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[4.9] - Standard Build + Doublelift's Custom Build - IN-DEPTH

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Currently Caitlyn is a strong champion at every stage of the game, but shines the most during mid game/laning phase. Caitlyn isn't neccesarily a broken champion like Lucian, but is a very safe pick, and thus is great for solo queue. She can go even or win about every lane matchup currently. [highlight]Pros of Caitlyn[/highlight] [.]Extremely long ranged auto attacks [.]Long ranged abilities for poke [.]Decent throughout entire game, especially amazing late and early game [.]Has escape [.]Good at taking turrets [highlight]Cons of Caitlyn[/highlight] [.] Very low base health [.] Low base movement speed

Early game is where Caitlyn excels. Try harassing your enemy, but make sure to have wards in the bushes so enemy supports like [imgsmall=champ/leona.png] and [imgsmall=champ/zyra.png] can't harass or lock you down. With a ward in the bush, you can dodge their skillshots much more easily as it's not coming out of the fog of war. You probably have around an extra .5 seconds to dodge with a ward in a bush, as many heavy cc abilites bot lane (blitz hook, thresh hook, leona e, zyra snare) have a very noticable animation. Try to have river and/or tribush warded to prevent enemy ganks. If you're playing against an enemy bot lane with high burst + cc ([img=champ/leona.png] + [img=champ/lucian.png]/[img=champ/draven.png]), make SURE you know the range of that [img=skills/leona/e.png] and that you will be right outside that after harassing OR you are confident you will dodge their skillshots. Always pace back after cs'ing or harassing, that way a leona that is pressuring you has minimal effect. To harass you can auto attack or use your Q [img=skills/caitlyn/q.png], but I don't recommend using only your Q to harass, as it is easily dodgeable, and has a high mana cost. Managing mana is important on Cait in early levels. Without mana, Caitlyn can still work, but she is very mediocre. If you go up to harass without any mana, the enemy might be able to jump you, and you won't be able to net out to safety; you will probably have to blow a summoner spell or two to escape. Without any mana, you won't be able to perform your E+Q combo, something that brings a huge amount of pressure to Caitlyn's laning phase. Not being able to perform Caitlyn's E+Q combo , or not having having the mana to do it, LIMITS YOU LIKE CRAZY. I cannot emphasize how important this combo is as it is an extremely strong trading/ finisher move. Having the massive range on the Q + pushing yourself back with E, makes it near impossible for the enemy ADC to out trade you, as you shouldn't be in their Auto Attack range after using E. DO NOT SPAM the E+Q COMBO. It's high mana cost is extremely unforgiving. You should only use the E+Q combo in 3 situations: a. when you can kill the enemy with it b. you can make the enemy blow flash (prefferably) or barrier c. you can force them out of lane and get a tower/ahead on cs MAKE SURE TO ALWAYS FARM WELL. This is what separates GOOD players from BAD players. There isn't much ways to improve your cs'ing skills other than by just simply PLAYING the game. You can do bot games to practice CS, but bots don't give nearly as much pressure or presence as a player would. The best way to practice CS is to play the game! In around silver-plat even if you do lackluster in lane, if you farm well (on a competitive standard) you will still be just as relatively strong as an ADC with 1-3 kills. Most silver-plat players CAN'T farm well. If you're able to out cs your enemy ADC, even if they are a little fed, you will still be doing just as much dps. Caitlyn is great for this because she scales well into mid game, and has good early game; so even if you don't do well in lane, you can just farm and still perform as good, or better, than the enemy ADC during the mid-late game. OPTIMAL CS SCORES IN A EVEN LANE, OR A LANE YOU ARE WINNING- <100 cs at 20 minutes - BAD, you're getting shutdown hard, and you're gpm (gold per minute) is way too low. You're not going to be making an impact for a very long time. 100 cs at 20 minutes - MEDIOCRE, you're not focusing hard enough. Try to keep your mind focused on cs. 125 cs at 20 minutes - DECENT, you're doing well, this is probably the average silver/gold ADC player. 150 cs at 20 minutes - GOOD, keep it up, and around 10 minutes, you will be doing extremely high amounts of dmg 200 cs at 20 minutes - AMAZING, you're GPM (gold per minute) is EXTREMELY high at this moment. In 5 minutes you should be doing crazy damage, and in 15 minutes you should be close to finishing your entire build. ^THOSE CS SCORES ARE ONLY if you are WINNING THE LANE MATCHUP, OR THE LANE MATCHUP IS EVEN. In a LOSING lane, if you stay within 10-20 cs of your opponent, you should be fine, because you will scale well into late game.

