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    Greater Mark of Attack Damage (+0.95 attack damage)
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    Greater Seal of Armor (+1 armor)
  • 9
    Greater Glyph of Magic Resist (+1.34 magic resist)
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    Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage (+2.25 attack damage)
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Hello, my name is LOD. I main twitch at Diamond 1+ Elo, and have over 100 games with him this season. With this guide I want to give you some insight into how to play Twitch at a high level [imgext=] [imgext=]

[highlight]Pros[/highlight] [.]High burst damage early game [.]Very good solo queue carrying potential due to stealth [.]Can singlehandedly win you teamfight [.]Extremely rewarding when played correctly [highlight]Cons[/highlight] [.]Extremely unforgiving [.]No escape [.]Relies on team vs. heavy diver(s) So, as with every hero, you must play to the pros the best you can! This means abusing his stealth as often as you can to get away with overextending, or to disallow the enemy to get away with overextending. Twitch also has the unique ability to gank through lane for a free kill, something no other AD can effectively do. In teamfights, choose whether you need to position in order to get max damage, or position to not die. Choosing which way to play Twitch according to the situation is something you need to be able to adapt to. Some games, blowing up their AP+AD before dying to their frontline will be enough to win you a fight, sometimes your team relies on protecting you and you can never allow yourself to take too much damage, allowing you to cleanup the fight with your stealth ideally. Overall, this AD carry is quite unique and enjoyable to play, as well as very rewarding and satisfying.

[highlight]Marks[/highlight] For marks, I take 9x Attack Damage due to the fact that AD is the most beneficial overall to an AD carry in the laning phase. It will help you to last hit under tower, push faster, and trade effectively with the enemy AD. In some cases, I would consider taking 9x Armor Penetration against a lane like [imgsmall=champ/graves.png][imgsmall=champ/taric.png] [highlight]Seals[/highlight] For seals, I go ahead and take 9x Armor because as an AD carry, you will most likely be going up against an enemy AD carry, whom you will need to have armor for. If they have a ranged support such as Sona or Janna who will harass you with autoattacks, that makes these seals just that much more useful. [highlight]Glyphs[/highlight] For glyphs, I take 9x Flat Magic Resistance, due to the fact that the enemy lane (most often the support) or jungler will often have some form of magic damage. Because you are in a sidelane, you will level more slowly compared to top/mid, making scaling magic resistance much less effective. [highlight]Quints[/highlight] As with the marks, I take 3x Attack Damage quints because they will be most beneficial to you in terms of pushing, last hitting under tower, and trading effectively, as well as scaling with your abilities. In twitches case, he has 1.5 AD scaling on expunge with 6 stacks.

[title][img=skills/twitch/p.png] Passive: Deadly Venom[/title] [title]Explanation:[/title] When you are playing Twitch you have to keep track of numbers 24/7. You get no break. Luckily, they are small numbers. You must count how long you have left of deadly poison after you attack someone (6 seconds), and how many stacks you have. You can just click their portrait and look, or if you get 6 stacks theirs an animation, but a good Twitch will always keep track of both numbers. One of the best things you can do is expunge the exact millisecond you get a 6stack off, and kill the enemy before he escapes / barriers / gets help from teammate etc. [title][img=skills/twitch/q.png] Q: Ambush[/title] [title]Explanation:[/title] Use this skill creatively, only ~5 or 6 heroes have stealth, yet it is still pretty easy to anticipate where a dumb Twitch is going to stealth to, or when he will use it. One of the biggest problems an inexperienced Twitch player will have with stealth is its timer before you actually go invisible. Here are a few things you can do with stealth: In lane, go into a brush and Q immediately. The second you go invisible, ping the enemy and run up next to them (into a position where you won't die please). This will give you a free 6 stack expunge on the enemy carry if the bush you stealthed from is unwarded. In order to make it seem less apparent, only use this tactic when there are no CS available in front of you. Catch an opponent by surprise by doing this right after you hit level 2 or 3, depending on when you get the skill. Lategame, when you need to clear a wave of CS, after you have killed half the creeps trigger stealth. You can delay the stealth by autoattacking, so if anyone comes to gank you, you will already be invisible. You can apply this to any point in the game, but this is where I find it most useful. While chasing someone that is somewhat far away, or will probably be able to break distance (ie [imgsmall=champ/caitlyn.png][imgsmall=champ/ezreal.png]), use your W and Q immediately, even while you're attacking. This will make it so you can hit them freely without proccing stealth (if they dont use their gapbreaker), but the second they use it, you will get a speed boost and stealth and you can either disengage with an expunge, or you can continue to chase them and get a free kill despite them having a better gapbreaker than you. [title][img=skills/twitch/w.png] W: Venom Cask[/title] [title]Explanation:[/title] Use this skill a lot in lane, because it is cheap and opens up plays for your support. Even if you don't follow up on it, it is a short cooldown. The way I use it in lane is by trading the enemy with autoattacks as much as they are willing to go, and then backing off, waiting for poison to have 1 second left, and then throwing out my W to reset stacks, and usually expunging for extra damage. Twitch is hard to poke with if you don't know how to combo his skills perfectly, because he doesnt have a naturally good kit to poke with (better at all-ins) [title][img=skills/twitch/e.png] E: Expunge[/title] [title]Explanation:[/title] Use this skill when you have 6 stacks, use it off cooldown in teamfights, and abuse the high 6-stack damage in lane. E has 1.5 AD scaling with 6 stacks. [title][img=skills/twitch/r.png] R: Spray and Pray[/title] [title]Explanation:[/title] This skill is what makes Twitch who he is. Use this to completely destroy people 2v2 in lane, and to demolish teamfights. Be careful though, once you use this skill you will get a rush of adrenaline and feel the need to not waste a single second of it, sometimes killing yourself. Eventually, you will learn to tame your inner beast and realize when you have wasted or not used the skill to its full potential, and just back off. Also, this skill has very high burst due to the bonus attack damage, so if someone is sitting in lane at half health, do not be afraid to ult after you get a slow (W) on them, and go for the free kill or free summoners. In teamfights, if you are going to get dived and die anyways, I reccomend stealthing, popping barrier, and just sitting there with ulti sniping the enemy AD and AP until you die.

