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Hello! My name is Yametsu and I'm playing main Top Lane. I made this guide because I want to share with you, how I play Azir. If you have any questions or problems, feel free to write or add me. And also if you find any grammatical errors, I don't care im from Switzerland ;) I know I know, I'm only gold. But still, I think my build is strong on Azir and it allows you to be a huge thread later on, so it can't be that wrong ;)

As I said many, many times. With my build Azirs early isn't that good, so focus on farming, dodge and outsmart your opponent. Do everything you can that you survive. Afterwards you begin to get stronger. Always have one soldier to E away: (Pictures are following) Never go into the dangerzone without a ward: (Pictures are following) Focus on farming, your autoattacks are weak, but fast ;)

Mid Game doesn't start for you until you have RoA and Stinger. These are your Powerspikes and from now on you'll outtrade everyone. Try to secure Dragon with your teleport. Pressure botlane with tp and roam midlane [i]after[/i] you pushed your lane. Always be aware of: - Where is my lane? - Where is my/their jungler? - Dragon timer? - Is their midlaner roaming?

You can win this now! Your main goals are objectives and living teammates. Save them but dont suicide! Is there a fed hypercarry on the enemy team? Yes? ♥ Protect your carry ♥ Poke and trade ♥ Ult the hypercarry, knock him up, use Randuins. ♥ Once you stopped their engage, clean up that mess and win No? ♠ Go ham! ♠ Soak up damage ♠ Kill/peel the carrys away ♠ Split their team with your Ult ♠ Win game!

Patch 5.2 ☻Range increased from Q from 800 -> 875. It's cool, but not that great, still a nice little patch Patch 5.3 ☺ Base attack damage 49.704 -> 52. This makes the last hitting a bit easier ☺ Base damage from Q - Conquering Sands: Damage reduced from 75/105/135/165/195 to 65/85/105/125/145 This is sad. Your earlygame is now even worse. But this nerf wont affect your lategame that hard so just keep playing patiently ☺ Soldier stab range from W - Arise: 400 -> 325. I hate this one. Now you can make 1 less auto if they are running away. ☺ Tower bomb damage: 90+(15 x level)(0.7 Ability power) -> 50 + (10 x level)(0.4 Ability power) Well now you can't push towers anymore like a maniac, but it was op, nuf said Patch 5.4 ♠ FINALLY they patched the Towerbug -> Azir's Sun Disc would result in a registered turret death in Spectator mode.

Thanks for reading! Be gentle in the comments, this is my first Guide and I'm not a native english speaker. Imagine you write a Guide in switzerish ;D. I'm always open for constructive critism. Hope you liked it - Yametsu

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