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TP/Smite Elise - Return to Top Lane

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Okay, hi there. I'm a person that pretty much exists solely in the past, back when Elise was good in the top lane. But, she has fallen out of favor in this meta (even in the jungle) mostly because of the nerfs to her Q. (I mean really: 40/75/110/145/180 in human form, 60/100/140/180/220 in spider. No AP ratio's. Come on. That's really sad.) I'm nobody special in soloque, I'm not a very well known player at all. But I actually really care about Elise so I'm channeling my inner Inverted Composer to theory craft the best build possible to make Elise a viable top. [img=http://fc06.deviantart.net/fs70/i/2014/222/6/e/elise_classic_by_lataedelan-d7ujbtg.jpg] (Shout out to lataedelan'd deviant art for the image).

For the Early Game I recommend to start at wraiths and get a level 2 advantage (if your jungler allows). Stand on top of the wraiths, use your Volatile Spiderling, then change to spider form and clear the camp with smite. Once your done maybe get some pots and tp back up to top. You'll have to play safe in the laning phase so warding is very essential. If you're able to spot their jungler on the other side of the map, then go ahead and duel your laning opponent using your smite. The point of toplane early on is to draw jungle pressure. So do your best to win every 1v1 possible while putting down turret pressure. Thanks to the early points into your W's AS steriod you can easily pick up an early turret for your team.

If you haven't taken down your turret, do it immediately while reserving your TP for team fights. Ward deep into the enemy jungle so that you can freely apply pressure while also supplying your team with much needed information. Neutral objectives are also very important. If you can invade and take some camps, do it. Be there for every dragon fight. Your execute can easily secure a dragon for your team.

You're main goal late game is to secure turrets and nuetral objects. If you have Zz'rot turret you'll easily melt through turrets and secure more gold for your team.

You have two possible functions within a teams fight. Peel for the Carries, or execute the enemy carry. Your Cocoon makes peeling assassins off of your carry a simple matter. Executing the enemy carries can be more difficult. Repel on top of them, smite+w and execute is the best method. Go into human form, retreat to your team while using your cocoon/volatile spiderling/Q to provide as much cc/damage while retreat. Your turn around is pretty good since you'r able to switch to spider form and jump back in with Q when necessary.

I should note I started on this journey as an experiment to bring Elise back to the forefront of the top lane meta. Of course it can be approved upon and I will do my best to achieve this feat. This build has great potential in terms of dueling/objective taking and has the ability to bring Elise back to the forefront of the meta. Please give me your honest critique!

If you have followed my guide to the letter, in both build, runes and masteries. Once you have your final build your final AP would be: 520.7 Which means the that her Q would deal 23% of a targets current or missing health. It also means that her W (At max rank) Would deal 691.56 in magic damage, and in spider it would mean that you gain 24.828 health per attack. Also, 196.21 on-hit magic damage from her R. Yey math!

Comments coming soon!
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