Zilean Build Guide

Master of Timey-Wimey Effects

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Skill Order
Time Bomb
Time Warp
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Zilean is a very strong champion when in the right hands. He denies the enemy carries kill, as well as putting your carries in a, \"Go hard or Go Home\" position without the going home portion. Your primary damage dealers can do so much more stupid crap, depending on what you're planning, how you play Zilsta, and how you feel about the opposition. Zilean is a master of controlling team fights. He can speed his allies up, or slow enemies down. Say that Rammus (or more commonly: Hecarim) is blazing at your team at 800 MS, not anymore he's not. You slow him down by 75-99% based on levels, and he's either forced to re-engage later, or blow his ultimate immediately. Say you have an Udyr, or a Xin Zhao, and need them to get in the team fight faster, there you go. Say your Jinx is busy killing every single opponent, but that Ahri just dashes down the lane out of the range of Jinx. Not anymore. You just revived your strongest carry for 2k-3k hp, teamfight x2. Proof of validity. [img=][img=http://i.imgur.com/OkCHbRc.png] [img=http://i.imgur.com/uUz7SjO.png]

This is where you throw like, one or two bombs. You don't go super HAM, and auto-attacks are critical. You need to wait until Level 4 with Zilsta for the level two bombs, or 3, where you can clear the caster minions with two well placed TB's. Once you hit 5, clear the whole wave NP with 2 bombs. Also they can't touch you. #SpeedLife If they over-commit @ level 6, be sure to spam your Zilean Mastery and thank them for their reverse poking.

This is where you Shine. You teleport into a lane other than your own in the middle of their fighting. Revive their target. Slow the opponent. Bomb that btch. Also you just made the enemy team QQ @ their top/mid laner about lane control. Honestly just keep farming/ganking other lanes. This is from levels 7-11, you can pretty much do whatever you want.

This is where you spam bombs and take towers by yourself. Speed yourself into lanes, gank fkers, and basically have an overall good time. People seriously underestimate the double bomb stun pick on someone. Abuse that.

Aim your double bombs for the largest concentration of people, or in preventing the enemy team from getting in the fight effectively splitting them off from their team like an Anivia. Revive either your ADC/APC/Main Damage (Jungler) After all this silliness, the enemy team should be dead.

Hope you enjoyed reading the guide. Will upload videos of all this jazz here soon enough. Let me know if I should ass anything.


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