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AD Kassadin - The Art Of Murder

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Hi! My name is Shiina, a diamond 1 Kayle main on EUNE server. I've made an On-hit Kayle build previously, so my name is might not be new. [img=http://i.imgur.com/KxTmpb7.jpg] Let me speak about Kassadin first. I've always loved him on mid lane.. Back in the days, before Kass's nerfs.. Kassadin is (\"intented\") to be a full AP burst mage. Building AP on him caused big trouble to the whole enemy team in Kass's pre-nerf state. However, ban rates increased, Kass's nerfs came by father RIOT. Butchering him in many ways, ended up in an overnerfed \"AP Assasin\", which is just only the shadow of it's former self... Building full AP leads you to a terrible early/mid game, and an inferior late game.. Inferior to what? You may ask.. The answer is: inferior to AD kassadin. [b][big]Pros:[/big][/b] -Insane AD burst damage. -Fast waveclear. -Almost no cost champion because of lifesteal/W active. -1,8 sec CD ultimate with 3000 mana to use!!! -Hybridish damage output (early Qs + lategame R can deal up to 500 magic damage) -Stronger mid game than AP kassadin. -Q procs Muramana's toggle skill, dealing hybrid damage (and dealing damage at all). -Can get in the fight ---> Kill a target ----> Still can get out. -90% slow + channeling spell interrupt for an Assassin. -Good early Q harrass. -Tankier than AP Kassadin, still deals tons of damage -Can't be ganked after level 6, because of the Riftwalk. -You can dodge every skillshot if you pay attention. [b][big]Cons:[/big][/b] -Tough early game (so as AP Kassadin), however with the lifesteal you help yourself. -You need to stack Tear to get Muramana, which takes time/patience. -Your Q/E/W don't deal damage at all (Q in late game is okay, later explained). -Your Q shield is much lesser than full AP Kassadin's shield. -Your team will rage at you when they see only your AD is increasing.. :D -You can't dominate your lane in early game even if you get a bit ahead (after level six you can). [img=http://i.imgur.com/PqJKdi2.jpg] Artist: Gathril

Early game is relatively hard for Kassadin overall. You will get surprised that it is a bit easier to play AD Kass than AP Kass early game. You will have plenty of AD + W to farm easier under tower. You need to focus on farming as many minions as you can without dying. Harrass constantly the enemy with your Qs. If your enemy deals any kind of magic damage, try to shoot your Q when your enemy shoots his magic spell. It will block some of the damage (your Q shield). Use your Flask first, then use your HP potions (Flask is refillable) If you are getting low on mana, you can risk to hit the enemy with your W (preferably in top lane). Go to home if you have no more potions.. [b]DO NOT OVEREXTEND[/b]!! If you are low, go back.. Don't risk ruining your laning phase. If you are playing top, you can back and use teleport to come back easily. Use your Warding Totem after the second minion wave to secure side bushes from jungle ganks. After the first back you have Tear + Vampiric Scepter hopefully. Focus on stacking your Tear and farming. Check Tear's icon, and try to use your spells when it is ready to get stacked. After level 4+ your Q+E becomes weak. We don't build AP + we level them later. You should stop harrassing with them (only use Q for the shield + E for the slow). You should use your Q to farm untouchable minions. After you are level 6 (mostly you get it before the first back) you can harrass enemies by Riftwalking them + W AA then retreating. Be careful, only engage like this if you are sure that you won't be killed. Try to engage when the enemy has used any of his skills. (For example engage TF after he used mana card). Call for jungle ganks since your E slow is big, can easily lead you to a successful kill.

This phase is where the game starts to get joyful. You most likely finished your Hydra by this time. You need to complete Muramana and Triforce as soon as possible. If you have 500+ stacks or Manamune go for Muramana, if you have below 500 stacks go for Triforce. Sometimes I get Sheen, then I go for Muramana (if I'm near 750 stacks). This option gives high burst along with the early toggle of Muramana. If you scored a kill in the laning phase (thanks to jungler or to God) you are a lucky one. Start to roam around the map while looking for kills. With your Hydra, you are a really big threat to the enemy team. At this point, their ADC is still weak (if not fed), you can easily 1v1 him. Consider selling your Warding Totem and buy Sweeping Lens to clean up enemy wards (they shouldn't see death coming for them). You may consider Teleport ganking the bot lane if they pushed the lane. Try to teleport behind their lines (on a ward preferebly in side bushes). You can ask their support to put a ward there, and set up the whole ambush. Skrimishes are starting, objectives become more important. You need to stick with your team to give your strength to them. I like to fight skrimishes (for example 2v2/3v3) instead of big teamfights at this point. It is because Riftwalk has higher CD and high mana cost while my mana pool is still low (I can't ruin their lines freely). The Dragon gives increased AD/AP boost with it's first stack. One Dragon Kill is a must, it boost you in every aspect. In the skrimishes you make near dragon or towers, focus their lowest HP champion. Scoring a kill will make the enemy retreat mostly. When you have finished your Trinity/Muramana you are at the peak of your power (at least in damage). You can 1v1 anyone, even if your opponent has better items. You get these items normally (hopefully) at 25:00 in the game. Try to hunt down targets, if you see no opportunity to hunt, stick with your team.