[img=skills/twitch/r.png]>[img=skills/twitch/e.png]>[img=skills/twitch/q.png]>[img=skills/twitch/w.png] [imgsmall=skills/twitch/e.png][imgsmall=skills/twitch/w.png][imgsmall=skills/twitch/e.png][imgsmall=skills/twitch/q.png][imgsmall=skills/twitch/e.png][imgsmall=skills/twitch/r.png][imgsmall=skills/twitch/e.png][imgsmall=skills/twitch/q.png][imgsmall=skills/twitch/e.png][imgsmall=skills/twitch/q.png][imgsmall=skills/twitch/r.png][imgsmall=skills/twitch/q.png][imgsmall=skills/twitch/q.png][imgsmall=skills/twitch/w.png][imgsmall=skills/twitch/w.png][imgsmall=skills/twitch/r.png][imgsmall=skills/twitch/w.png][imgsmall=skills/twitch/w.png] Sometimes I take [imgsmall=skills/twitch/q.png] at level 2 if I feel like using the bush stealth trick (explained above) will net me a free kill, but in a typical lane you want to get w at lvl 2 so you can potentially get 6 stacks in an engage. I would say I take Q at lvl 2 50% of the time, but it takes some experience to know which will be more useful, so I would just start by taking W at lvl 2 every time, and then you'll realize which situations you couldve used level 2 stealth in.

This is probably the most complex (and simple) part of playing Twitch, what item do I buy? Well, the moment you lock in Twitch you have to start deciding what items you need. There are 3 paths. [.][imgsmall=items/blade-of-the-ruined-king.png]>[imgsmall=items/infinity-edge.png]>[imgsmall=items/phantom-dancer.png]>[imgsmall=items/last-whisper.png] [.][imgsmall=items/infinity-edge.png]>[imgsmall=items/phantom-dancer.png]>[imgsmall=items/last-whisper.png] [.][imgsmall=items/the-bloodthirster.png]>[imgsmall=items/phantom-dancer.png]>[imgsmall=items/last-whisper.png]/[imgsmall=items/infinity-edge.png] Note: You can buy [imgsmall=items/warmogs-armor.png], [imgsmall=items/quicksilver-sash.png], or even just a [imgsmall=items/giants-belt.png] at any point in your build if they have assassins that you will need to survive. You can also complete your [imgsmall=items/blade-of-the-ruined-king.png] at any point if you feel as though the active / extra lifesteal will allow you to survive without sacrificing damage by buying a defensive item. [highlight]When to buy [imgsmall=items/blade-of-the-ruined-king.png][/highlight] Your team cannot peel for you, they have heavy dives, such as [imgsmall=champ/volibear.png][imgsmall=champ/singed.png], and/or you are behind in lane. [highlight]When to buy [imgsmall=items/the-bloodthirster.png][/highlight] You are ahead in lane and they have a lot of raw damage that you need to sit and lifesteal through, and/or they have a lot of squishy heroes which you can blow up with expunge, such as [imgsmall=champ/sona.png][imgsmall=champ/kassadin.png]. To be honest, since the blade of the ruined king change, I feel like BT is not as strong anymore on Twitch, and I only buy it very occasionally. [highlight]When to buy [imgsmall=items/infinity-edge.png][/highlight] If you aren't under the circumstances above, I would just go ahead and buy Infinity Edge, because it is ridiculously strong on Twitch, it just doesn't snowball him as hard as the two other items potentially can, it will just flatout win you teamfights. I wouldn't really want to teamfight without a zeal though, if I rush IE. It is only 1100g extra, you can usually pick people off or farm that up. Do not even THINK about teamfighting without zerkers though. [title]What to build in lane?[/title] There are two item paths I use in lane. [.]Rush big damage and ignore lifesteal, focusing on all out engages instead of poking. This is the optimal item build. If you are winning lane hard, get a pickaxe or BF sword on your first B, buy a red pot if you are fighting often (not poking). The reason this works is because with an item advantage, the enemy lane will most likely not want to fight you, and you will have overall lane dominance. Even if you do not get kills with these items, you will still be getting your big item (IE) faster than your opponents, which will lead to you being able to teamfight earlier and with more strength. The reasoning behind buying a red pot is that since you will have no lifesteal, the extra health and damage will make up for that in small skirmishes and probably land you a kill. [.]If the lane is even, get a vamp scepter (+RedPot if possible) on your first B. This gives your build flexibility, and the vampiric scempter + red pot will enable you to farm into whatever item you feel you need. If they engage on you, you have a mini summoner heal that you can use, if they don't, you will have enough lifesteal to sustain yourself while you farm 1500g. Your final item build should be: [img=items/berserkers-greaves.png][img=items/enchantment-homeguard.png][img=items/blade-of-the-ruined-king.png][img=items/infinity-edge.png][img=items/phantom-dancer.png][img=items/phantom-dancer.png][img=items/last-whisper.png] You can replace extra PD with [img=items/frozen-mallet.png] or [img=items/mercurial-scimitar.png] depending on the game. Don't forget your [img=items/elixir-of-fortitude.png] either! The reason I have homeguard is because overall it is much more useful than furor, and as Twitch you don't have to move as much in teamfights if you position correctly in the first place. Homeguard allows you to farm much more and secure you objectives for your team. I usually just buy them if I need to rush to baron or dragon or a tower, I don't just buy them at a standard time every game.

