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[S5] Gator Boots - An Updated Renekton Guide

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Renekton is a unique melee champion who utilizes Fury as his resource system. I like to define his role on a team as a secondary initiator who dives into the backline of an enemy team doing moderate AoE damage, sponging damage when necessary, and generally creating chaos. As a Renekton player, you have several goals in the game. One of those goals is to win top lane, and then convert that advantage into an advantage for your team when objectives come up on the map, like baron, dragon, or tower sieges. Hopefully securing these objective will translate into a win. It's your goal to secure a significant lead in the laning phase. In this guide I'll be going over a wealth of information, such as in-depth breakdowns of items, common lane match-ups that you'll be going against, and what your aspirations should be when your team starts rolling as 5. For starters, lets go over some pros and cons of playing Renekton. [highlight]Pros[/highlight] [.]Powerful Laning Phase [.]Offers Good CC To Compliment Ganks [.]Mana-less [.]Immense Team Fight Presence [.]One Of The Strongest Level 6s In The Game [.]Interior Crocodile Alligator [highlight]Cons[/highlight] [.]Innately Pushes Lane [.]Susceptible To Ganks [.]Somewhat Kite-able [.]Weak Outside Of Laning In Comparison To His Laning Phase [.]Relatively Low Base Stats and Stat Growths

[center][img=skills/renekton/r.png][img=skills/renekton/q.png][img=skills/renekton/e.png][img=skills/renekton/w.png][/center] [center][title]Explanation:[/title][/center] Q is the best skill to max for laning, as it provides damage, pushing power, and sustain. Max E after Q, followed by W. Obviously rank up your ultimate whenever it's available. [highlight]If you suspect the enemy jungler might \"one buff\" gank you, take E first. Q is much stronger at level 1, but E can make the difference between surviving a red buff gank and giving up first blood.[/highlight] [center][title]Proper Skill and Fury Usage:[/title][/center] When I describe a skill as having fury priority, I'm simply saying that that skill should be used with the Fury bonus over your other skills. Note that having a full Fury bar will allow you to cast 2 Fury empowered abilities, and I'll leave the 2nd decision up to personal judgement. [center][img=skills/renekton/q.png][/center] Cull of the Meek has fury priority in situations where you're trying to output the most AoE damage possible, e.g. teamfights, or when you need to heal in an engagement. If you're fighting in an enemy creep wave, its highly recommended you use this skill with fury. [center][img=skills/renekton/w.png][/center] Ruthless Predator has fury priority in 1v1 engagements where there are no enemy creeps available to heal off of. It's also good to use in teamfights to lock down a target for a longer period of time, but depending on how grouped the enemy team is, it doesn't necessarily take precedent over Q. [center][img=skills/renekton/e.png][/center] Generally my least fury prioritized skill, I only use 50 Fury on Slice and Dice when my team is AD heavy and I have the opportunity to dice through multiple targets. The fury bonuses on Q and W and just too good to pass up, leaving us with a skill that is hardly used with the fury bonus effect. [center][img=skills/renekton/r.png][/center] Although your ult doesn't gain any bonus effect with the use of Fury, take note that your ult grants you additional Fury gain, which allows a bit more forgiveness if you happen to use an ability with Fury when, in hindsight, it could have been used elsewhere. [center][title]Proper Combo:[/title][/center] Renekton's harass combo is fairly basic - dash in, harass, dash out. Of course, if you're going all in for a kill, you would dash forward again to stay on top of the enemy. This simple combo, however, is not the maximum damage you're capable of doing. Much like Riven, to get the most out of your skillset, mixing in autoattacks between every ability is what separates good players from great. An optimized combo would be as follows: [center][imgsmall=skills/renekton/e.png] AA [imgsmall=skills/renekton/w.png] AA [imgsmall=skills/renekton/q.png] AA [imgsmall=skills/renekton/e.png][/center] From this step-by-step process, we can identify the reasoning behind E having the least Fury priority in a combo. If you have 100 fury as you start your combo, you would dash in, autoattack, W, autoattack, Q, autoattack, and dash away. Since Fury is only consumed on the 2nd part of Slice and Dice, we would use 50 Fury on W and the other 50 on Q, leaving us with 0 to use on Dice.

