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    Greater Mark of Magic Penetration (+0.87 magic penetration)
  • 9
    Greater Seal of Armor (+1 armor)
  • 9
    Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist (+0.16 magic resist per level (+3 at champion level 18))
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    Greater Quintessence of Gold (+1 gold / 10 sec.)
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Hello all, My summoner name is butchthecougar, look me up on lolking.[.] I've recently started going annie support, and developed a method that has allowed me to go 9-2 my last few games. I'm currently in gold 2, and will probably be higher soon as I seem keep getting promoted every week... Annie support is often seen as a wtf, that lanes going to get dominated. But, is it really that simple to kill bots turret and gank, when the support has stun. If they dive any of you u simply stun under the tower and their dead. Kind of like taric does. Also, with annie support you have the option of being more agressive, as long as you are decent at dodging poke and grabs like leona, thresh, or blitzcrank. Being aggressive is tricky however. Especially, since to truely harness annies power you should grab something tanky if you are going aggressive. Hence, dorans ring or shield. This will fool the enemy bot lane to attack you first, while you stun and exaust the enemy adc and let your adc pick up the kill or double kill. However, you can always hang back by the tower and let them pressure you. This is usually the case, especially if they have heros that will punish you for pushing like; hec, lee, shaco, nami, leona (any hero that closes gaps and is jungle with a stun support is scary, so only let your adc push if you know their jungle is top or mid. You should do okay unless the enemy mid and jungle are camping you and your mid and jungle are not helping. So to assuming that your adc and you survive bot lane, you should be able help you team dominate mid game and late. When you get to mid game and late game (past 15-20 minuts is mid, and past 25-30 is late), you should be able to peel for your team as well as counter initiate. How? simply your ult. The only reason annie is a viable support is because of her her. Use the ult wizely, it can change fights and ultimately the game. Always charge up your stun, the mana effficent way is to just keep using e when it is off cd, but using w is k to. Also, to make annie a viable support you need to get hp. hence you get ruby sightstone and then go straight for rod of ages. after sightstone you can get boots or go straight for the rod. Why get boots so late? because you should always be around your adc and if people are going to dive you, stun them and run or initiate and try to reset your stun asap. Tricks about annie: when you have 3 charges and are one move from stunning someone, dont use e to finsh your charges, instead wait for them to initiate, they will see that you don't have the charge sand hopefully will get cocky. When they get in range press e, and ult if their close enough, or q then ult then w. This will surprise them, and ontop of it if you catch a carry exaust them too, making them utterly useless and likely dead.

Going for GP5 is a must as support, spell penetration reds is equally as useful for any ap support, and armor yellows will allow you to be tankier, and magic resist over time or flat works. But over time will allow you to be a little bit tankier late, and your probably not going to be seeing to much ap damage on you early.

r>w>q>e Your ultimate is first like almost every champion. Your w should be before q. Why? because after you scale it 2 times versus q two times, you will be doing more damage with w. Simply said, w gives you better starting damage than q after you level it up twice or more. Damage is more important to you since you want the enemy to be scared to dive you. If you wanted to you could level up q, but why go for a little better mana efficiency over damage when you shouldn't really be spamming your moves (unless the enemy is really dumb and aggressive, this is good for you).

So the first items you should be aiming for are: [img=items/dorans-ring.png] -> [img=items/sightstone.png] ->[img=items/ruby-sightstone.png] After ruby sightstone you can either get your boots, get a gp5 or rush rod of ages: [img=items/sorcerers-shoes.png][img=items/kages-lucky-pick.png][img=items/rod-of-ages.png] I recommend getting pick first, then building boots or [img=items/ruby-crystal.png] and then [img=items/catalyst-the-protector.png], which you will then turn into ROA. When building boots, realize that getting simply [img=items/boots-of-speed.png] is a waste of gold and getting [img=items/sorcerers-shoes.png], is about 4 x's better due simply to spell pen and more speed. That little boost in speed will possibly help you catch then enemy or stick with your allies in team fights. After ROA, it should be about 25 minutes in the game, and you should be rocking an impressive amount of hp (2.4k-2.8k depending on lvl and ROA). The enemy will think twice about attacking a 2.5k hp annie when there are better targets out there and you have an ult and stun. Thus after roa you start building damage. The items you get depend on your team. You could get an abyssal if your team is ap heavy and nobody has built one. or you can get a deathcap and have about 300 ap. You can also turn your pick into [img=items/twin-shadows.png] if the enemy team is heavy in ap or they keep escaping. I will also mention that getting [img=items/philosophers-stone.png], is not a good idea early, simply because it give you no ap, and you will already be building hp items, which is the only thing it will turn into. You can also turn your pick into [img=items/morellos-evil-tome.png], this will give you the most ap from the pick. I advise upgrading pick when you feel like the game is getting close to big battles that will cause one team to get ahead or even win after one battle. Hence, upgrade pick if the enemy is 3 towers and an inhibitor away from winning the game (they destroyed the outer most towers). Although this decision is up to you. I usually upgrade it after everyone is around lvl 16. This is becuase the death time is so long that your team really can't afford to lose large battles heavily.

