Renekton Build Guide

Just a Basic Understanding of Renekton

Updated 1 year ago
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Renekton (the butcher of the sands) is a brawling menace of the top lane. He excels during laneing phase and midgame, however falls slightly towards late game. UNDERSTANDING his principals and mechanics will make or break this killer croc..... that joke was bad, i admit that. in this guide i look to explain Ren's fundamentals to allow people to understand why he is a respectable champion and why he is great (in my opinion) for lower levels to climb with. there are thousands of guides in a plethora of different languages, if this can not fulfill what you seek i recommend you find one that does! :D One of Ren's greatest strength is just that, his strength or physical damage. early game Renekton has high DPS (damage per second)due to his abilities. he also can take a hit too which makes for a great dueler. being able to utilize both his damage and his DPS absorption allows for early game kills and forced back wich equals lane presence, early lead on the top laner, and a victory before the game hits the 30 min mark. Pros of the gator -stong early damage -well rounded kit which allows for mobility, single target cc, DPS, and DPS absorption -Strong presence in team fights -Unlike some champions (such as pantheon) Ren doesnt fall off so hard towards the late game -Mana less (fury based) -you are playing as a walking talking alligator.... how is that not awesome?!?!?!?! Cons of the gator -susceptible to cc, especially silence -Heavy CS requirement (average cs is perfectly fine but falling off a bit and not reaching quota will hit Ren harder than some champs) Just more things to note (i cant classify these as pros or cons because they don't revolve around Ren as a champ but the person who plays him)

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