Once you have your [img=items/infinity-edge.png] /[img=items/the-bloodthirster.png] +[img=items/phantom-dancer.png]+[img=items/last-whisper.png] you're ready to fight. Hit whoever is closest to you + making the most pressure in a fight. Example: If an enemy Renekton is fed but he has optimized to build damage, hit HIM instead of the enemy mid laner or jungler (assume that mid laner or jungler isn't fed). Removing the fed frontline is sometimes better than hitting the weak mid laners/ADC's. You shouldn't be in the position to chose between the mid laner, ADC, or top in a fight anyway, so this really is a message you should send to your team. Ping that frontline bruiser repeatedly in a fight, and your own tanks/top laners should move on him quickly. Choosing between frontline and backline isn't really a choice an ADC is put into, it's really the top laner's decision usually. Tell your top laner to focus their frontline instead of going for the backline, as it can drastically change a fight. In a fight, you should be hitting someone that matches both of the following conditions: a. is close to you b. is making the most pressure in a fight You have to decide who is making the most pressure in a fight, usually it is the tanks who are really farmed, but it can easily be the enemy jungler (like a Lee Sin). SUGGESTION: If you DO NOT have[img=items/berserkers-greaves.png] DO NOT team fight / skirmish (try telling your team to wait or back off while you buy them). You will be extremely immobile and will be unable to put out damage effictively without Berserker Greaves.

If you can, dodge skill shots, have your support peel/protect you and you will be fine. Make sure you use your [imgsmall=skills/caitlyn/w.png] to check bushes as it GIVES VISION. DON'T FACECHECK! If you get caught out late game because there are no wards, you WILL DIE, and probably lose the game. Set up traps near objectives, and in bushes, and around where you are going to fight. Have someone try to peel for you, preferably your support. GREAT supports for peeling: [imgsmall=champ/alistar.png][imgsmall=champ/janna.png] GOOD supports for peeling: [imgsmall=champ/lulu.png][imgsmall=champ/leona.png][imgsmall=champ/nami.png][img=champ/thresh.png]