In the late game, you have two options: 1. Grouping up with your team. 2. Splitpushing alone. It is really hard to tell which one you should do and when. I mostly pick the 1. option if my team is stronger in teamfights. For example we have devastating AOE ultimate (like Katarina/Kennen/Amumu). Your team can be stronger not only in AOE effects but via overall gold lead. So if you feel teamfights are in your favor, then go for them and generate them. You can easily generate a fight at baron's pit with mimicing a baron raid party. I go for the second option when the enemy team is stronger than my team. I buy Elixir of Ruin and start my pushy pushy way through their nexus. They will try to catch you off guard (since you are alone, and they are five). They just forgot that you have 1,8 sec CD on your ultimate. Clear the wave like a king and go back. You can use your Teleport to go to other lanes (which lanes should be pushed). You will be surprised how easily you delete towers. Exploit your auto attack reset to deal damage faster. There are still high valuable team objectives (Baron,Dragon,Crab) which are worth fighting for. Try to get from these as much as you can and let the game roll to your favor. If you see an open inhibitor at the enemy base, go there and be xPeke. It is really easy to take out an inhibitor with AD Kassadin. They are won't be able to kill you most of the time!

Teamfights are higly favor you. You are the horror of squishy targets. At this point you can almost instakill an ADC with Guardian Angel. Wait until your frontline engages at the enemy's. Look for the best opporunity to go in (you need to be a surprise, instead of a welcomed guest). Focus their strongest carry and finish him/her. After you have killed the strongest among them, their morale will decrease fastly. Don't stop this time, go for the second strongest foe (the another carry). If you feel like you would not survive the attacking, you are doing something wrong. In the worst scenario, you will only have to fight with 2 champions (carry + the enemy who peels for the carry). You won't die against two enemies, at least not in seconds. You will be able to kill your target. Sometimes, killing the second target would put you to the graveyard too. Decide based on the current circumstances, wheter it is worth or not. If one of the enemy's tanks dives too deep in your line and loses the connection with his team, it is better to stay with your team and kill the tank (only do this if their team can't join the fight). If your ADC is in danger caused by an enemy carry (!), chance your target to this one. Your ADC kills the tanks. Without him, you can hardly destroy enemy tanks.

Which champion would you prefer on your team? In this topic you get the ideas. You really prefer a team with high tankiness and immense amount of CC. They distract the whole enemy team, while you can easily do your task in the background. [img=champ/gragas.png]: He can build tanky/Off-Tanky. Whatever he builds, it is good for you. Gragas is a naturally beefy champion with many CCs. The most important skill of his kit (for us atleast) is his ultimate. He throws a big barrel which explodes knocking the enemy team away in every direction. This skill makes their carries [b]OUT OF POSITION[/b] and make you be able to catch them while they are still trying to recover from the dizziness. Synergy: 5/5 [img=champ/amumu.png]: He is an AP tank, mostly build as pure tank. He has % aura damage and an AOE root ultimate. This ult is one of the strongest AOE ultimate in the game. If he uses it correcly, their whole team is impaired. You can catch their carry, and they won't kite you at all (however they can attck). Synergy: 5/5 [img=champ/kayle.png]: Kayle (<3) is my first main champion. I didn't add her as synergy because I'm a Kayle main though. I added her because of her ultimate. It makes her target invulnerable to any damage within it's duration. If she casts on you, you can go into the whole team without thinking about positioning (and kill their carry). Her Q deals high damage and slows for 50% (it is good because it helps your burst). Her W gives movement speed. We don't really need the movement speed, most of the time she will use her W on your ADC or on your tanks. Synergy: 5/5 [img=champ/ziggs.png] King of poke. Ziggs has only high range harassing spells in his kit. He can easily melt the enemy team's max HP by a quarter before the actual teamfight begins. His ultimate is a freaking high range atom bomb with tons of damage. After harassing you can engage on the enemy backline. Ziggs can help you with his ultimate and make sure you wipe out every valuable target. He has slow (E) and a knocking skill (W) which synergizes well with any champion. Synergy: 5/5

Going TOP or MID is a big dilemma. In the MID lane, your opponent will be an AP carry most likely. In the TOP lane, your opponent will be an AD champion most likely. Everybody would say Kassadin belongs to the mid lane because of his passive and Q shield. I wouldn't say MID is the best lane for AD Kassadin after all these. We have extra advantage against magic damage, we have better roaming potential it is not a question. My problem with taking MID is that you miss an AP carry. Yes, you can force the top laner to pick AP champion, but most of the top lane AP champions are tanky instead of glass cannon. Mostly in ranked gameplay, you will prefer to go TOP lane. Let's note that champions in the top lane are mostly melee champions. Which means you are free from annoying auto attack harrass. Playing in the TOP lane gives you a decent early game. This build was made for TOP/MID, so I don't say TOP is the only viable choice. For example against certain top match ups you don't really want to go against while you may go against a Twisted Fate in mid. Check the enemy laners, and decide! My ratio: 80% TOP 20% MID

