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Udyr Jungle Season 3 (Tiger-AD) Updated Version

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    Greater Mark of Attack Damage (+0.95 attack damage)
  • 9
    Greater Seal of Armor (+1 armor)
  • 9
    Greater Glyph of Magic Resist (+1.34 magic resist)
  • 3
    Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage (+2.25 attack damage)
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Jungle Udyr is a great jungler, probably my best and one of the best. Udyr is a tank monster from the start of the game to the end of the game while still putting out tons of dmg and CC. Udyr is a great front-liner and tanky-bruiser. He is a champion that should strike fear into you and your team if he is seen on the other team.

[imgext=http://media-copper.cursecdn.com/avatars/thumbnails/23/532/58/58/2783492111.png] Seal of Armor - Always good for a jungler, whether the enemy team consists of a balanced team-comp. or a bunch of AP carries [imgext=http://media-copper.cursecdn.com/avatars/thumbnails/23/513/58/58/1116018618.png] Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist - Reason for the scaling glyphs is that you will primarily need the magic resist later in to the game when the teamfights start up [imgext=http://cdn1.mobafire.com/images/rune/greater-mark-of-attack-damage.png] Mark of Attack Damage - More Damage Faster Jungle [imgext=http://cdn2.mobafire.com/images/rune/greater-quintessence-of-attack-damage.png] greater quintessence of attack damage - More Damge Faster Jungle ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You Can use this runes down here to but i prefer the top ones. [imgext=http://cdn1.mobafire.com/images/rune/greater-mark-of-attack-speed.png] - Attack speed Faster punching Its good to use this rune but you already have Tiger strance(Q) [imgext=http://cdn1.mobafire.com/images/rune/greater-quintessence-of-movement-speed.png] Movement Speed makes you run faster but you have bear stance (E) I like the top ones more.

STRATEGY AND TACTICS Jungling Route 1 - Do anything but safe. Tiger Udyr is meant to be played aggressive WHEN YOU PLAY TIGER UDYR - you have to look for early kills and time when the enemy jungler is going to be at certain objectives. If you can try and notice when the enemy comes into lane where they helped pull for their jungler. Study this and then know the time that they will go invade your jungle or go to their jungle. you should always be thinking - COUNTERJUNGLE or invade. Tiger udyr does some of the craziest damage in the world early game - i mean crazy. This means you will almost always win a 1v1 and you should defintely tell your mid lane or top lane to push their lane (if your playing competitively). This will make it so they can roam with you to invade the enemy jungler and the enemy lane player will be stuck at tower Early Game FOCUS ON COUNTERJUNGLING - Always make sure to look for opportunities to gank and gank the lanes that need it most. Lanes that have opportunities to gank are lanes that are pushed towards your side, have summoner spells on cooldown, and your laners have sufficient resources (HP, mana, cooldowns) to follow up on your gank. Lanes that need ganks are lanes that are behind either from the lane match up, or assistance or level one fights in the enemies favour. Whenever you do not see an opportunity to gank or have to put a lot of pressure on a certain lane, you should take the opportunity to farm your jungle or go to base and buy if you have money for a big buy (ie. getting a Heart of Gold). If one of your laners require you to hold the lane while they back, do so as well. You also want to control both your blue and red buffs, as well as the enemies. Timing the respawn time or knowing the general respawn time of these buffs are crucial for doing so. Control of Dragon also becomes a big factor and whenever your team has a safe opportunity to do so, you should take it. Oracles is also a great buy early game, especially if you get ahead. Being able to deny the enemy vision allows you to do much more over the map, such as sneak dragons, and gank. Mid Game The mid game is quite similar to the early game. However at this point, you are farming less as your carries may be taking your farm, and you have to be in position to gank and contest Red and Blue buffs, Dragon, and Baron. The same things you do to control those, applies in the mid game, time the respawn of the neutral objectives and buy wards to make the job safer. The power of Oracles persist in the mid game. Late Game In the late game, you are a tank, you have to be up front in the fight soaking as much damage as possible, while being as disruptive as possible. However, this does not mean you should be so up front that you are taking free damage from the enemy team. Just stay slightly in front of your carries such that you are able to Stun the targets you need to, and be able to dive the carries if the opportunity arise. Baron also becomes the focal point of the game, with most fights taking place around the area. Get an oracles if you are really tanky and your support cannot afford one. TACTICS Team Fighting Depending on the scenario, Udyr is able to dive carries or peel the enemies of your carries. Udyr is strong at diving since he has increased movement speed, tankyness and an ability that stuns and gives mobility. The same tactics used in the jungle are used here as well, switch stances whenever the Tiger Stance Procs, and using stances whenever your cooldowns are off. When peeling for your carries, attempt to Bear Stance stun as many nearby targets. The stances you want to prioritize are Bear and Turtle in order to Stun and tank damage. Only use Tiger Stance when you are not taking damage and you are unable to stun anymore nearby targets for 2-3~ seconds(necessary time to get a couple Tiger Hits in). TIPS AND TRICKS How to Gank You always want to activate Bear Stance once you enter vision of the lane you are ganking in order to give the least time to react. Keep casting Bear Stances if necessary until you stun the enemy. The second you land the stun, switch into Tiger Stance in order to maximize dps. After hitting them a few times, switch into Bear Stance to keep up with the enemy and stun once 6 seconds have passed since your first stun. If necessary, use Flash with Bear Stance in order to land the first or second stun if there is kill potential. How to Jungle Efficiently As Tiger Stance is Udyr's strongest damaging skill, you want to maximize its dps. To do so, after your initial hit, then switch into Turtle Stance in order to sustain HP and keep your passive stacks going and increasing. Once Tiger Stance is off cooldown, switch back into that and rinse and repeat. When walking in-between creeps you can use stances in order to keep your passive going. It is also useful to enter a creep camp using Bear Stance to Stun, Turtle Stance for the shield then Tiger Stance for damage.

[imgext=http://s18.postimg.org/n5u14n0bd/Summoner_s_Rift_jungle_map_with_monsters.png] Ops: Here i just going to show the 3 first spell you going to max Start with upgrading Tiger Stance 1. First take blue buff let Top or Bot Help you ,depends on which side you're on 2. Upgrade Tiger bear (E) and run to Enemey RED take it and use your smite 3. then go and take enemey golems Fast and then upgrade your Turtle Stance (W) 4. Then Gank Top Laine or Bot ,depends on which side you're on. 5. Then after the gank run down to mid through the river and gank mid 6. Go kill your own wolfs 7. Go Take you Red and use smite 8.Go gank Bot/top ,depends on which side you're on 9. Go kill your golems 10 Go kill your ghosts Fast 11 And Finally Go B

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