If you got wards instead of a dorans, then great. Play it however you want, just know your hp is lower and your damage is too, making you less of a threat. Since you aren't a threat, the enemy will probably be smart and shove your lane and make your wards ultimately useless, as your not going to be pushed enough anyways for the enemy jungle or mid to care about you. If you got the dorans, like a useful annie support, you will have about 570 hp lvl 1 and like 20 ap, making you a threat and a bad target. However make sure your adc does not push. It is crucial that you and him have enough sinergy to let the enemy team get baited into pushing your lane and then having you stall it at your tower. This might cost your adc a few cs early. But after about 5 minutes you will get sightstone, and will be around lvl 6 and at that point you guys are going to be very dangerous and the other team won't expect you guys to be the threat that you are. At lvl six you should be trying to get in range of the enemy adc. This will be tough if the enemy has leona, ali, thresh, or blitzcrank, taric. In that case you poke them down or let them engage you then flash ult exaust the enemy adc and kill him. If the enemy is running something bursty wit hp also, like graves and taric, try to play it safer poking them, and eventually catching one of them offgaurd, either killing them or lowering them enough to make them not want to engage you. Also, please tell your team to not invade early. This can result in a kill for your team. But even if it does, the enemy top and bot will likely be at an early advantage right away. That being said if your team does invade, make sure to go early, so you can get to your lane in time. Getting first blood just to lose your advantage in lane is not worth it (unless your invade went seriously well, hence you guys get lucky).

This part of the game you should have built around 1.5-2k hp, with about 50 ap (oh well). Your goal here should be to bait the enemy to thinking thats a free kill annie, when really you have some tankiness and an ult to destroy them. If your team is all there and you are goign to initiate. I advice saving your ult for when the enemy tries to dive your apc or adc. This will uterly stop them in their tracks, and will probably allow your team to win the fight or stop the enemies progress. You can also surprise your enemy by flashing in and ulting a group of them. Only do this if your whole team is on board and you guys have heros that can dive and get out safely (fizz), or have a lot of aoe and tankiness (ryze), gragas).

Honestly if you made it here and the enemy isn't that far ahead or even, your team should have a little advantage unless your team comp is not very viable (no tank, no damage). However assuming everyone is at decent elo, and smart enough to pick mid top jungle and adc heros that sinergize you should be able to do very well. Why? simply because of the annie ult. Your ult is devastating to diving, and grouping up. If you ever see the enemy team group up and your team has a lot of damage or stun. Id recommend simply engaging them, by sacrificing yourself but sending out and ult w and q, to bring most of them to 1/2 hp to 3/4 hp. Assuming you communicated to your allies you should they should be able to take advantage of the stun and end a few lives on the enemy team. However, the above is kind of risky and you can also just simply peel for your team or try to catch the enemy adc or apc by baiting them in to attacking an annie with 2.8k hp. Simply stun them, let your team who should be nearby, finish the adc/apc off and push get a tower and baron, or end.

When picking annie support in champion select, please let your team know. Also, I advice practicing this in normal before going ranked. Im in gold 1 currently, and 9-2 with support annie. Almost every time I do it my team is very skeptical, as they should be. Just make sure they are smart enough to not all go tanky and not get any damage other than the adc. Team compositions that work at higher elo will have lots of stun and damage, and atleast 1 tanky hero to distract the enemy. Other team comps that are generally ran are super poky ones with a little bit of stun for peeling and a lot of speed. This is probably the hardest for annie, since they will likely poke your team down unless someone gets caught on the enemy team or you hard engage like amumu, or hec ult. If you see in champion select your team picking stupid heros that don't go together... either dodge, or play smart and let your team know that the game plan should be splitting lanes and catching the enemy due to good warding. Team comps that are useless are one like: amumu jungle, malphite top/mid, and shen mid/top, with your only real damage coming from your adc. I hate it when people get the champions with really good ults but no damage, if you see this, know that your going to have to peel hard for your adc and pray that the enemy team sucked early. There are many things that have to go right in champion select to win any games. If you are going support annie, I would try to have your team run a high damage aoe team with 1 or two tanks, or someone who can dive hard and take advantage of your ult (lee, kha, zed, talon, etc...). If anyone has any questions or comment please give me them, and before criticizing annie support, try it out a few times, and use my build and strategy.

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