[img=champ/alistar.png] - One of my personal favorite supports. Late game, Alistar bring tremendous tankyness, EXTREME peel , and potential initiation if need be. You will probably be pushed to tower enemy tower a lot as [img=skills/alistar/e.png] pushes lane. Be wary of being ganked when pushed to tower. [img=champ/annie.png] - Very strong damage and CC. Doesn't neccesarily provide support for the marksman (no shields or heals) but still very strong. [img=champ/janna.png] - Really good support for peeling. WIth nerfs to her passive it seems she has fallen out of favor in competitive play. Cait + Janna can potentially offer the most late game potential as Caitlyn can be near untouchable with a good Janna at her side. Overall I would say this lane has MASSIVE synergy, one of the best bot lane combos in the game. Harass when Janna has her [img=skills/janna/e.png] active onto you, as it gives extra AD. [img=champ/leona.png] - Leona is a fantastic champion, she provides a shit ton of CC in lane. She can peel pretty well, and also provides initiation if needed. Leona is an aggresive laner, always looking to land [img=skills/leona/e.png] onto the enemy ADC. Make sure you're positioned with Leona where if she goes in, you can follow up with her. Leona is just a massive tank. Leona is the tankiest support. [img=champ/lulu.png] - One of my personal favorites. I just love the mobility Lulu provides with her [img=skills/lulu/w.png], as well as incredible slow with [img=skills/lulu/q.png]. Her [img=skills/lulu/r.png] is great as extra health is useful in LITERALLY every possible situation / fight. Harass enemy's effectively with auto attacks when Lulu has Pix on you, as it grants you decent extra magic damage per hit. [img=champ/morgana.png] - This lane combo is fantasitc. Morg has everything Caitlyn needs. Landing a snare means a free Q from Caitlyn. A morgana who can spell shield you and land snares will just crush the other lanes. This lane also brings a lot of utility to the team, through Caitlyn's tower pushing and Morgana's catch potential and cc. If the Morgana player and Caitlyn player are playing correctly, there is no lane this duo loses to. [img=champ/nami.png] - Strong potential throughout the game. A good Nami (one that hits [img=skills/nami/q.png] is extremely hard to find so yeah usually this lane isn't played to its full potential) can be very potent with Caitlyn. There is good auto attack harass when nami uses [img=skills/nami/e.png] onto Caitlyn, so harass when that is active on you. [img=champ/sona.png] - Decently strong in lane, can deal large amounts of burst early. Be careful, Sona and Caitlyn are both champions with VERY low base health. Late game Sona [img=skills/sona/r.png] can make or break a game, so she's definetly a strong pick in solo queue. [img=champ/soraka.png] - Can be very strong in a CS'ing lane. Soraka provides excellent sustain,as well as mana. Also can provide good global presence with her ult. I love playing with Soraka honestly, she's just not very popular due to her bland playstyle in lane. Early game the starcall does HELLA damage if it stacks up. In the rare situation of a straight up 2v2 in bot lane at level 1, the duo that has soraka (with starcall leveled), will win 100% of the time. There is no doubt about this in my mind, [img=champ/taric.png] - This lane is basically broken at the moment. Taric is a great pick in season 4, and these two have great synergy. The CC in this lane is what I like the best. Stun followed by trap can be devastating. [img=champ/thresh.png] - This lane is pretty damn good. AS THE ANIMATION is being casted for Thresh's flay [img=skills/thresh/e.png], if you place a trap behind the enemy you can chain cc and it can be a deadly combo. However, this requires for your reactions/communication with your support to be on point, because if you're late placing the trap by even a QUARTER of a second, it will not be a chain cc, because of the short delay time on the trap. If both Thresh and Caitlyn do their job well, this lane loses to no other lane. [img=champ/zyra.png] - This lane is really good, lots of wave clear, and good damage / CC. This lane is great against the average solo Q bot lanes that stomp. (Vayne Thresh, Draven Thresh). Just push them into their tower, and they can't do shit to you, as both those ADC's have poor wave clear.

Caitlyn, there are some champions (outside of the bottom lane) that will just screw you over. Here are some bans you might want to consider: 1. [img=champ/rengar.png] - If this guy gets fed it's game over for you unless you have a Gaurdian Angel. In season 4, with pink wards being visible, Rengar and other invisible champions are near unstoppable. Rengar WILL one shot you out of nowhere, it's just ridiculously hard to play against him in solo queue when supports have trouble pink warding. EDIT: Rengar got reworked, again, in 4.5. He can STILL one shot you with a full damage build, but now you have more time to react to it. 2. [img=champ/shyvana.png] - Shyvana is very annoying to play against as ADC. She does a lot of damage with only tanky items, and has a good gap closer with her ultimate + movement speed boost with her burnout. If she gets a Randuin's you will be unable to kite Shyvana alone, you will need the help of your support for sure. 3. [img=champ/drmundo.png] - Holy crap this guy doesn't die. If he gets Randuin's and Sunfire, you're damage won't be high enough to outdamage his ult. An ignite is neccessary on the team to combat Mundo. While he can be killed, he's just too much of a presence in fights to not be banned out. 4. [img=champ/malphite.png] - If you get hit by his ultimate you're going to die (only if he has follow up, sometimes malphites go in alone becaues the see the ADC in bad position). Malphite attack speed slow is also very annoying, plus his idiotic base damages. If he get's a Randuin's , you're not going to be able to kite without the help of a support. The BEST THING TO DO AGAINST MALPHITE is to buy Banshee's Veil, that way you don't have to waste your flash if he ults you. 5. [img=champ/nocturne.png] - With the addition of Feral Flare, damage Nocturne is viable. This guy WILL screw you over with his ult in the mid game. He just does a ridiculous amount of damage. 6. [img=champ/vi.png] - Vi is incredibly annoying as you cannot stop her ultimate with anything + her high base damages + her popularity + the tendency of Solo Queue junglers to build damage on her. She can can kill you solo in a teamfight with a Trinity Force + Brutalizer, IF she lands her [img=skills/vi/q.png] before using her Ultimate [img=skills/vi/r.png]. If she misses her [img=skills/vi/q.png] or only uses [img=skills/vi/r.png] when trying to fight you solo in a fight, you will most likely escape with just net, unless she flashes for a Q. 7. [img=champ/warwick.png] - I'm not trolling you. Darien played this guy during LCS and was dominating. Warwick brings incredible pressure onto an ADC his stupid ult: [img=skills/warwick/r.png]. You're almost forced to buy a Quicksilver Sash when playing agains Warwick as an ADC, as[img=items/mikaels-crucible.png] nor Cleanse removes Warwick ult. It doesn't even matter how behind Warwick is, as long as he still has that Ulti, he will still be a nuisance for you. Thankfully, he is not very common to go against in Solo Queue. 8. [img=champ/xinzhao.png] - With the addition of Feral Flare, Xin Zhao is strong once again. He is tanky as hell, and will burst you down. The thing to worry about are his early ganks. He brings tremendous damage while ganking, most of the time resulting in a used summoner spell.

