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Piloting The Best Copter on the Rift! - Season 6 ADC/MID AD GUIDE - Patch 6.1 - Volholmor

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WORKING ON UPDATING FOR REAL, TOOK A BREAK SINCE SEPTEMBER AND STARTED PLAYING AGAIN SO IM PLAYING CORKI TO FIGURE STUFF OUT, 1 OR 2 WEEKS AND IT'LL BE DONE - 2016 01 25 Volholmor So I have updated the guide a bit for season 6 so you can follow it pretty well, but it's not done yet. I would love to get some feedback since I'm a noob to writing guides and I want to improve the guide to make it as good as possible. Thanks in advance. [img=] So solomid didn't let me create the mastery page on their site but here is a picture. Sorcery>Fury: Prefer CDR over AS since Corki is a caster ADC. You could take AS if you want to have a more Auto attacking build but I prefer CDR Feast>Double edge sword: I like the extra sustain over the damage. Double edge is also pretty bad for ranged carries since you don't wanna be taking extra damage unless you are really good and can avoid it, but in the early game you can't avoid their damage when you are trading, so I prefer Feast. Natural Talent>Vampirism: So the Lifesteal and Spell Vamp might be nice, but since Corki benefits from both AP and AD I think Natural Talent is really good. It also gives a little bit more scaling which doesn't hurt for Corki. Bounty Hunter>Oppressor: So this is kinda tricky, but I chose Bounty Hunter because I am pretty greedy and like to pick up kills, but you could take oppressor if you have a heavy cc support like Leona or Alistar. Bounty Hunter is a lot better in mid imo because you don't have a support who can cc them. So thats our 12 points in Ferocity, so why did I choose 12/18/0 instead of 18/12/0 (resolve is really bad for ADC)? It's because of the keystone, Thunderlord's Decree which is really strong, so let's make our way down in the Cunning tree! Wanderer>Savagery: So I prefer the ms out of combat because I think csing is pretty easy and I like to move fast when I'm not doing anything because it gets me faster to lane or to other places that you need to go. If you find csing (last hitting, farming) to be hard, then consider switching these out. Secret Stash>Assassin and Runic Affinity: So Runic Affinity is pretty bad for us since we won't be getting buffs unless it's really late or something and we don't want to be alone and 1v1 people so Assassin is pretty bad, but Secret Stash is actually really good for us. We want the extra 20 HP and we never say no to 10 mana either. Merciless>Meditation: So while I think that mana reg might be nice on Corki, I think that the damage is better here. You wanna kill people right? Precision>Intelligence: So I think the Armor and Magic pen is really good here since Corki benefits greatly from both. CDR cap raised from 40% to 41% isn't really that big either so the penetration is better here. [b]KEYSTONE THUNDERLORD'S DECREE[/b] So this is #byfar the best keystone for our pilot. The burst is really nice in lane if you can like Q - Auto - E you get a lot of burst on them. You can also proc it when poking later with 3 rockets which also deals a lot of damage. I prefer this over any of the others and I think you shouldn't pick anything else.

Corkis early laning is pretty strong. Just Q + Auto them and they can't go further. When you get sheen that will be even stronger. Just focus on winning on cs with poking. You dont have the highest kill pressure, but you have alot of lane pressure.

Corki is a really strong ADC and he is basically the new Lucian. Safe, mid game spike, a ton of damage and solid throughout all of the game. Let's get into the pros and cons now shall we? Pros: Really safe Lane bully Good teamfight Solid throughout all of the game Provides A TON of magic damage, so he fits in a lot of team comps that need more magic damage. Not alot of cons. Don't need a supportive team around him like Kog'Maw and Jinx. Amazing underrated burst and poke. People underestimate him a lot, but trust me, a Corki which is ahead can deal SOOOO much damage by just landing a rocket and then an auto. It's insane. Cons: Not the strongest late game, but not horrible either.

Thanks for reading my guide on Corki. Please comment if you have a question and I will keep this guide updated. Follow me on twitter if you want to I copied the \"fact\" part of the abilities from but i wrote my thoughts on them and what they are good for myself. The reason I haven't included videos for the abilities is because I can't get my OBS to work properly. Will put out the videos when I fixed it! Remember that this is just a guide to my way of Corki and the best way that I think you can play Corki. Remember to develop your own playstyle and adapt to it for maximum win rate. Only play champions that you enjoy playing because if you don't enjoy playing a certain champion or you don't get the results you want, then you shouldn't be playing that champion. Have fun on the rift!

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