my happy zone is usually on the other side of a wall or prowling in the bushes trying to get a flank to the back lines, get a sweeper for any wards that might give you away. Use your best judgement to decide when to look for a flank because while you're walking away if the fight breaks out you must flash into range of the carry and repeat my steps from Late game. Without flash you better hope to god their carry is within E distance over a wall because you'll ove the fight quite quick there. It doesn't have to be someone else that starts the fight though, i've started many by sneaking around and 1 shotting the adc before they're able to flash away and thus winning an easy fight and being given godly praise. Which way you go about fights is up to you to decide.

I hope you've learned something from my dream guide that Talon is viable in another lane than Mid. At the moment he isn't as popoular as he was for a few months once someone played him in LCS, so you'll no longer look basic by playing him. Go forth and 1 bang carries Autitore style.

This is a personal thing here, if you wish to get the most out of your Talon gameplay don't buy the Dragonblade skin. That skin has been traced to every one of their mistakes and can lead to an addiction to many illegal substances. [center]Don't be basic, be [b]ELITE[/b][/center]

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