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Reasons to Select: [.]Strong heals after level 5 [.]Global ult (woot woot) [.]Long-range silence that costs ZERO mana. Yeah, you heard me right. Zero. [.]Dat early MR boost [.]Unicorns. It's that simple. Reasons NOT to Select: [.]Squishy [.]Weak levels 1-3 [.]Long cooldowns [.]You will be blamed for every death anywhere. Always. Soraka is a great burst-healing support champion. One of my favorites, she really brings the pain into the lane, and has only gotten stronger from the Season 3 update. Whether it's Graves, Ezreal, or Cait, you should be able to win the lane against any other support, besides the cow. Most of the time even Alistar won't be able to stop you, especially if your ADC knows what they're doing. Sadly, as is the case with soloqueue supporting, you're gonna take a lot of flak for deaths in your lane, even if it isn't your fault. Don't rage back at your ADC or jungler though, that'll just lose you the game. [highlight]Why should YOU play her?[/highlight] Soraka is a multi-faceted, high-burst-heal, mobile support unit that can quickly and efficiently turn the tides of nearly any battle. With champions like Varus, Ashe, and other adcs without escapes, she aids their survivability in lane, and allows for a very, VERY safe laning phase. In teamnfights she can keep casters silent, disrupters from disrupting, and bash down the MR of all enemy champions at the push of a very spammable button. Her ability to keep carries alive is superb, what with a high-burst heal and a global heal on her ultimate, she makes a large presence on the map once she hits six, making every enemy lane need to consider whether or not she has her ult up before moving to fight. All of this adds up to a very strong champion, not counting how good the meta is for her at the moment, with cheap support items coming in every form imaginable.

Hello, my name is Tyler, and I've been playing Soraka since early Season 2. I'm by no means an expert on Soraka or on supporting in general, but I do enjoy playing her and have a fair grasp of how to play her efficiently and effectively. This guide is merely my attempt to share my experiences and observations with the greater populace of League. My summoner name is Thescribe2, you can find my stats here: I'm not ranked in Soloqueue anymore(seeing as the S4 reset just went into effect), and I am under no illusions that I am a professional-level player. I feel that I understand Soraka's general style of play, and this guide is a representation of that understanding. Before anyone gets up in arms about a comment I have made in this guide, or a decision I've endorsed, please remember that this is all just how I like to play Soraka, not necessarily how the pros do it. Treat me with respect and I'll do the same for you. Thanks for taking the time to read my guide, and I wish you luck on Summoner's Rift, Tyler

