Nocturne Build Guide

Nocturne Jungle 5.18 Learn to carry Cinderhulk/devour

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Hey guys I have been playing league since release. I am currently diamond 3 on one account and diamond 4 on another. I have been playing Nocturne since he was released but i haven't played him as my main jungler until this season. If you would like to see my guide in action you can follow my twitch account ( My in game league names are Carb0mb Diamond 4[img=] Clownqtz Diamond 3[img=]

So early game you want to try and either pressure the other jungler, or get a gank off. Most people do not expect this from nocturne. They think that this champ just power farms to 6, and for that you can punish lanes hard. So what i will normally do is, do the three camps on whatever side i start on with bot lane. Then i gank mid or bot, depending on if they are pushed or not. If both lanes are pushed and you know you cannot get a gank start clearing the other side of your jungle. Most of the time The other jungle will full clear and gank top. They might clear get doubles and rush top. Tell your top laner to ward as you are starting the other side of your jungle. Most of the time you can bait a fight top lane/ counter gank. If you start grom I love the level 2 cheese. Ward the other jungles red at 135, ask for a smiteless grom leash, and head straight to that red right after. Make sure you see the krug buff on the other jungle, if he doesn't then he still has smite. In that case unless you like 50/50 odds i would back off and do your blue. If he does have the buff smite away his red at 410 hp hit him with Q and use E on him for a easy kill.

By this point you should have devour almost stacked and blade of the ruined king in your pocket. You will have ult and your main objective is to destroy whoever is, alone/overextended/weak/stupid/you get the point.

Always look for picks before teamfighting. Late game you can catch people from halfway across the map with your ult. It is so easy to catch a support running in the jungle to ward or and adc trying to farm. Look for these picks they are what will win you the game.

Wait for peel to be used by the other team. After doing that hit that FREELO button (R) and destroy the backline. I normally always ult the adc. If you cant group then split push. At this point in the game you can 1v1 anyone with red smite. Use your q under tower for bonus ad while attacking.

This champion is what i like to call sleeper op. Not many people play him, not many people ban him, but everyone asks why they dont by the end of a game. He is so terror and can literally 1v3 if you are a couple of levels ahead. His kit i think is better than 75% of the jungles. He isn't played, because when his ult is down it is very hard to fight. In the right hands This champion in my opinion is god tier. To watch this guide in action follow my twitch account. I will be making a top lane guide soon.

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