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Hi, I'm BurntToasters and I am a Maokai jungle main and I'm in Platinum and have been maining Maokai jungle since Season 3 and have around 75.0% win rate with him Keep in mind this guide might not be everyone favorite guide but just leave me comments of what can be improved :D Pros Good Ganks Tanky Decent Sustain Great Teamfight Anti-Burst Eco-friendly Cons Mana Hungry Easy to invade Easy to kill early game No MR/LVL Somewhat Depressed

Start Machete with 2 Health pots and sweeper and level your E (Sapling Toss) first. Usually you want to start Blue buff since you are gonna be running out of mana fast even with blue buff in the early game. In pre-season I still prefer to start blue buff due to Maokai's mana usage. Right when you get to your blue buff toss one of your tree friends into the banana bush behind blue buff so if anyone tries to invade you get a quick warning system. Note that saplings only last 35 seconds - Start planting saplings at 1:20 and you should have around 3 before blue spawns and a 4th one when blue buff spawns. You should start throwing saplings at 1:19 due to saplings having a travel time before becoming active. -After blue level your Q (Arcane Smash) and do Wolves -> Red Lizard then level up your W (Twisted Advanced). Depending on the lanes (if they are pushed or not) you can either gank a lane or just proceed to do chickens and then proceed to recall or go do wolves if you have the health. -Depend what side you are on (blue/purple) you can either gank mid or top/bot OR just keep farming your jungle if everyone is overpushing but usually an early gank pressure can be what your team needs win their lane. NOTE: If you are worried about junglers invading you at your red you can hit the red lizard and run towards the wraiths so the little lizard furthest away from you will attack anyone in the banana bush next to the Red Buff. Also you can sapling the same bush for a quick scout and the sapling will run back and explode for your red lizard

When ganking you might not always wanna throw your sapling first to slow them but try to get as close as possible to them and then W->Q then throw your sapling on top of them while they are being knocked back/up IF THEIR FLASH IS DOWN. If their Flash is up THROW THE SAPLING A SMALL DISTANCE BEHIND THEM so if they try to flash away they will flash closer to the sapling slowing them and allowing you and your friendlies to catch up to them

Keep ganking and farming get more health you'll do fine. Maybe even get a dragon or two

If your full build, Great you'll pretty much be an unkillable machine of utility and be able to peel, chase and initiate easily

During teamfights you can do two things depending what happens ----ENEMY INITIATE---- - ULT PEEL FOR YOUR TEAM - ULT RUSH IN FOR THE ENEMY BACKLINERS ----TEAM/YOU INITIATE---- - ULT STAY WITH TEAM AND SOAK AS MUCH DAMAGE WHILE APPLY CC TO ANY ENEMY WHO NEEDS TO BE DEALT WITH - PEEL FOR YOUR CARRY Also you always wanna keep your mana in check since you will always be mana thirsty without blue buff when using R I like to cancel the ult when my mana is around 120~ so I can Q or W any loose ends

Become a Unkillable Utility Jungler and destroy your enemies with your immense tree-ing powers Also Maokai is a great champion that can PEEL for your team like no tomorrow while having good enough utilities to help dominate any lane and do some long term dueling with his passive.

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