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The Embodiment of Freelo [Season 5]

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Hi I'm Airui, here to help you become a better Akali player. I used to play a lot of Akali on my main but stopped when I wanted to expand my competitive champion pool. I am currently Diamond 2 on my main and Platinum 3 on my smurf. For those who care/are interested, I peaked at Diamond 1 66 points. I also stream from time to time on Twitch. Check me out if you want www.twitch.tv/airui. I also have a Deviant Art http://airuic.deviantart.com/ [img=http://i.imgur.com/RLysZVz.png] [b]http://www.lolking.net/summoner/na/22303039#profile[/b] [img=http://i.imgur.com/fduBj0u.png?1] [b]http://www.lolking.net/summoner/na/22835109#profile[/b] Akali is an assassin with a lot of single target burst damage. She has a lot of mobility if there are enemy units near by for you to ult [img=skills/akali/r.png] to. Akali's main purpose is to dominate her lane, roam to help other lanes, and assassinate enemy carries. Akali is one of the few champions that are heavily affected by counter picks, however, if you're better than the enemy player you can still win. If you're not, try to roam to get kills. There are actually a lot of people who do well against Akali, however they aren't played very often. Champions that do well agaisnt Akali usually have a lot of CC or have a lot of health. [b]PROS [/b] 3 gap closers Very high single target burst damage No mana (uses energy) No skillshots (easy to learn) Lane bully after 6 Built-in sustain Can farm from a distance with Q [img=skills/akali/q.png] [b]CONS[/b] Susceptible to hard CC (stuns, taunts, suppression) No escapes (when there are no enemy units nearby) Can't trade very well pre-6 Counter-picks/building HP items do especially well against her Can't help very well with ganks pre-6 Keep in mind that there are many ways to play and build this champion; this guide is how i prefer to play/build Akali.

Farm with your Q [img=skills/akali/q.png] pre-6. Play safe. You are vulnerable to ganks if you push up. Your first back should be when you can afford either two Amplifying Tomes [img=items/amplifying-tome.png][img=items/amplifying-tome.png], a Hextech Revolver [img=items/hextech-revolver.png], or a Seekers Armguard [img=items/seekers-armguard.png]. Try to always buy 1-2 wards [img=items/sight-ward.png] and 1-2 potions when you go back. You can use your W [img=skills/akali/w.png] to get into range to Q [img=skills/akali/q.png] E [img=skills/akali/e.png] the enemy, but it can be risky. Other than that, you don't have much trading or kill potential before level 6. Try to freeze the lane right in front of your turret, so that the enemy is vulnerable to ganks and you are not. You can do this by only last hitting (dealing the killing blow) the minions; do not hit the minions when they are full health. Try to tell your jungler not to help your lane before level 6 because you cant follow up with much, unless they really insist upon it.

Try to constantly pressure your lane. You can out-trade your lane opponent most of the time. If you force them to go back, see if you can roam bot/top or pick off the jungler. Always pay attention to where the jungler is. It is common for most AKali's to only go for kills at this point, however, remember that minions also give you a substantial amount of income. If you kill the enemy mid laner, or get a successful roam bot and kill the enemy botlaners, try go for dragon if you have 3-4 people with more than 250 hp. Try to alternate Dragon auto attacks between you and your team mates. When contesting Dragon, try to stay behind your team or flank the enemy. If you can kill the enemy carries then your team should have an advantage.

At this point of the game, you won't be able to farm much. When sieging turrets, try to help clear minion waves but do not stand in front of your team (you can get caught). Remember, you are not an initiator. If you see a carry by themselves at 35 minutes in the game, kill them (if you know where the enemy team is/you know for sure it's not a bait). Be careful not to overextend; Akali has no escapes without enemy units nearby. Try to pressure the enemy team and secure objectives such as Baron and Dragon. To do this, [b][i]buy wards[/i][/b]! You should also buy a red trinket [img=items/oracles-lens.png] to deny enemy vision.

In team fights, always go for the most fed carry. If you cant/they're too far, go for the closer carries. Enemy teams usually know to buy a few pink wards for you, so try to do as much damage as you can then Zhonya's [img=items/zhonyas-hourglass.png] to wait for you cooldowns. If they don't have pink wards, wait in your shroud [img=skills/akali/w.png] for your cooldowns and kill everyone. Do not engage, wait in the back or on the side for your tank/support to engage. Under towers, you can tank tower shots for a while but make sure to use Zhonya's [img=items/zhonyas-hourglass.png]! If you team fight at baron and it's still >3k health, stop hitting it and kill the enemy team. If it's less than 3k health and your jungler is there, try to secure that buff first.

Akali is a great champion. She's very strong and dosn't have many (any) skill shots. Thanks for reading my guide and good luck have fun on the Fields of Justice!

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