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Hi there! This is my first guide on solomid so constructive criticism would be appreciated. I have been playing league on and off (with large breaks) since season 1 but only started ranked in S4 ending in plat and I climbed to mid diamond in S5. I don't have the strongest mechanics so like the more strategical positions and main mostly jungle and support. This is my guide to a build utilising warmogs heart passive and I think one of the strongest soraka builds out there that can really carry the game past her strong laning phase. Once you get her core (Around 30 min, at lvl 13) you become a sieging/anti siege monster that can really only be taken down by strong hard engage and you can carry the game from this point The build path is great for a sustained early- midgame into strong AP heals so you don't feel as if you are gimping yourself by going this route or even if the game finishes before you get warmogs. Warmogs Soraka is by far stronger than other builds moving into the late game as you can provide infinite sustain to your team for poke fights around all objectives/sieging all while staying at or near max health with a large health pool, thus being a lot harder to take out than other Soraka builds. Pros Quite a lot of AP for strong heals Great mana pool (needed since mana nerfs) Good sustain Fairly cheap and synergystic core Infinite heals once you have warmogs Become pseudo tanky and are always at full health so that its hard to take you out Strong late game compared to other builds Cons Less item utility midgame than other builds Requires 9k to hit your massive spike EDITS 18th/Dec/15 Added Dark Seal/Corrupting potion into blasting wand as most used build 22/01/16 Deleted 2nd build as found it less optimal, added rushing Eye of Oasis as it now gives 10% cdr. Change glyphs to cdr runes. Means you can get close to 30% cdr pretty early.

Unfortunately until you get to higher elo's most adc's dont know how to play with a soraka support. The aim of the lane is to poke and take extended trades while avoiding the all ins. Your healthbar is a resource that needs to be managed for the lane. Opposed to most other lanes its much better for the adc to take damage in trades than for you to take dmg. This is because your heals will always sustain the lane much better than the opposing team. You should always be aiming to take small trades over an extended timeframe. Even if the enemy chunks your adc for more dmg than your adc can dish out you will almost always win the trade because of your heals. Unless the enemy can 100-0 your adc no matter how much dmg they take they need to try and trade some dmg back on the enemy. If your adc gets engaged on by a melee support drop a silence on them to stop further cc/root, heal them and drop your q to slow/heal yourself then chain heal them till they are back near full health. If they go for the all in look to drop your exhaust on the adc, remember you are safe to move up into their face because most of the cc/dmg will have been dropped towards your adc. Other things to remember: You should be playing slightly behind your adc but still hovering to threaten Q sustain and never in a position where you can be engaged upon unless you are baiting/know you will win the all in Dont be afraid to flash as soon as u get hooked/engaged on, you fcked up your positioning and should take it as a warning With Q's reduced range it can be hard to get in a position where u are safe to use it to gain health back. Look to Q the enemy adc when they are going for a last hit on a ranged minion and so have to step forward. Try not to overheal your adc. In close lanes every bit of your health counts. Unless you adc is in danger of being 100-0'd you don't need to heal them to full wait till it will take a full heal from you to get them there.

After laning starts to end do all you normal supporty kind of things such as warding etc, soraka isnt a great roamer for kills but can be the mobile ambulance everyone loves. She can two man drag from early with a jg by sustaining them through the dmg. Buy your catalyst>ROA it should help you sustain for those midgame fights and objective struggles. Once you get ROA that is a massive chunk of AP and your heals will be quite powerful.

Late game is whenever you get your warmogs. This literally turns any team into a sieging nightmare for the opposition whether defending or attacking as no matter how much dmg they poke at you you can just sustain your team to full. You literally win by attrition, just get your team to put down any dmg on the opposing team and eventually they will be forced off the objective. Tell your team \"I'm the carry now, protect me and win\" see how that goes down :) The usual strategy of 'Aim the Soraka' is harder to pull off as you have over 3k health and are almost always full. Look out for incidental dmg that will proc your warmogs cooldown.

Hard engage and burst is your counter so always ward your flanks and keep tp timers and flash engage timers in mind. You should always be playing behind your team. If they hard engage on your team if you are in range W ult W the most important person caught. Don't be afraid to burn your ult for only 1 or two people even if they were only brought down to half hp, after the enemy has used their engage they are usually toast if they don't burst anyone down. If you have it burn your FQC to peel anyone coming close to you or your carry's. If you survive the burst you win the teamfight. If the enemy team has no engage then its pretty much gg at this point if you can corral your team to group and push down towers you just sustain them through all dmg.

With the nerf to Soraka's mana costs catalyst and ROA give her everything she needs in sustain ,mana pool and AP for a good early-mid game while also providing a great base of health in order to pick up warmogs as your second major completed item and get its passive. Warmogs provides a game changing powerspike over other Soraka builds that usually fall off in power over the course of the game due to how easy she is to blow up especially when at lower health and her limited ability to heal her allies. While not having as much utility in her items such as early ardent censors and zeke's, ROA/Warmogs provides great sustain and higher AP through the early midgame and thus more output in her heals which is her main utility in the first place. Leave a comment to let me know what you think.

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