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Yorick: Awaiting his Rework in Preseason

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Hello all! Unfortunately with the rework buffing nearly every champion that uses crit or hyrbid damage, Yorick is being left in the dust (Gravelord Yorick incoming). The mastery changes also did not benefit Yorick that much as well. Pros -High sustain -High harass -Strong dueling potential/split pushing -Potentially fight 6v5 team fights -Strong lane control Cons -Expensive build -No escape -Mana hungry early -Falls off late game

Yorick's early game is probably the most vulnerable time for him. Before he gets his tear he can run out of mana , get ganked, or die to early high damage/cc laners. However, most other toplaners get crushed by Yorick's onslaught of ghouls. Combo both W and E to maximize trade and throw down 3 ghouls if the enemy laner wants to get right next to you. Use W to check bushes that you can't ward. Be sure to freeze the creep wave where you want it by using ghouls to tank them until your wave arrives. This will usually starve out the enemy laner unless they know how to control the wave.

Yorick's midgame is one of the strongest in the game with his ult. You should by now have a lead over your laner and when you group up for a fight have an advantage with a 6v5. Be sure to use your ult As late into the fight as possible or as soon as it starts so the ghoul duration continues as your target dies. Ulting early in the fight allows for you to tank up more damage. Be sure to ult yourself ASAP if you're in lane and get ganked. 20% damage reduction will catch people off guard and sometimes players will burn abilities on the revenant while they're fighting you. Many times when a jungler ganks Yorick after level 7 or so, they very easily run off after a brutal 2v2 that Yorick won.

Yorick's late game is a bit weaker compared to other toplaners as if your carries get revived by your ult, their death timer usually means no objectives can be taken. This means your ult should only be for yourself or to try and salvage a fight. Based on your team composition, you could also split push as Yorick is a strong duelist with his ult.

Unfortunately with Riots focus on ADC, mid mages, and tank reworks, Yorick does not fall into any of this categories and is being left in the dust. We can scrap together some of the new items to try and be viable but with the amount of waveclear, crit, cdr, and damage other hero's can do, Yorick's potential is quickly diminishing. Can still have instances of brilliance in strong matchups with ignite, but other than that you'll usually just be a nuisance.

5/22/2015: Added Black Cleaver to situational items 11/15/2015: Preseason Adjustments

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