Ezreal Build Guide

EZ is the REAL adc Season 4 guide to the fabio of LOL

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Hello guys, it is your friendly neighborhood imaslashurmum here, and today i have got this super cool, badass guide for ya'll and feel free to leave feed back!

Early game you want to make sure you put as much pressure on the enemy as possible. Whenever you get the chance go for the mystic shot, because getting your enemy on low health means you can arcane shift in for the kill. Ezreal is very mana dependent early so make sure to preserve it and take constant breaks to farm up.

Mid game is basically when you want to start getting lots of kills. Be really aggressive and get your enemy low so you can pick up an easy kill behind their turret (if they have one by that time) with True shot barrage [img=skills/ezreal/r.png]. Make sure you and your support are warding most of the bushes in the area so you can snipe them with ease.

In total play Ezreal as a massive dick champ. Keep firing off your Q and W but never give your enemy the satisfaction of getting to close. Make sure your support's warding is well spread so you can easily snipe wounded foe's recalling in bushes.

In team fights you want to make sure you are always behind your team. Before initiation keep poking the enemy with mystic shot [img=skills/ezreal/q.png]. Once the team fight has started target the champion closest to hurting you. Most likely when the enemy is initiating you want to use arcane shift [img=skills/ezreal/e.png] further back to avoid damage or if it is a lock on initiation such as Vi's ultimate you are isolating her from her team.

Ezreal played right is one of probably the two strongest attack damage carries in the game. Using this guide will assure that you are using his full potential.

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