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Meat-lover Support Zyra

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    Greater Mark of Armor (+0.91 armor)
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    Greater Seal of Armor (+1 armor)
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    Greater Glyph of Magic Resist (+1.34 magic resist)
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    Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed (+1.5% movement speed)
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I'll preface by saying, no I'm not 2k elo, no I'm not pro, but yes I do find support Zyra to be incredibly viable (feel free to call me a low elo scrub, with the LoL community I'm used to it), everything aside she is downright fun in the support role. While she is certainly not the best support, ehhem, [img=champ/janna.png] , ehhem, she is still very strong due to her [img=skills/zyra/e.png] and [img=skills/zyra/r.png]. Basically I like to think of support Zyra as sort of a [img=champ/leona.png], [img=champ/janna.png] hybrid. Zyra's [img=skills/zyra/e.png] (I find) functions very similarly to a [img=champ/janna.png] "q". Her similarities to [img=champ/leona.png] are much more on the gameplay side of things, usually, you want to play Zyra as an aggressive support similar to [img=champ/leona.png]. With your seeds, you not only get great passive cdr but also can maintain relatively steady control over the bushes, and can maintain vision after wards expire. Overall Zyra's pros outweigh the cons Pros: [.]CC out the wazoo [.]Bush Control [.]Quickly expiring (but still great) temp wards [.]Harass positional in lane [.]Ability to save carry on a regular basis Cons: [.]No actual support ability i.e heal, shield, etc. [.]Slow base MS [.]An almost useless q when it comes to support (more about this later) [.]Easily countered by high mobility ad i.e [img=champ/ezreal.png] or [img=champ/corki.png] [.]Easy to steal carries kills [center]Just so we all know, the only Zyra loss was an ap game, so there is that.[/center] [center][imgext=http://puu.sh/OqjG][/center]

[title][img=skills/zyra/p.png] Passive: Rise of the Thorns [/title] [number]Upon death, Zyra returns to her plant form. After 2 seconds, she can press any ability to fire a Vengeful Thorn towards her cursor, dealing 99 + (25 � level) true damage to each enemy it strikes. [/number] [title]Explanation:[/title] Fairly useful throughout the game as a support, if you die that is, which you shouldn't be doing anyway. This passive (because it scales with level) allows Zyra to deal considerable damage to the enemy team if she dies in a team fight, effectively crippling the enemy and possible securing victory. [title][img=skills/zyra/q.png] Q: Deadly Bloom [/title] [number]Thorns shoot from the ground, dealing magic damage to enemies within the area. Rampant Growth: If Deadly Bloom hits a seed, a Thorn Spitter grows. Thorn Spitter attacks with long range and deals magic damage. [/number] [title]Explanation:[/title] Oh my, this ability, while superb on ap Zyra is close to useless on support Zyra, I say close because the plants that grow from this ability are her most useful harass and control ability, this is the only reason I put any points into this skill before being forced to. [title][img=skills/zyra/w.png] W: Rampant Growth [/title] [number](Passive): Grants bonus cooldown reduction. (Active): Plants a seed lasting 30 seconds. If an enemy champion steps on a seed, it will be destroyed but they will be revealed for 2 seconds. Zyra periodically stores seeds and she can hold up to 2 seeds at any given time. Zyra cannot plant any more than 4 plants at a time. Cast spells on seeds to grow plants. Plant damage is based on Zyra's level. Extra plants striking the same target deal 25% less damage. [/number] [title]Explanation:[/title] A very, very helpful ability as a support, this skill gives you a method off soft cc (if used in conjuction with Zyra's [img=skills/zyra/e.png], a 30 second ward for scouting after wards expire, or a ranged harass tool if used with her [img=skills/zyra/q.png]. On top of all that meat loving goodness it also gives a large CDR boost which can be most effective in keeping your snare off cooldown. [title][img=skills/zyra/e.png] E: Grasping Roots [/title] [number]Sends forward vines, dealing magic damage and rooting enemies for a short duration. Rampant Growth: If Grasping Roots hits a seed, a Vine Lasher grows. Vine Lasher has short ranged attack that deal magic damage and slow by 30% for 2 seconds. [/number] [title]Explanation:[/title] Now we come to Support Zyra's bread and butter, this skill is what allows you and your lane partner to dominate almost non-stop. Maxing this ability first lowers the cooldown as well as increasing the root duration. Combined with her passive CDR from [img=skills/zyra/w.png], the CDR from masteries and my personally preferred CDR boots, this ability will be off cooldown enough to (almost) spam in lane, which is where the hyper-aggression comes into play. [title][img=skills/zyra/r.png] R: Stranglethorns [/title] [number]Summons the fury of nature, growing a twisted thicket at target location which deals magic damage to all enemies in the area as it expands. After 2 seconds, the vines snap upward knocking enemies into the air. Rampant Growth: Plants within the thicket are enraged, increasing their attack speed by 50%. [/number] [title]Explanation:[/title] While most prominent with ap Zyra, when playing support the damage of the ability is not what is important but more the knock up caused by it. Using this ult effectively in a teamfight will separate the good from the bad and the great from the good. Many players make the mistake of ignoring this ability when it is put down in a team fight as many people are used to seeing the predominant "burst" damage accompanied by it and not much more, on support Zyra you wont be taking chunks of health with this ability, instead you will be trying to use your ult to shut down carries in a fight and basically win the fight with CC.

