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How to actually play this troll support

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Hey guys I'm writing this guide to teach people how to actually play Bard. I have seen a lot of Bards recently in games that play him totally incorrectly. In this guide I'll teach you how he works in team fights, good uses of his ult, and how to roam and collect chimes without doing what every Bard does and leave the ADC in the worst spot possible. Bard has the potential to find more picks than MonteCristo rides Korean dicks so if you're looking for a team comp to have mobility, and pick potential he's great.

The passive is your most important thing about Bard. It can make him get very ahead. Your chimes won't go away so you don't need to leave your laner. Only leave when your laner will not get freezed on or if he is backing. Don't roam to collect Chimes for xp ever during laning phase. They don't give much XP unless you collect them in bulk. Keep same levels with the enemy laner. Then when laning phase is over around 15 or 20 mintutes, you can roam and get vision. You can collect chimes while placing wards during laning phase but don't leave your laner. Once laning phase is done, a bunch of chimes will have accumulated around the map. This makes it very easy to ward because you can speed around the map insanely fast and ward. It will make you harder to get caught and you'll be grabbing chimes in bulk. Before you know it you'll be 2 or 3 levels ahead of the enemy support because all the chimes have accumulated and you just grabbed them all in one good sweep where you have established vision.

Look for picks with your ult. Ult someone who is close to being caught out or lead a gank with it so your jungler can collapse. Spam your portal when collecting chimes and use it to get around the map quicker. In team fights, look for q stuns on high priority targets.

TEAM FIGHTING. The Jungle is your best friend in team fights. plenty of choke points to get your q stun and late game its on a really short CD. you can easily stun someone against a wall and great way to make use of your portals to flank enemy team and lead them into traps. You should protect your adc in the beginning. This is easy because you have tons of stuns in a jungle. If your team is more dive, then portal to their back line, ( you have tank stats remember because the warmogs and randuins and locket) and stun their adc or mid laner and then run the other direction. You can instantaeneously place health packs on your carried to give them speed for kiting and more health. Use your ult on their backline. THink of it this way, that whole time their back line is ulted, even if they don't die, they are not outputting damage. If you land it on their adc and support, its basically a 3v5 team fight for 4 seconds. Easily enough time to make it a 4v5 o4 3v5 when they are done with the Bard stasis.

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