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    Greater Mark of Attack Damage (+0.95 attack damage)
  • 9
    Greater Seal of Armor (+1 armor)
  • 9
    Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist (+0.16 magic resist per level (+3 at champion level 18))
  • 1
    Greater Quintessence of Armor Penetration (+2.56 armor penetration)
  • 2
    Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage (+2.25 attack damage)
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Hi, I am Gianneh, and this is my first ever guide. Most of the time I jungle, and I think that Hecarim is one of the stronger junglers in the League, mainly because of his skillset and how some items work really well for Hecarim. Hecarim is also a really easy jungler to get into, mainly because to do damage you only have to spam Q and enable your W to stay alive. His passive, against my expectations, works very well with the builds I've been using. It kind of forced me to experiment with movement speed items in order to actually take advantage of his passive. This movement speed also benefits Hecarim his ability to chase down enemy champions and his ability to gank, which makes him one of the better junglers in my opinion. Also, this guide will focus on a offensive based build on Hecarim, since he is not tanky. At all. PROS: -Fun champion to play -Does good damage -Medium/ Fast jungle clears -Decent ganks -Decent in teamfights CONS: -Kind of squishy -Not too much CC

[center][title]Explanation[/title][/center] I run these Runes mainly because I want to be able to do tons of damage, but you can kind of experiment yourself with these runes. However, I run these particular rune so I can have a little bit of defence, while maintaining my damage output. Armor seals: This is good for early game, and since you're building a bit of armor with items later, you don't need to have the armor per level seals. Magic resist per level Glyphs: Since the jungle creeps don't do alot (read: no) of magic damage, you don't need all that much at the start. However, it could come in handy against those really strong late-game AP-champs later on, so that's why I use these glyphs. Attack Damage marks: Same as the seals, it gives you nice early game damage output, but you'll be building AD anyways. Attack damage Quints/ Armor Pen. Quints: Again, nice early game damage PLUS you have a small amount of Armor Pen, both early and late game. Of course you could easily switch out the Armor Pen. Quint for another AD one, but I have my page set up like this.

[title][img=skills/hecarim/p.png] Passive: Warpath[/title] [number]Hecarim ignores unit collision and gains attack damage equal to 10 / 12.5 / 15 / 17.5 / 20 / 22.5 / 25% of his bonus movement speed.[/number] [title]Explanation:[/title] Yup, mediocre passive, however, not having unit collision really helps with Hecarim's ability to chase down enemies. His passive also "forces" me to build more movement speed than normal, which gives me even more chasing capabilities. [title][img=skills/hecarim/q.png] Q: Rampage[/title] [number]Hecarim cleaves nearby enemies, dealing physical damage. (50% damage to minions and monsters) If Hecarim damages at least one enemy unit with this attack, he gains a stack of Rampage, reducing the base cooldown of this skill by 1 second for a short duration. This effect can stack up to 2 times.[/number] [title]Explanation:[/title] This is good to level first, especially because it gives a little bit of AoE damage, which results in a faster jungle clear. Your general DPS also increases, since you still do basic attacks inbetween. This is also the skill to max first if you want to do max DPS. On another note, try to have the stacks up all the time. This really helps your DPS once you have your Sheen. [title][img=skills/hecarim/w.png] W: Spirit of Dread[/title] [number]Hecarim surrounds himself with the spirit of dread for 4 seconds, dealing magic damage per second to all enemies within its reach. Additionally, Hecarim is healed for a percentage of the damage enemies within the area take from any source. Healing from damage dealt to minions is capped per cast.[/number] [title]Explanation:[/title] This is a really good spell, which allows you to solo the red even after doing the blue. Keep in mind that this spell heals you for ANY DAMAGE DONE IN IT'S RANGE. So use this in teamfights while your team is actually doing damage. This is the skill that makes Hecarim very durable in teamfights and also in the jungle. Max this one second. You could max it first as well for that little bit of extra durability, but I prefer to have my Q maxed first. It also helps with smite, so use it wisely (AND WITH THAT I MEAN USE IT ON THE RED IF YOU ARE GETTING DANGEROUSLY LOW) [title][img=skills/hecarim/e.png] E: Devastating Charge[/title] [number]Hecarim gains 75% movement speed over the course of three seconds, ending one second afterward. His next attack knocks the target back, dealing physical damage based on how far Hecarim has traveled during Devastating Charge's duration.[/number] [title]Explanation:[/title] This is your main ganking spell, so if you want to gank early, take this spell second. You really only need one point in this skill. Keep in mind that you want to use this while approaching the enemy from behind, in order to push the enemy away from his turret. This is also a good escaping mechanism, since it gives you extra movement speed. Since this is a utility spell only, max this last. No use in getting this maxed first/ second. [title][img=skills/hecarim/r.png] R: Onslaught of Shadows[/title] [number]Hecarim summons spectral riders and charges forward, dealing magic damage to anyone they strike. Hecarim releases a shockwave when he finishes his charge, dealing additional magic damage and causing nearby enemies to flee in terror away from Hecarim for 1 second.[/number] [title]Explanation:[/title] And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why you don't want to have a Hecarim against you. The fear of this skill is so powerful, it makes Hecarim a very scary opponent. Use this to split teams up or to set up a teamfight. Even though it is not necessary to engage with his ultimate, it is probably the best thing to do. However, this could come in handy if an enemy were to flash away from you and you team. ALWAYS MAKE SURE TO LAND ON THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION YOU WANT THE ENEMY TO GO, SINCE IT FEARS AWAY FROM YOU. So land behind your enemy, instead of in front of him.