A big mistake you can make (as I did in the first time) is the way you burst the enemy. You should NOT use your E and Q in the early game as part of your burst. Your common combo looks like this: 1. Riftwalk. 2. Auto attack. 3. W reset auto attack. 4. Hydra active. 5. Riftwalk away. If the target is not dead yet, use your E for slow and make sure you won't be kited. After finishing your Muramana things change radically. Your Q procs Muramana's toggle passive which means it deals around 400 hybrid damage. It is really noticable. This time you can add your Q to your burst combo. It is good for finishing off low HP running targets.

You may ask these questions. I tell you why: Kassadin is a currently overnerfed AP caster champion which wants to burst his target in a combo cycle. Sadly his low base damages and ratios doesn't let him to fulfill his duty. 1. Building him AD gives the damage to be able to make this point. 2. With around 3k mana we will have in the late game, we will be able to use our Riftwalk as many times as we want. Our W restores 40% of our missing mana, it means hitting an enemy champion with 0 mana will make us have 1200 mana again. With 1200 mana we can cast a 4 stacked Riftwalk (costs 1200). 3. With 40% CDR Riftwalk has 1,8 seconds cooldown. Nobody will catch you, nobody will run away from you. 4. The W skill on Kassadin resets his auto attack. If you auto attack, then use W immediately after the auto attack. then your next auto attack empowered by W will be instant. Dealing 2x your attack damage, 1x trinity passive proc, 2x Muramana toggle passive's damage. It is really big in just a second or less. 5. Muramana is the AD version of Seraph's Embrace. Giving the same amount of mana but a better unique skill. That skill deals extra damage on your single target spells and auto attacks based on your mana pool. Your Q will still deal damage (400 hybrid damage). The muramana extra damage can go up to 200 with full mana pool. Your W resetting exploits this extra chunk of damage (2x 200 in just a second). You won't believe me until you have tested it on your own! I link a diagram made to present the damage difference between AD and AP kassadin througout the game. [img=http://i.imgur.com/0ITkh3b.jpg] I counted these different builds' damage after every 1000 gold income and transformed into items then to stats. I used a common AP kassadin build according to C9Hai's build: http://www.mobafire.com/league-of-legends/build/kassawin-393887 Note: The full burst is counted only which is RQWE and double auto attack (W reset). Staying longer in the fight would highly favor AD Kassadin. AP Kassadin's damage is 90% AP and only 10% AD from his basic attacks while AD Kassadin's damage is 70% AD and 30% AP on an average (the AP % decreases in longer fights because of the constant AA-ing). AD Kassadin buys 1 more defensive item (I used the main build can be seen in this guide) and still outdamages its AP counterpart. I counted the fully stacked ROA + Muramana at the same time to make my counting easier. Critical indication means the maximum damage landed by full AD build if every possible attack is a successful critical strike (with your low critical strike you more likely hit between the AD and the Critical mark). The black lines on each mark (AD/AP/Critical) mean an average damage. Full builds cost surprisingly the SAME amount of gold (100g difference only). AP Kassadin got the % magic penetration from Void Staff and Zhonya's active skill but with only 5% CDR and 2200 mana. AP Kassadin has a bit more HP than AD Kassadin (circa 200 difference). AP and AD Kassadin have the same amount of magic resist. AD Kassadin got 3200 mana, 40% CDR and much more armor (190 armor). AP Kassadin has his shield which parries around 350 damage while AD Kass's parries 160 only. Conclusion: [b]Overally AD Kassadin scales much better into late game and almost the same strong in early game. [/b] AP Kassadin has Catalyst which increases his sustain while AD Kassadin has life steal. AP Kassadin has the advantage pre level 6 because of his ranged spells are a bit stronger. AD Kassadin gets at the peak of his power 8-9k gold while AP Kassadin gets that at 13k gold and it is STILL LOWER than the peak with AD kassadin.

A video about our beloved AD Kassadin: [vid=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Dhm6E5Ue1k] A video about me playing as AD Kassadin in a Normal Game: [vid=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xWbiqFgrpn8]

AD Kassadin is a very versatile and strong champion. He is viable in ranked gameplay, in the next season I will start using him in ranked games too. AD Kassadin has it's beauty like no other champion have. The strategic game you should play opens many different playstyles. It is the most fun champion I have ever played truly.. You should start to play him! [img=http://i.imgur.com/2GYoqt5.jpg]

-Constantly adding match ups. -2015.02.18. Changed frontpage picture.

-Thanks to \"DropTheSilence\" (EUNE) for helping in AD Kassadin guide video. -Thanks to \"Szlai\" (EUNE) for giving advices about certain parts of the guide. -Thanks to unknown artist who made genderchanged Kassadin (I took it from google). -Thanks to 'Gathril' who made the Kassadin brilliant picture modification can be seen on the frontpage.

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