[highlight]Early Game[/highlight] Your #1 goal as Renekton should be to win lane. You have a kit that's perfectly capable of winning most match-ups on the basis you play them intelligently. With that in mind, your early game goals should be to: [.]Farm hard and farm often [.]Not die to jungle ganks [.]Not get ouplayed in lane [.]Not lose your tower too early [.]Be active when your jungler tries to help you [.]Be aware of your junglers invasive maneuvers and provide back-up if you can [highlight]Mid Game[/highlight] Mid game is when objectives are fought over. Dragon, towers, buff control. These are all important. Taking control of objectives early can set you up for a victory later in the game. If you took teleport, now is the time to start using it actively. This is when you attempt to take your opponents tower, and then go make plays in other lanes. Things to look out for mid game are as follows: [.]Dragon [.]Securing enemy buffs [.]Pushing down towers [.]Making plays in other lanes [.]Wards Keep in mind that mid-game is the point at which you might be strongest, so forcing teamfights over big objectives is actually encouraged. Communicate to your team and be a leader. If the enemy is in prime position to get tower dived, don't be afraid to tank the turret for your team. Making plays mid-game can seal the win for your team.

[highlight]Late Game[/highlight] When late game rolls around, if the game made it that far, you should constantly be roaming as 5. There should be sufficient ward coverage on the map so you have an idea of enemy positions whenever possible. Baron is a definite possibility during this time, so if you and your team screw up, you can expect a potentially game ending turn of events. Pick advantageous spots to fight in, and try not to get engaged on in an unfavorable fashion. Securing team buffs are always relevant, and taking buffs away from important targets might just win you a fight. Things to look out for late game are: [.]Baron [.]Buffs [.]Split-Pushing [.]Backdooring [.]Not getting caught [.]Fighting with a purpose [highlight]Team Fighting[/highlight] As Renekton, you should ideally not be the first person in. Once initial CC's are blown, its your chance to enter. Dash into the enemy team while ulted and try to reach their carry. Use any actives if you have them - GhostBlade, Randuins, etc. - and see if you can catch him. If you can stun their carry, you've effectively done your job in lowering the DPS of that enemy to 0 for a couple of seconds. Every second he's not hitting one of your other teammates is a second that Renekton is doing his job. If you try to go in and get focused down hard, hope that your team can clean up. Play intelligently, make smart choices, focus the right targets, and you should leave the game with a win. If your team needs a leader, you have to be that guy. Someone has to make the difficult calls.

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Feel free to post in the comment section if you want to discuss anything mentioned in the guide. If I missed a lane match-up or don't have an item listed that you'd like my opinion on, you can request that as well. I'll take any criticism you have, both positive and negative, as it can only make the guide better. Thanks guys. - xRustySpoon [center][imgext=][/center]

09/21/15 - Integrated Items section into the pre-existing format, removed old version. New items with their descriptions will be added as soon as they're added to the guide editor. In the process of updating Matchups section. 08/17/14 - Updated most of the guide. Cut out a lot of unnecessary wording, updated champion matchups and item descriptions. 05/19/14 - Added additional summoner spell option as well as updated starting items. Adjustments need to be made to certain champion matchups, but for the most part most matchups remain the same. 11/27/13 - The transition to the new format should be complete. You will notice the match-up section looks nice and polished with the new system in place. I'll continue making changes as the Pre-Season shakes things up. Expect new sections to come out addressing things like 1v2'ing and 2v2'ing with Relic Shield. 11/21/13 - Currently updating the guide for Pre-Season 4. Solomid has just released a new guide editor, so it will take time to transfer all the information to the appropriate format. 09/10/13 - Trying to get the match-up section finished as well as fixing the items section. 05/30/13 - Completely redid the first half of the match-up section. The second half will be updated shortly. Formatting for the new match-up section is still up in the air at this point, so feel free to suggest something in the comments. 05/22/13 - Updated starting items and changed a few item descriptions. 04/17/13 - Swapped the place of Bloodthirster and BorK into the Luxury category and the Mid-Game category respectively. 04/15/13 - Just hit a million views. Thanks guy :) 04/11/13 - Updated the item section. My opinion has changed on a few items, but most of the descriptions were updated for clarity. 02/17/13 - Cleared the change log. The guide, as of now, should be set for Season 3. The runes, masteries, items, and lane match-ups should all be updated to reflect the current patch.

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