This is what I say about Marksman players in general: You can teach a player how to play a game, but you cannot teach them how to be good at the game. To be honest mechanical skill is not something you aquire, or even learn (there are things you can do to help you like attack moving , auto attack cancellation, etc.), mechanical skill is something you're born with. If you think you're mechanics are poor, but have great game knowledge, and thoroughly understand the game, ADC might not be the best role for you, but instead, a role like Jungler who controls the game with his knowledge and early decision making. Or maybe a role like support, that has map presence, is able to understand warding, and is able to understand how the bot lane flows. However, If you have poor mechanics , but HAVE to play ADC, there are many champions that can suit you too. Champions such as [img=champ/missfortune.png][img=champ/sivir.png] are good picks if you're mechanics are not very good. There are two kinds of ADC champions: potential ADC's and consistent ADC's. Example of consistent ADC, would be [img=champ/missfortune.png], her kit is simple, and can be very effective. There is not much room for error in MF's kit, and therefore her damage is very consistent, and isn't very difficult to play. Compared to a potential champion like [img=champ/vayne.png]; Vayne will be the best ADC for you if your mechanics are good, as you can potentially dodge everything with tumble, and straight up solo teams. A champion like Vayne, has the potential to be the best ADC ever (that's why i call it potential champion), as her kit scales with reaction times, and movement speed. If a player can't dodge things as Vayne and can't position well, they will be inferior to a player with bad mechanics, but is playing a champion like Miss Fortune.Some champions have the potential to be the best champions in their class, if the player has the skill to play that champion to it's maximum potential. This is why you see highlight clips like Doublelift 1v4'ing enemy team as Vayne, and getting away with it. Your job isn't to make plays, it's to deal as much damage as possible, and achieve that however possible. Sometimes do deal the most damage you have to make plays, but most of the time, you can deal damage by positioning yourself well. YOU DON'T HAVE TO HAVE SUPERB MECHANICS TO BE A GOOD ADC , you just need to know your role on the team.

1. This first video is showing you how NOT to play as Caitlyn vs Vayne. [vid=] As soon as Vayne comes into lane, Caitlyn Q's, and misses immediatly. After a few cs, Vayne goes in and autos Caitlyn, Caitlyn replies with a Q (which misses). What Cait should have done was auto attacked to pop the shield, and waited for Alistar to knock her up, and THEN used Q (while Vayne was in the air). Due to a great knockup by Alistar mid tumble, Vayne takes some very nice damage from minions and autos, but still gets the proc on her W. This was a damn good trade for Vayne, as Caitlyn misplayed heavily. If it weren't for Alistar's timely mid-tumble pulverize, Caitlyn would have probably lost the lane if Vayne had gotten 3 autos on her for free. Another point is this Caitlyn constantly goes up to Q in lane, and it is easily dodged by Vayne, don't underestimate your opponent dodging ability: give them the benefit of doubt, and assume they can dodge it. 2. Here is a video showing you the insane damage of Caitlyn's ult. [vid=] 3. Another video showing the power of Caitlyn's ult when ahead. [vid=]

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