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My Midnight Ramble Guides-Preseason (YES IM A GIRL!)

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Alright kiddies I'm gonna start off this guide like I do with every other guide. It's about midnight and I can't sleep so I'm gonna help you all learn how to play a new champion. Today is going to be (insert Champion name here). Now I'm not going to lie to you and say I'm a god like player who knows the ins and outs of this character like I know the back of my hand but I do know this game and strategy of LoL in general and I trust myself to make a good guide that all can use to make themselves a better player. So without further rambling. Here we go!

Kalye has a weak early game due to her reliance on attack speed and heavy Ability Power but the recent item buffs that she builds most often and the addition of keystone masteries she can be a dominant force. The most important thing to remember is that kayle is built around her ult which you don't get until you hit level 6 so don't be playing like you have your ult as a bail out when you dont. Its only about getting farm until you can get that second item and either start picking people off by dueling them or in team fighting.

Kayle hits one of her power spikes when she completes her second item and when the first big team fight hits the game is set in motion for how Kayle needs to build herself. That first team fight shows her what she lacks and what items need to be compensated for her to be a big late game. Her recent strengths come from the early item power spikes like rageblade and litchbane.

This is Kayle's time to shine. With games going shorter now a days there arent many needs for late game carries but if you can get to the late game without being completely stomped then you should be able to win the game with the clutch plays that Kayle is able to pull off. Here full build is ridiculous and she will be swinging that sword like no one's business and shredding the enemy to bits.

In a team fight you are going to want to be near the front line but not the first one in. You want to draw attention to yourself so you can pop your ult on yourself while drawing focus. In most of the lower levels there will be no communication between teammates and the glowing ball will be a shiny toy that they want to attack but you should be able to target the carries by the time your ult is up and your team can hopefully get to the back line.

God damn that was long. I need to get some sleep. (Insert champion name here) is a great champion! He or she is so good in so many ways! They can do so much for your team if you can play them right! And remember what I said about that one thing!

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