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Challenge What You Know (Top Lane Karma 5.24) (Working on Updating)

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Hello Everyone! Thank you for choosing this guide. Today you'll be learning how and why to play Karma in the top lane. You will learn what you need to play Karma in the top lane, and finally, you will shred your enemies with the unkillable top Karma! [img=http://i.imgur.com/T4DgEK0.jpg] Artwork: Legxis

Level 1: Farm, don't push too hard, you need to hit level 2 at the same time or quicker than your enemy laner. If you don't, you will most like get engaged on and quickly lose dominance in lane. Note that the 7th minion in lane (the first minion of the second wave) grants level 2. If the minions meet at the center of lane (which they should) you might want to use a Q to get the first minion quicker. You don't necessarily have to engage at two, but get the safety of level 2. Level 2: Now you can't be out-traded. Q and W will win every trade. Level 3: Now you can harass them while they think you can't. You stand a decent distance away and E into range, then poke them. They won't expect it. The rest of the lane you can dominate, make sure to ward, you won't win any 2v1's until you have spirit visage.

You're pretty godlike, make sure to mantra W almost all the time. You can bait big-time with the heals. You can front-line or back-line, whichever your team needs. You have strong engage and pretty good lockdown. You're very good at making enemy divers useless.

You will never ever die but you won't be able to deal as much damage. I recommend becoming back/midline by this time in the game.

Do what your team needs. Karma is very versatile. If you're front-line, Q mantra W and you won't really die. Try to be a mid-line or back-line. Karma shines at making your carries GODS and enemy assassins piles of useless poop.

Overall, Karma is a very very strong top laner. I do believe Karma top is a sleeper OP. Don't tell too many people. ;)

Her biggest weakness is that she NEEDS a team to win the game. She can do more than hold her own, but she can't win the game without a few useful carries. Her next biggest weakness is her early game, mainly level 1. Tank Karma needs her items to be very successful, but more-so her abilities. If you lose, allies may flame you.

Her heal makes her almost unkillable and very good at baiting enemies into fights you like. Spirit Visage is a huge spike in power. Enemies will think you will be weak with such a wierd build.

When the enemy picks Nasus, Viktor, Swain or Riven for top. When you need a melee face-tank on your team. When you already have a mega-utility mid. (Lux, Morgana)

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