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On the Case With Piltover's Finest

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Caitlyn is a top tier pick due to her long range and poke. She is amazing throughout the entire game and is the best at sieging turrets. With the highest base auto attack range (Kog'Maw, Tristana, Twitch, and Jinx all have ways to modify their auto attack range) she is a safe pick and the best marksman for beginners to learn the role. As of late, she has been rising and adapting to the new meta. She can bully out all of the top tier marksmen, or lose lane to all of the top tier marksmen depending on the skill level of the players. However, if the skill levels are even, then Caitlyn would win the lane most likely.

11/18/13 - Guide Released 12/5/13 - Season 4 masteries, and trinkets and added more details to the abilities. 12/6/13 - Added Secondary build with full details. Updated some of her match ups. (Will try to add new champions when i face them in lane multiple times) (12/7/13) 80+ THOUSAND VIEWS?!?!?!? THANKS GUYS ^_^ 1/16/14 Well I realized that my guide is very bad atm, due to the meta changes so I remade a lot of things in the guide such as the introduction, champion matchups, item builds, etc. 1/21/14 FULL SEASON 4 UPDATE ^_^. Completely changed item builds, and added the finishing touches to the previous update. 1/26/14 Added Graves Matchup and edited the Varus matchup 1/30/14 Added another mastery page, and added to the Early, Mid, and Late game sections. Edited the Sivir, Lucian, Tristana, and Graves matchups (small amounts for Sivir + Lucian, but Tristana's/Graves' matchups had a lot added to them) 2/2/14 Added the Stattik Shiv vs Phantom Dancer Chapter 2/5/14 Added to the Stattik Shiv vs Phantom Dancer Chapter 2/21/14 Because of the new Ashe skin, everyone is playing her now. Added an Ashe matchup 3/7/14 MAJOR UPDATE TO GUIDE!!!! I fixed or added to nearly every chapter, specifically the introduction, summoner spells, the item builds, Tristana matchup, etc. I will try to add a major chapter of supports soon! 4/18 Major update because of patch 4.5 changes (runes, summoner spells, masteries) 5/30 Update: Sorry for not updating the guide recently, I have a lot of finals coming up and I need to do well on them :) I updated the Runes and Masteries section after playing around with the new runes and discovering the best masteries.

The purchase of Stattik Shiv or Phantom Dancer has been questioned a lot by many people on pro streams, youtube comments, etc. I am here to explain which to buy, in which situtation, specifically for Caitlyn. Mainly, it depends on how much gold you have, and your team comp. For example, if you have a zeal, and you recall, and then you only have enough gold for a stattik shiv, then you should get it. But, if you recall and you have a zeal, but you can afford a last whisper, then get the last whisper, and then get a phantom dancer. If you have an [img=champ/orianna.png] on your team, then you should get Stattik Shiv, because after she ults, they will all be clumped up together for your stattik shiv passive to proc. However, if you have a [img=champ/gragas.png] on your team, then get a phantom dancer because after he ults, they will all be spread out and your stattik shiv passive would be useless. Lastly, the later you are in the game, the less effective a Stattik Shiv will be. So if it is more than 25 minutes into the game, get a Phantom. Tldr; Early - Mid game = Stattik Shiv, Mid - Late game = Phantom Dancer

Some of you may wonder \"This guy always mentions zoning, but what is it, and how do you do it?\" Well I'm here to teach you. Zoning is when you make the enemy laners back up in order not to take too much harass. You do this by keeping track of your headshot (passive) and when it is 1 shot from triggering, you last hit a creep, then immediately auto the enemy adc. If you can't hit the adc, go for the support. You can hold onto this and make each team lose cs, or you can last hit a creep with this.

Zone the other adc and farm well. See section above for tips on zoning. Early game is one of the places Caitlyn shines due to her 650 range, long range wave-clear q, and her passive. Try to harass whenever you have headshot up, and if you can attack from the bush, you will proc headshot twice as fast.

Get dragons and set up traps at choke points when fighting for dragon. Try to block off an entrance to dragon with just your traps. If dragon isn't up yet, and you are grouping mid, you can set up traps depending on the situation. If you are sieging a turret, if it isn't an inhibitor turret then place a trap to the left or right of a turret so it blocks 1 path. If you aren't then just put traps to the left and right of the minion wave.

Stay with your team because if you get caught before a teamfight even starts, the other team will capitilize on your mistake and push objectives. If you can't position well as Caitlyn, you're gonna have a bad time. A cool tip that you can do with Caitlyn is that since you have such a high range, you can attack Baron Nashor from over the wall, and if you have a BT and BOTRK you can solo baron while your team distracts theirs. A perfect example of Caitlyn doing baron from over the wall was when Fnatic did it in the Lcs.

You have 650 range, stay at the back of your team, and and hit the closest thing to you. An example of a perfect teamfight is Wildturtle's caitlyn pentakill vs complexity.

Clearly, caitlyn is a very good adc, and if you haven't tried her out yet, you should and you will see why she is known as \"Piltover's Finest\"

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