[twitch][/twitch] This is not really great for commentary, but is a good example of how Twitch should be played. This game took place at Diamond1. 1:22 - Stealth bush trick talked about above 35:25 - An ideal teamfight

Early in the game, Twitch is very powerful because of his E. Always look for potential kills, even on a full health champ. If you're on blue side, you can abuse your early lvl 2 from golems harder than any other AD in the game, so I suggest you do it IF your support can handle it. If you can't get kills, or they have a strong lane, or you have a weak support, just focus on farming. Early in the game, no lane can stop you from farming creeps if you play it safely. You have to make a mistake and be sufficiently down on items on the first back in order for that to happen. As soon as you hit level 6, even if you're behind, look for free kills in your lane, the extra AD and range you get is gamechanging.

This is where you probably have 1 or 2 large items, like IE + Zeal. Midgame is a playground for Twitch, because his stealth becomes 8 seconds long and you have the opportunity to run around between bottom lane and mid lane, transitioning over and over between sieging mid, teamfighting, dragon, and farming. If the game is going very slowly, and you need something to get your team out of laning phase, you can easily stealth through mid lane and get a free kill and tower for your team, before going bottom and getting their tower as well if you don't already have it. This is something I do quite often. In solo queue, you have to think outside of the box in order to win CONSISTENTLY. If you play solo queue the same way all the time ( farm > teamfight > if you win, take towers / drag, if not, you lose > randomly gain / lose elo) you will never see your elo go up, so create plays for yourself such as roaming to a lane on AD carry, or roaming into their jungle with stealth and killing jungle/taking buffs. It is things like this that will give you and your team a big advantage and singlehandedly win you a game. As you transition towards lategame, please understand that you are one of the most vulnerable AD's. Be more and more careful about how you position in teamfights, as one mistake can be unforgiving and lose you a game.

Late game is where you want to win your game teamfights before you die by completely demolishing their team within seconds. You need to decide between a defensive item or an offensive item. Usually I go [imgsmall=items/frozen-mallet.png] or a second[imgsmall=items/phantom-dancer.png]. Your final build should be: [imgsmall=items/berserkers-greaves.png][imgsmall=items/infinity-edge.png][imgsmall=items/last-whisper.png][imgsmall=items/blade-of-the-ruined-king.png][imgsmall=items/phantom-dancer.png](offensive 6th item:[imgsmall=items/phantom-dancer.png])(defensive 6th item:[imgsmall=items/frozen-mallet.png]) You only really need a defensive item if the enemy team has heavy assassins, as you cannot outdamage an assassin at any point in the game as an AD carry, unless you are already extremely fed. Barrier and the health of a frozen mallet should make up for that though, and give you time to kite and get some damage off while your team hopefully peels for you. In an ideal game, however, you will be able to buy Phantom Dancer and just stay 50feet behind your team, getting ready to stealth, and then start autoattacking from a perfect position, preferably behind a wall or just very far away. Be wary of fighting behind a wall, as if you get even slightly out of range of the people you are hitting, your hero will start moving and will waste damage / seconds on your ulti, potentially losing you a fight.

The only thing I have left to say about Twitch is that he is arguably the most unique AD carry in the game, and a certain level of finesse is needed while playing him. Never overestimate how much damage you can take, but never underestimate how strong your ult it and how much damage you yourself can do. I hope you all have a good time playing Twitch! If you enjoyed this guide, and would like to see my livestream, you can find me here: [.] [.] [.] Thanks!

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