Soraka's strength lies mostly in her mid to late game burst healing and zoning abilities. Let's break this down into what it means: [highlight]First off, burst healing vs healing: What's the difference?[/highlight] There are a lot of healing abilities in league of legends, but what's this \"burst\" healing thing that keeps getting thrown around? Well, burst healing is similar to burst damage, but in reverse. It's a concentrated blast of health that can be activated very quickly and gives its buff instantly. This means that there is little to no channeling(or charge-up) time on the ability in question(in this case astral blessing) and the amount restored has the POTENTIAL to be great. The reason I say \"potential\" is that at level 1 the healing capacity of Soraka, or most other champions, isn't that high. Soraka's astral blessing scales well with AP(adding 40% of your total AP to the base heal) and gains an incredible amount of base healing as it levels up. This heal is the reason that Soraka is force to be reckoned with against a similar ADC/support combination. Her heal not only gives massive amounts of health, it also buffs(or adds a positive effect to) the target of her heal. In a lane where AD is the main source of damage, this is essential for fights. [highlight]Now that we know how her heal works, how should it be implemented in the early phase of the game?[/highlight] Soraka's early game is, sadly, very weak. Her heals are weak until you reach level 5, where you should have tier 3 of her heal, and her mana pool is limited, making prolonged engagements costly and dangerous. Your goals should be as follows: 1. Keep your carry alive. -Your life is not worth as much as theirs is late game, sadly. If they can live if you sacrifice yourself, don't be afraid to, but don't do it if there is any other option. A death is still a death. 2. Deny the enemy farm -By autoattacking and using infuse you can keep the enemy's adc from gaining a leap ahead in farm and may even be able to chisel out a small lead for your adc. 3. Keep visibility up -Have wards in the river and in the tribush at all times, the tribush helps with keeping vision of potential ganks when pushing on the purple side, and helps avoid tower dives when on the blue side. The river should be warded at all times, irregardless of whether or not laning phase has expired. This allows for control over dragon, and should be switched from standard wards to pink wards mid-way through the game, or whenever you have the gold to spare. There are a lot of places to ward depending on different situations, and a great way to learn about them is to study this image from Xpecial's generic support guide:[imgext=] His full guide, which I highly recommend checking out, is located here: Xpecial is a world-class support player, who understands the mechanics of league of legends extremely well. [highlight]Now, what about GANKS?[/highlight] Situation 1: Your jungler has indicated that they are going to come into your lane for a gank. What do you do? First of all, don't let the enemy team know that you've got a friend in the brush by suddenly playing aggressively. Keep on doing what you've been doing and let your jungler be a surprise! When the jungler engages, cast infuse on either the ADC, if they have an escape, or the support - if they have strong CC. Then lay down exhaust on the carry, and start spamming starcall for extra damage. When the target gets low, back off on the starcalls a little to avoid taking the kill. Hopefully you've succeeded in eliminating the enemy carry! Chasing down the support is important as well, and if the carry gets away, switch focus onto the support to try and land a kill there. Now, what if you're the ones being ganked? Situation 1: You've seen the enemy jungler coming. FIRST OF ALL make sure that you're in a position to avoid being killed without wasting summoner spells. If you've pushed up to their turret, and the enemy jungler is coming down the river, run back towards the safety of your turret. If your outer turret has been destroyed, keep running back to your inner one. What if he's in the brush while you're farming next to your turret? Don't let him know you're there by starcalling or infusing him, just let him sit there while you farm under the safety of your turret. The more time he wastes trying to kill you, the more time your team has to exploit his visibility. If he tries to dive you under turret, silence him before he can cast any CC on your carry and either escape or counter engage with your jungler, if they are prepared. Situation 2: The enemy jungler came out of thin air! Okay, this is always a scary situation, but with some good thinking you may be able to make it out of this. If you haven't seen him coming, it's most likely one of three things: One, you haven't been warding consistently, or your wards have been getting destroyed. Two, you missed seeing him move into position while distracted by something else. Three, he came out of the lower bushes, a \"lane-gank\" as it's called. One and two are avoidable with practice, but three is a difficult one to see coming. Now that we have addressed the cause, let's see how to detect the possible symptoms: 1) The enemy suddenly plays very aggressively, trying to kill you or trade more than normal. This is caused by either a sudden boost in confidence, such as the jump from level 5 to 6(whereupon most champions get their ultimate ability) or after buying a high-damage item such as the B.F. sword. Check the levels and item builds of the enemy to see whether or not this is the case. If their damage is lacking, and they most likely won't win the fight, consider that they may have a friend waiting in the brush. Check the map for any visibility on the enemy jungler, and if they're gone, recommend backing off of the fight. You can always fight later, and passive farming is a much safer occupation at the moment.

Alright, you've kept your carry alive until now, and hopefully your tower is fairly undamaged. If this isn't the case, just keep your carry from falling too far behind, farm under your second tower if you've lost your outer one, or start wandering to add pressure to other lanes. If you've gotten to this point without losing your tower or your carry, start pushing for the enemy's tower. Taking the bottom turret benefits your team much more than just through the spread of gold it gives your team. By taking down their safe haven, you have gained a stronger hold over the dragon's pit. The enemy now has to heavily commit to any sort conflict near dragon, as they only have their mid turret to retreat to if things go badly for them. If you can take the mid turret without losing your bot or mid turrets, you've got a lot of control over the south side of the map to exploit. What happens if you're the ones who lose your turret? Well, this is unfortunate, but not the end of the world. Your opponents will most likely start roaming mid for kills, so be sure to let your team know what's going on. You now have two choices: 1) Stay bottom and passive farm even more than before! This option works well with late game carries like Ashe, just keep farming and move mid when needed. Make sure to add more wards in your jungle to avoid being ganked, such as around your red or blue buff. 2)Join your team and start forcing fights. This strategy only works well with an early game team. Generally this isn't recommended with soraka, as your strength lies in your ability to keep your carry sustained in lane, but if it does refer to the Team Fights section below. When you're losing, keep up the wards and just try to get your carry farmed. Fighting is to be avoided, unless you KNOW you can win. If your team decides they want to force fights and try to snowball off of kills, make sure to keep your carries out of danger. Ward up, and buy vision wards for buffs, dragon, and baron. Prioritize dragon and baron whenever they're up, and make sure to keep wards in key choke points on the map(see above map). Remember, your infuse also silences enemies, use this on enemies with lots of CC(or crowd control) abilities like Nautilus and Alistar before they engage on your team. It's also very effective against ability champions(or AP carries), so make sure to use it whenever possible in a fight. Also, remember to time your Astral Blessing casts, as the cooldown is really long. Keep in mind that the armor buff lasts 3 seconds, so use it when an ally is getting focused by heavy AD attackers.