[center][imgext=http://puu.sh/OBf0][/center] These runes are all pretty standard aside from the MS quints. Normally a support would go GP10 quints, personally I dislike "cash" quints and find that if I am doing my job as a support I should have no shortage of money. Now that has been explained, the MS quints I find are most effective on Zyra as she has a relatively low base movement and relies heavily on positioning like Janna, but unlike Janna she has no abnormal movement speed buffs. So to remedy this predicament I simply run movement speed quints. With the extra movement you can get positioned for [img=skills/zyra/e.png] and return to lane quicker in the early stages of the game. All around I think movement speed quints work on everyone, so maybe my opinion is clouded.

Zyra is really powerful as a support, but is also hit or miss, many ad carries simply don't work in conjunction with her in lane. It is crucial to know who works and who doesn't so you don't run the risk of sabotaging yourself in champion select. Zyra works incredibly well with high mobility champions: [imgsmall=champ/corki.png], [imgsmall=champ/ezreal.png], & [imgsmall=champ/tristana.png] Zyra also works with burst potential and movement hindering abilities (though not as well): [imgsmall=champ/ashe.png], [imgsmall=champ/graves.png], [imgsmall=champ/kayle.png], [imgsmall=champ/kogmaw.png], [imgsmall=champ/vayne.png] Examples of people whos synergistic qualities are not up to par are: [imgsmall=champ/varus.png], [imgsmall=champ/sivir.png] [.]While there are other ad carries I don't feed they need to be lumped into these groups so I will explain them separately [img=champ/draven.png]: He has a high burst potential as well as chasing potential, in theory he is a good pick, but often trivial axe throwing can make him a sad panda Teemo, if your partner is good, try him out. [img=champ/kennen.png]: Ehh [img=champ/missfortune.png]: High burst potential, direct synergy with ults, pretty decent pick. [img=champ/twitch.png]: Root lets him get stacks of poison and slow sets you up for ult, if he gets farmed enough it will work flawlessly, if you cant keep him alive however you may fail late game. Update Later

The skill order is really self explanatory, you want to increase your [imgsmall=skills/zyra/e.png] duration while decreasing the cooldown of it. In order to do this you must max it first, after that, you can opt to max [imgsmall=skills/zyra/q.png] or [imgsmall=skills/zyra/w.png], the latter is obviously the more intelligent choice as it gives you CDR, further reducing the cooldown or your [imgsmall=skills/zyra/e.png] and gives you short life wards and access to a method of soft cc. Maxing [imgsmall=skills/zyra/q.png] first is something that is only ever viable when playing ap. [center]So remember:[/center] [center][imgext=http://puu.sh/PaWw][/center]

While above I have a pretty safe and basic support build, you should always deviate from this build if the situation calls for it, an example of this is not building Morello's if they have no heavy healers. Other great items that I pick up on a regular basis are: [img=items/chalice-of-harmony.png]: If their team is heavy ap or I do not have many opportunities to go back [img=items/zekes-herald.png]: A very common build option for me, it is a very helpful item for your team as it gives them more survivability and damage output, I find building it while you are ahead or for your 2nd to last items is most effective. [img=items/frozen-heart.png]: If no one else on your team is getting this item, get it. Probably the best item in the game, it will not only give you CDR but also armor and an op aura. [img=items/ionian-boots-of-lucidity.png]: These are my personal favorite boots on support Zyra and AP Zyra, they give you the early CDR you need to spam your CC, if you can afford to get them in lane, do so (after 5p10) then later if you need to sell them for merc treads. In essence what I'm trying to get at is look at the items in the store and buy what you need, because you are an aggressive support you need to focus on getting into the fight and CCing major targets, helping your carry, you cannot do that if not properly counter itemizing during the game. It also goes without saying that you should always pick up [imgsmall=items/sight-ward3.png] when you go back to keep you and your carry safe, more on that in a future chapter.