I always max his Q first, since it does damage, and damage is always good. However, you could max your W first as well, since it would heal you more. The second skill you take is dependent on the fact if you want to gank early. If so, take a point in your E early and approach your enemy from behind. But if this is not the case, take one in W. Max your Q, then your W and finally your E. Of course, take a point in your ult when possible.

Early game: [img=items/cloth-armor.png][img=items/health-potion5.png] This is if you want to have an easy time jungling, but also if you expect counter jungling or if you are counter jungling yourself. This is also handy if you want to build your [imgsmall=items/madreds-razors.png] early. [img=items/boots-of-speed.png][img=items/health-potion5.png] Extra damage output, not alot, but it's okay. I wouldn't recommend this since it is not that decisive. [img=items/wriggles-lantern.png] Gives armor, attack damage and lifesteal. It also gives you a ward! What's not to like? Building out your boots to [img=items/ninja-tabi.png] or [img=items/mercurys-treads.png] depends on the enemy team, of course. However, I tend to go for [img=items/mercurys-treads.png] since it really helps with chases. Midgame: Depending on the enemy team, get [img=items/phage.png]/[img=items/sheen.png] OR [img=items/hexdrinker.png] early. I prefer to start with my Phage since it gives me a slow, extra health and a bit of AD. Always good. Although Sheen might be a better option, since it's passive deals extra damage after using an ability. This really helps your damage output with your Q. However, because of Hecarim's Q it's also pretty good to get a Sheen early, since you can spam your Q forever if you have the mana. Hexdrinker for obvious reasons: if the enemy has alot of AP. After your Hexdrinker, do not go for [img=items/maw-of-malmortius.png] right away, complete [img=items/trinity-force.png] first! As for really defensive items: [img=items/aegis-of-the-legion.png] OR [img=items/frozen-heart.png] If you want to help out your team and build a more defensive Hecarim, get Aegis. This gives Magic resist, Armor and health. Since Hecarim isn't exactly the best when it comes to Defence, this is a good item to have. As for the Frozen Heart, it is actually a really good item to have on Hecarim. That is, of course, if the enemy is mostly AD. The armor is alway good to have, but the extra mana AND cooldown reduction helps with Hecarim's damage output through his Q. Of course, if you are planning to build this, get [img=items/glacial-shroud.png] somewhat early. Of course, still after your Phage/ Sheen/ Hexdrinker. In all cases, make completing your [img=items/trinity-force.png] your first objective. Late Game: Upgrade [img=items/hexdrinker.png] to [img=items/maw-of-malmortius.png] if you haven't already (that is if you got [img=items/hexdrinker.png] in the first place. If not, forget about this item. Get [img=items/the-bloodthirster.png] if you want that extra damage and durability. If you are getting this, though, sell [img=items/wriggles-lantern.png] since you don't really need it anymore. If the game isn't over yet, you can always go [img=items/phantom-dancer.png] since it actually gives you Damage because of your passive. It also helps alot with your DPS, since you'll be able to land more basic attacks inbetween of your Q spam. Possible late game build: [img=items/ninja-tabi.png][img=items/trinity-force.png][img=items/aegis-of-the-legion.png][img=items/frozen-heart.png][img=items/the-bloodthirster.png][img=items/phantom-dancer.png] At first it might seem kind of funky, but really, it really makes Hecarim a very strong champion to fight against.

The main route I take when jungling (Blue and Purple spawn): Wolfs > Blue > Wraiths > Red > Golems > Wraiths [title]Explanation:[/title] This is my favorite route, since it gives me both buffs and a decent amount of gold. However, you would need a good pull on Wolfs and a very strong pull on Blue. Try and avoid using [img=summoners/smite.png] on blue, and use it on red. Use your [img=skills/hecarim/w.png]on the wraiths to get health back. This way you are saving up on health pots. Following this route, you would have your [img=skills/hecarim/w.png] when starting red, smite helps getting alot of your health back. Another possible route (Blue spawn): Wolfs > Blue > Gank top (or mid) > Wolfs (if spawned, if not, continue Wraiths) [title]Explanation:[/title] This is good to give top a kickstart and possibly to let top lane snowball really early. Of course, you would need a pull on blue in order to actually have enough health to have a safe gank on top/ mid. Counterjungling routes will be updated. [title]Ganking[/title] Early game (Pre-level 6): Always come up to your enemy from behind. Make sure you have [img=skills/hecarim/e.png] enabled. After you push him away, enable your [img=skills/hecarim/w.png] right away and keep spamming [img=skills/hecarim/q.png] to maximize damage output. After reaching level 6: Pretty much the same thing, although it is possible to use your ultimate to gank, so you don't have to come from behind anymore (hue). Although, as said earlier, land on the opposite side you want the enemy to go to when using your ult. >>Will update with a video later. Maybe<<

Hecarim is a strong jungler, but you need to know how to play him in order to actually be good with him. From what I have noticed, he does really good damage if built right. Armor isn't really necessary, since his items + his W gives him a decent amount of durability. Hecarim is also really easy to start jungling with: His skills aren't hard to understand, he is balanced etc. I will update this guide (frequently) with videos, pictures etc. PLAY DIS DOOD, he is fun. So, here it is, my first guide. Ever. I HOPE YOU NOW KNOW HOW TO PLAY HECARIM EFFECTIVELY HURR. In all seriousness, all feedback is appreciated. Goodbye. Bye. Adios. Desu.

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