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Peels and shields! [5.10][WIP]

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Hi! I'm StephenEBPotter, also known in game as Ste The Gaylord, and I am a Gold 3 Karma main, teaching you how to play her as a support, and more importantly, why you [b]should[/b] pick her as a support. [img=http://i.gyazo.com/8c043ab2952bb2d00d7ff41a756654c8.png] Season 3: [img=http://gyazo.com/03590b988c2f4966709978144a8f231d.png] Season 4: [img=http://gyazo.com/4926ec84a08eb364ad5c389c04b355ca.png] Season 5: [img=http://gyazo.com/180be8b567d0719051978b36e868a22a.png]

[center][big][b]The God Tier ADC:[/b][/big][/center] [center][img=champ/jinx.png] Jinx: [/center] Jinx in my opinion is far and above the best ADC currently in the game to pair with Karma. She has strong poke with her Q rockets and W, which also allows her to all in, a follow up root to your own root to further aid all-in attempts, and she scales up well into the late game, giving you an ADC that's likely still going to be incredibly potent by the end of the match. Additionally, the large shields you can give Jinx can help her survive just long enough to get the resets and escape a fight she wouldn't normally be able to. My top ADCs for Karma: [center][img=champ/ashe.png] Ashe:[/center] Ashe is a great pick for Karma. In lane, Ashe offers significant poke alongside your Q, alongside some additional CC. Combined, you have a tonne of safety in lane, and then at level 6 she offers the engage whilst you retain a fairly high damage. Post lane, you can further amplifiy Ashe's ability to kite by giving her additional movespeed, as well as being to stack slows on tanks and bruisers, and you also offer burst damage as well as defensive steroids to aid Ashe against assassin picks. [center][img=champ/caitlyn.png] Caitlyn:[/center] Caitlyn and Karma make for one of the strongest early game poke and seige lanes, as you both have decent early burst between Caitlyn's Q and Passive proc, and your Q and RQ, as well as consistent poke from Caitlyn's naturally high autoattack range. You should focus on either zoning opponents away, or dropping opponents low, making it easy for you to all in them, or forcing them out of lane entirely. If opponents try to engage on you or her, use your shield and root to keep them in place, and force even more of their health out of them before they retreat to wait on cooldowns. [center][img=champ/corki.png] Corki:[/center] Corki's early burst and magic damage is massive, and [center][img=champ/draven.png] Draven:[/center] Generally speaking, most shorter range ADCs just dont seem to work that well with Karma, as they cant follow up on your poke that reliably. Draven on the other hand though just offers so much damage with his Q procs that I'd feel it wouldn't be justifiable to put him any lower on this list. At level one, an RQ from you and a Q empowered auto from Draven will do anything from a third to a half of an enemies health bar. Pre-6 you both have great damage and decent kill pressure, and at 6 you can easily kill an out-of-postion lane opponent if you manage to land a root, as the damage from your RQ, W root, Draven auto, Stand Aside and Whirling Death will do significant damage to anyone hit by it.

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