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  • 9
    Greater Mark of Armor Penetration (+1.28 armor penetration)
  • 9
    Greater Seal of Scaling Mana Regeneration (+0.065 mana regen / 5 sec. per level (+1.17 at champion level 18))
  • 9
    Greater Glyph of Magic Resist (+1.34 magic resist)
  • 3
    Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage (+2.25 attack damage)
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Ezreal is an extremely strong champion with a high skill cap that can shine in the right hands. He has a long range, poking-kiting playstyle that can easily drive the flow of a game. Ezreal is often under rated but he never fails to deliver when called upon.

[center][img=custom/voyboy_ezreal/runes.jpg][/center] [title]Explanation:[/title] As you can see I am using halloween runes because I'm cheap, but that is another matter. I like this rather typical rune setup because I get much needed Armor pen, Mana regen (which Ezreal loves to blow through), as well as Magic Resist to survive those deadly casters that make Ezreals worldwide cry! The movement speed quints are nice, since they aid his kiting and since so much of Ezreal is about being just in range, they fit his playstyle very well. I am known for using HP quints as well, but it is a matter of preference.

[title][img=skills/ezreal/p.png] Passive: Rising Spell Force[/title] [number]Hitting a target with any of Ezreal's abilities increases his attack speed by 15% for 6 seconds (Max Stacks: 5).[/number] [title]Explanation:[/title] A very solid passive that gives Ezreal much needed Attack Speed, remember to keep using abilities to keep stacks of this up! [title][img=skills/ezreal/q.png] Q: Mystic Shot[/title] [number]Ezreal fires a bolt of energy dealing 35 / 55 / 75 / 95 / 115 (+1 per Attack Damage) as physical damage (applies on-hit effects). Ezreal's cooldowns are reduced by 1 second if Mystic Shot hits a target.[/number] [title]Explanation:[/title] Ezreals Bread and Marmelade skill. This is the ability that gives Ezreal his power and gameplay that I so enjoy. A physical damage dealing skillshot that scales with AD. You must master this skill and be able to confidently shoot them out second after second! [title][img=skills/ezreal/w.png] W: Essence Flux[/title] [number]Ezreal fires a wave of energy that damages all enemy champions it passes through for 80 / 130 / 180 / 230 / 280 (+70% of ability power). Affected ally and enemy champions have their attack speed respectively hasted or slowed by 20 / 25 / 30 / 35 / 40% for 5 seconds [/number] [title]Explanation:[/title] Oh Essence Flux, how we miss thee. Awhile back, this was the ability that made allies rejoice and enemies run in fear. Now all we have is a decent buff/debuff that is mainly used to keep stacks of Ezreals passive up. [title][img=skills/ezreal/e.png] E: Arcane Shift[/title] [number]Ezreal teleports to a target nearby location and fires a homing arrow at the nearest enemy unit dealing 75 / 125 / 175 / 225 / 275 (+75% of ability power) magic damage.[/number] [title]Explanation:[/title] A low cool down, high damage blink that is near instant? What's not to love? Did I mention that the cool down decreases as you land mystic shots? This is personally one of my favorite spells in the game, and is mainly used to get closer/ run away like a girl from enemies. It's amazing how fast you can get this back up with good CDR and a barrage of successful Q's. [title][img=skills/ezreal/r.png] R: Trueshot Barrage [/title] [number]Ezreal channels for 1 second to fire a barrage of missiles dealing 350 / 500 / 650 (+90% of ability power) magic damage to each unit it passes through. However, it deals 8% less damage for each unit it hits (Minimum 30%).[/number] [title]Explanation:[/title] Ezreals Ultimate, The dreaded Trueshot barrage. You all know it, the lightning quick bolt that has struck you down while you were recalling, nonchalantly taking a sip of Pepsi. An incredibly versatile and fun skill to use. I've used it to snipe many a Baron/Dragon/Lizard/Golems as well as to line up an instantaneous Triple kill. It's also a great way to quickly build up stacks of your passive. An interesting component of it is that it does not cancel after being fired, regardless of its long cast animation, unless of course you die.

[center][img=custom/voyboy_ezreal/skill.png][/center] [title]Explanation:[/title] I Max Q over E over W. Mystic Shot is Ezreals main skill so you want to rank it up first, along with E to lower the cool down and increase the damage. His W is a mana drain and not really useful for much more than tower pushing. Get points in ult whenever possible.

[title]Starting Items:[/title] [img=items/dorans-blade.png] OR [img=items/cloth-armor.png][img=items/health-potion5.png] [title]Explanation:[/title] I like starting with a Dorans Blade since the damage helps make up for Ezreals low base damage and makes last hitting a breeze. I sometimes get Cloth armor for a particularly hard lane, in a build up towards wriggles, but I will generally get the blade. [img=items/boots-of-speed.png][img=items/wriggles-lantern.png] [title]Explanation:[/title] Most of the build can be played with, you're free to change the order, but I'd like to take this time to address Wriggles Lantern. If you're reading this guide, you're probably not exactly an Ezreal Veteran yet, and Wriggles Lantern makes the game much easier. It's a very cost effective item that provides you with free wards all game, quick Lizard/Golem/Dragon, easy heals throughout the whole game by striking a few minions. Ezreal can dragon extremely fast by himself. Sometimes I will just walk into dragon and get it killed before the other team has time to react, even with a ward (Note: try to get your team to dragon with you, i'm just saying that it's easy to solo). Wriggles is a very under rated item and you will not do worse for purchasing it, so give it a try.

Ezreal is very under rated by most players, but he has a strong early game/laning phase, but he does admittely drop off late game , which is why you should try to force fights/gank when you have the advantage. Ezreal should have lizard buff 100% of the game, it synergizes with him incredibly well. The nerf to lizard hurt Ezreal more than any other champion, mais c'est la vie. In laning phase, try to land your Q's when possible, and above all last hit every creep. If you know where the enemy jungler is, and you have a creep advantage, it can sometimes be beneficial to E next to them and just start slamming them with Q's/Autoattacks. (Note this can backfire, be careful when using Arcane shift forward in a lane). At level 6 I typically get Red buff and then go either top or bot to gank, letting the jungler hold down my lane. Usually this can result in a kill or two, assuming that they are relatively pushed out. In team fights try to stay in a good position and land your mystic shots, midgame if you have red buff, your mystic shots should be doing good damage to nearly everyone, so it doesnt hurt to spam it, even at their tank, as long as you are in a relatively safe spot. Always pop ghost during fights. One of Ezreals strengths lies in his Kiting abilities, he can continue damaging people while running away. This can result in people chasing you, hoping for an easy kill, only to realize that their healths have dropped too low and you have lifestealed it all back.

In general, Ezreal is an under rated champion that can excell in any game when given the chance. You must take the initiative early with Ezreal and work on closing the game, otherwise you will drop off extremely lategame, unless very fed. Good luck, and have fun!

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