One of the most vital skills a support player can learn is warding, in this chapter I will show you wards that are necessarily during early and late laning phases, I will mostly shy away from showing global ward locations as they tend to vary. [center][imgext=http://puu.sh/PbcR][/center] Red = Almost always necessary wards, whole team should pitch in for most of these Blue = Necessary during lane (most of the time) you will purchase these Green = Situational but common in early lane phase, bush wards give control of lane, while dragon wards show jungler and prevents them sneaking an early dragon. Yellow = Late lane phase safety wards, place wards in these places if your tower is gone (and your carry cant freeze lane) or you took an early tower and want to continue pushing (not advised).

Like stated multiple times in this guide, you are an aggressive support and thus, you need to be aggressive in lane. At the start of the game you and your carry want to buy was quickly as possible and head over to lane, guard your junglers buff to protect from counter jungling and remain hidden to possibly ensure first blood on an invader. If you are invading set up in the enemies buff bush as soon as possible with your team, allow the enemy to get as close as possible then snare for maximum efficiency. If attempting a cheese first blood rush to lane and instantly into the second lane brush, be careful for enemy team ganks as this is incredibly idiotic. When the lane phase begins try to maintain bush control with wards, seeds and basic attack harass. When the carry, or support get out of place, i.e for a cs or to ward go in with your carry, put your seed down as you snare, this will increase your damage output, and apply a slow after the snare duration is over. Normally this will give your carry enough time to secure the kill. Continue doing this in an attempt to dominate your lane and gain an early lead, as normally bot lane wins games. Try not to push, so as not to be susceptible to jungle ganks. Keep the enemy AD at length so your carry can farm, use the enemy going in for cs as an advantage and initiate.

After your tower is gone, or you take the enemy tower, usually the lane phase will be over transferring into mid game. Now you have a few options, help a struggling lane (most common) ward farther up the enemy jungle and river (yellow ward spots) and continue pushing, or if the enemy has remained farming, counter push and try to freeze the lane near river, so your carry can continue farming. Normally by taking the enemy tower you push them farther back, leaving you free to do dragon, before you do however, be sure to counter ward and ward river, to prevent it being stolen, normally you or the jungler should tank the dragon de-buff. Continue to stick with your carry in case of a team-fight. This is probably the slowest part of the game as support Zyra, until later in the phase, when team-fights start to crop up, remember how you must place your [imgsmall=skills/zyra/e.png] and [imgsmall=skills/zyra/r.png] to help win the fight. Try not to go off on your own unless warding as you will be susceptible to getting ganked and killed.

This is the part of the game when the carries get buffs, you get dragon and baron, and prepare for almost non-stop pushing and team-fights. You must stay with the group and if a bad initiation happens try to save the carry (and their spree). NEVER go off on your own, even when warding because late game everyone on the enemy team is a bush camping [imgsmall=champ/garen.png] ready to kill you. Continue warding but also try to coax others into buying wards, while warding is important it is not solely the supports job as many ignorant twats think it is. Use your plants at baron to speed it up and at towers to counter push minions, be sure to note that your plants will not attack structures though.

Zyra has a very strong team-fight presence thanks to two skills in particular: [.][img=skills/zyra/e.png]: Allows Zyra to keep carries zoned and out of fights, or locked down in a bad position in the fight [.][img=skills/zyra/r.png]: Is a great initiation skill, but I find it works even better after the fight is already underway, many enemies mistake Zyra's ult as simply a burst tool, as most of the time that is all you see due to AP Zyra, but a well placed ult after a team-fight is already underway can give your team an opportunity for free damage, sometimes outright winning the fight.

While I may not be the best player, and this is only my first guide, I still hope that you will heed my recommendation and try support Zyra, she is incredibly fun and is a real asset on most teams, try out different lane combinations against different enemies and really get a feel for her, hen decide whether you like her as a support, if not, you always have [img=champ/janna.png] MUHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAAHAHA Also if you have any time, check out my stream at http://www.twitch.tv/ilastme (shameless plug) Good Day to You.

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