Congrats, you've made it to late game. Finish up your build and get ready to have some epic fights. Stay to the back line, don't get caught out or your team will lose significant disengage and reengage power. Keep that Shurelya's ready for the quick movements you need to make to win the game, and remember to use your active items during fights. Your Astral Blessing should be used on your engager as he initiates the fight, giving them extra armor, and then on your carries to keep them alive. Infuse should be used offensively on enemy casters and disrupters (such as Malphite) in order to keep them from using their abilities. Between fights or during chases, use infuse to either keep enemies from escaping, or to give mana to your casters. In this stage of the game, as single fight can determine who wins or loses. Keep your carries alive. Don't wander off alone, and keep those wards coming. At this point you should be spending any gold left over from finishing items on extra wards, both vision and standard - EVEN IF YOU HAVE A SIGHTSTONE. If you have the money, pick up an oracle's. [highlight]THE BARON PIT:[/highlight] Before you can take the baron, make sure to get wards around the perimeter to know when the enemy is coming. Put one in the bushes before blue buff, and in the area between mid and the pit. Get either pink wards or an oracle's to clear out enemy vision, and if the enemy is on the purple side (The North side) then place a few wards around the cliff above baron's pit. During the battle against baron, keep healing whomever is tanking the turret, and give mana to your casters. Avoid the bubbling green that appears below you, as it will knock you up into the air if you stay on it. If you start taking focus from baron, move out of range of it, as you will die very fast. If the enemy decides to contest baron, your job is to stay behind your carries and silence the enemy while healing your allies. Starcall can be used here, but be careful to not draw baron's attention by being the only one to attack it. Vision can win or lose the game for you, remember this and keep your cool. One problem I find loses more game than I can count is anger. Don't let others get to you, but don't disregard advice just because it's in a negative format.

Look at the range of your heal, infuse, and especially starcall. These three ranges should be burned into your skull. Exploit them as much as you can by casting offensively at max range, and keep a watch for when the enemy tries to bait you into healing. Remember, your team's endurance goes down considerably when your Astral Blessing is on cooldown, use it when an ally has lost a considerable amount of health, not just taken 100-150 damage that can be healed by a potion. Check which allies have a lot of lifesteal and/or regeneration and decide who needs your heals the most. Don't get caught alone, or with fewer allies than enemies, and for the sake of everyone's enjoyment, don't rage if the game isn't going your way, that's just a recipe for losing. Stay to the back! Taking skillshots and CC will kill you very quickly. If the enemy team engages, star spamming starcall and look for allies that need healing. Remember that ignite reduces your healing by 50%, so don't heal allies that are ignited unless you really need to. [highlight]The Ult Question[/highlight] When to ult? Your ult hits everyone on your team, so maximize it's effectiveness by waiting until everyone can benefit from it. If a teammate is out of position, and Astral Blessing is on cooldown, go ahead and use it, just remember to weigh the chances of them actually escaping if you use it or not. If they're likely to die anyway, don't waste your ult.

So you've cast your infuse just as an enemy is moving in on you and your carry, yet they still get an ability off? How? Is it hacking? Glitches? Aliens? Sadly, no aliens on this one. The spells of League of Legends work by queuing themselves one after the other. This means that if the spell is queued BEFORE the silence is cast, for example by selecting a target while still out of range, it will act as if it were cast before the silence affected the champion in question. Visual Explanation: x = Silence cast o = Enemy spell cast []= Spell Hits Soraka[-------------------x-------[]----------] (Enemy comes within range) Other [-------o--------------------------[]---] (out of range still)

Don't just use one guide, I realize mine isn't at the same level as someone's like Xpecial's or Edward's would be, use every resource available to make yourself a better player. This is heartbeat's guide, and it has some greaaaaat information on lane partnering and itemization. This is beautiful. I can't recommend it enough, please, if you're serious about playing Soraka, check this out.

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