Talon Build Guide

Talon Mid: Everything You Need to Know

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Updated 1 year ago

Hey, welcome to my guide! In this guide, I'll be explaining everything that you need to know to become a good Talon player. Talon is a bursty, high risk-high reward assassin, whom is best suited in the middle lane. His kit relies on jumping on a singular target, quickly eliminating them and any squishy target close to them, and trying to either escape or fully commit by dealing as much damage to as many targets as you can. Talon is a relatively versatile assassin, as he is very useful in both pick comps and teamfight comps, thanks to his strong AOE and his single-target burst. Another benefit to playing Talon is that he has very low cooldowns, and a strong sustained damage, which allows him to still excel whilst the meta is shifting towards favouring tanks rather than assassins. And with the build I use, Talon can shred through squishies and tanks indiscriminately. Now, without further ado, let's begin to learn how to play Talon.

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