Nidalee Build Guide

You aren't a challenge for a cougar!

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I want to introduce my build for Nidalee roaming in Mid Lane or solo Top. I usually win with this build, but it's just matter of an opinion. Pros: -Long range -High damage -When you get hunted, it's not easy to escape her -Great poke with Q -Kitty kitty Cons -Squishy -Hard to comeback -Q skillshot -Isn't easy to master

I usually stay in my lane till i hit 1600 for NLR. You can easily last hit minions from distance. I put my W in bushes, as it can be used as wards for enemy jungler, plus if he hits it, he will be scared away. When you reach level 2, you can start harassing them by Q and if you get successful hit, you should try to quickly R and then use your W and Q. If they got away with low health under the tower, you should throw a Javelin for them as a gift. First of all build an Echo, because it gives you a LOT of boost. Pay attention to your health, because when you are low IGNITE will almost everytime kill you, because you are really squishy

Still last hit, harass, roam. Nidalee is strong in mid game, if you didn't screw up the start hehe. Just joking. Build as much AP as you can. If your enemy has magic resist(Banshee etc.) Buy items with AP but also with magic penetration.

Go try to steal baron, if enemy is killing him. Otherway just farm farm farm and build your AP to full build.

You shoud try to hit Q from distance and if you hit, jump in with W and use all you other cougar skills. Usually you get one or two of them, but don't get cocky, because they can erase you like a paper, so quickly jump out of it and repeat.

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