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Zekin Heimerdinger Guide

Updated 2 years ago
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Hello there, my nejm iz Zeka !! This is my \"homework\", mostly for the Niggas'n'Sarmas. Today ill do a guide about Heimerdinger, mostly my personal thoughts about him and my style of play.

I wouldnt write this sh*t because every champ is good in their own way, but since DjoKKo requested it (aswell as this guide), ill mark them down. Pros: -Strong in \"one man army\" skirmishes -Good in teamfights -Nice burst damage (E+R+W) -Strong lane pusher -You dont need to be alot fed to be effective -Mana efficent -Objective securer -Easy to play Cons: -No sustain -Skillshots (E and W) -Can be shut down in lane -Depents on turretling early on -No escape -Falls a bit off late game -Hard to master

AP mages that use mana usually buy Mormelicion or Athene Grail, yet Heimer does not have to. Reason is that his have a fair mana pool comparing to his mana costs. His mana is easy to manage, and since in late game his mana grows (and most of his mana costs dont), he doesnt need mana items. Mana MIGHT be problem early on, but in early game he can solve that problem with 1-2 mana pots. How to manage his mana ?? Well, the only skill you need to \"spam\" is Q, and that skill costs 25 mana. Syndra needs to spam Q and her Q cost about 90 mana and cost scales. Oriana Q cost about 60 mana, and she has a poor mana pool. So only skills that are costly with Heimy are W and E. In order to not over use them, you just watch out on some things. First ill list things for using (and hitting) your E: Make sure enemy is moving slower or is static. Example, when Kata uses her Q, she does a very short channel. And after that spell, she has 2 choices; attack you or go back. You can guess it by her stance. If it is a defencive stance, you shoot grenade a little bit backwards, but make sure edges of skillshot hit where shes standing while channeling. If she is in offencive stance, than shoot a little bit towards yourself (but also make sure edges reach channel spot). Stance is guessed mostly by distance and previous movements. If she randomly moved left-right an just stopped to cast, she will probably back off after that. Yet if she was a bit away from you and is walking STRICTLY towards you, than after spell she will attack. You can guess this in simmilar way for other champions and other spells. Try NOT to use your W unless target is slowed, stuned or static in some way. When using W, make sure your cursor is at the spot where enemy is standing. If there are multiple targets that you must hit, than spread out your W. You do this by shooting W when your cursor is about 2-3 fingers away from target, but in your direction. Also, NEVER just shoot a skillshot and 'hope' it will hit. Atleast make sure that it will hit the spot where the target standed.

Always be prepared. Best way to defend from a gank is to know when its gonna be. This is why you WARD. Also, you should have MAP AWARENESS; if you use locked camera while playing, that dont do so. Atleast try not to, practice in custom games with unlocked camera. Besides, you should also look on the MAP; usually, there are 4 red cicrles on it. If you dont see a red circle somewhere, than expect hostile action. And NEVER blame teammate for \"not pinging for SS\" or \"not saying SS\"; YOU should know when are enemies gone. You should look at map ATLEAST every 12 seconds and check are there 4 red circles which represent enemy champions. Also, PING, PING, PING !!! Pings are made for a reason. Dont just use them for SS, use them when youre ganking a lane, when you wanna take objective, when you need help, etc etc. But how to defend against ganks ?? Well, mostly, run. I used to train Judo, and when one student asked \"What do you do when two guys want to beat you up?\", our trainer said \"You run away\". That is also what you do in League; you run. Flash away. Yet, there are some situations when you cant run away. You dotn have flash or enemy is coming from behind. Than what do you do ?? If you have Zonyas, solution is simple; You wait for enemy jungler for come in. Than you use R+Q at the place when youre standing, and than when youre about to die, you use HEAL or ZONYA. Also, if they are (somehow) still alive, try to finish them off with W, while using your E on mid laner (not on the jungler). Hopefully youll hit, because their stance will surely be offencive and they will move towards you. This is a bad idea, but if you have no other choice, do it.

Ill keep it short here; NEVER turretdive, because youre not an assassin. No, flash wont let you excape if youre stuned. Dont be hungry and dont be greedy. Just dont enter turret range, if you do so, make sure you have some healing allies next to you. But try not to !!!

There it is, my guide. I dont care if you dont like it, because it is \"homework\" that my friend requested. NiGgAz&sArMaZ ==69==

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