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Elise Support - The High Priestess of the Vile Maw (5.14)

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Hello and welcome to my third support guide on SoloMid.net! I am MageUK, currently holding a ranking somewhere in Diamond IV and I am going to explain to you in this guide the way in which I think Elise would be played best as a SUPPORT. Traditionally, Elise is a very high gank-potential jungler however upon her recent changes, most notably to her Cocoon (E)'s stun duration, she has the ability to be a strong support. Why should I pick Elise? + Long level 1 CC ability - her cocoon lasts 1.6 seconds at level 1! + High early game poke. + Two forms meaning she can swap whilst her human/spider abilities are on cooldown. + Good 2v2 fighting potential. + Not many botlaners will be familiar with the Elise lane match-up. Why shouldn't I pick Elise? - High mana costs. - Long cooldowns until CDR is built. - Typically squisher than other supports. - Doesn't deal massive damage in the support role. - Missing her CC can often mean death for Elise. - Only 1 hard CC ability. Change List for the Guide: 1.1 (29/07/2015): Guide first created, all areas awaiting completion.

More coming soon! Hope you like it so far!

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