• 9
    Greater Mark of Attack Speed (+1.7% attack speed)
  • 9
    Greater Seal of Armor (+1 armor)
  • 9
    Greater Glyph of Magic Resist (+1.34 magic resist)
  • 3
    Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed (+1.5% movement speed)
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Hello. I'm Corsair. Amoriea12, Maeria, wow such feeding noob, the list goes on! I'm a Kayle player of many names. :P [number]I decided to redo the entire guide to be cleaner, clearer, and overall better with much less fluff. Or at least try to.[/number] I'm a Kayle player. Ever since I started playing back in early Season 2 as a level 4 noob, I've wanted to play Kayle. Everyone's told me she's worthless, useless, and down right horrible. A while after I hit 30, I had mained various champions and failed. From mid Morgana, to AD Nidalee, to jungle Poppy, then I found out through a friend that Rincent had made a Kayle guide, and it was potentially broken how strong it was. At first I agreed, and played it significantly, bragging about top Kayle being the top lane king(queen. >_>) of League. I found out otherwise. Stuff happened, meta changed, there became less Vladimir, less Rumble.. More Getwrekton, Singed, and other things that Kayle simply stops being able to fight. I lost hope. I tried building her in several different ways. Maybe a spirit visage, and a frozen heart? Maybe Force of Nature, and Warmogs? I was at a loss, and nothing I did really worked. I could -make- it work sometimes, but really.. It was bad no matter what. I tried stuff like going ghost and smite with the old school Executioner's Calling that gave crit chance and life steal, with a zeal to get early game crits to effectively gank.. All sorts of things. Then one day. I got the urge to use the Kayle skin my sister got me for more than just losing and failing as Kayle tanky DPS jungle or whatever concoction I've made that would inevitably fail. So I went into a bot match, didn't feel like laning with anyone, didn't feel like facing two tanks, or jungling even when it was easy. So I locked in Kayle, called mid. Decided to just grab flat AP quints, glyphs, with magic pen marks. Rushed a couple rings, burst felt nice, rushed a lichbane, I felt strong. Then I got a deathcap and started one shotting people. Then I got braver. I took it into draft pick normals, I didn't feel any weaker, infact, against human players it felt stronger at times. :P Had everything I liked about AD Kayle, with more utility, and damage, and wrote a guide on here in Season 2. Quickly my style of Kayle was overwritten by the general way of playing her, Nashor's tooth, Liandry's, then try to shred to victory, while I clutched to my ways of building burst. Then the nerfs hit, her utility took a bit of a dive, and her burst damage, along with DPS went along for the ride with the loss of her damage amplifier. I got disheartened, I continued trying things of course; I always do, tried following the meta of rushing NT+Liandry's, tried going tanky again, then quickly beat myself with a brick, tried out 21 utility, liked it, but it wasn't really refined at all. It still felt weak. So I stopped updating my guide, then I started doing math, and went through every item, from Nashor's Athenes, to this, to that, tried to abandon the 21 in utility. That honestly failed, and I started to hate the offense tree on AP Carries in general. Then I felt like playing around. I had a team of full AP besides the ADC. Rumble, Elise, Myself, Annie, and a Corki. So I went for 21 in utility, figuring 10% starting AP, with the 20% AP from Nashor's Tooth, and the 10% from DFG would be powerful in this situation. Elise and Rumble didn't want to build Abyssal, neither did I really, so I got Wit's End, and.. Once again, I feel I've stumbled on to something that is sublime for Kayle, and am in fact on a win spree on League, quickly rising my way back to Silver I, and hopefully into gold that I got denied when Kayle started getting banned, and I started maining support. That said. It's obvious I'm not a professional player. My guide isn't a fancy, red, featured one. However I've put hours, and hours, and even days of math into this, trying to find that magic formula that works for Kayle. I have however put over 300 games into Kayle, 200 of them or so were during this period of -actually- trying to make her work, and about 80 or so as actually playing AP Kayle, 30 or so using this precise utility build, so far, never been beaten in lane, and have always gone above even with assists and kills. So follow me on my long winded journey that I started late Season 2, into the continuous strives, and efforts to make Kayle not only viable, but one of the most powerful champions in the League!

[highlight]Why would you play Kayle? The pros to picking her mid over other champions.[/highlight] [.]Kayle is a very versitile champion. While Zed is a blade for cutting throats, Kayle is a swiss army knife with a tool for every occasion. She can stand in the backlines and heal, or stand on the front lines, and deal damage, or simply stand next to the Marksman and do both. [.]She counters assassin's very hard. Champions that have gotten very popular. Fizz, Kassidin, Zed, Ahri, are all champions she does very well against, both early and mid game, while also countering them by sheer utility late game with her ultimate. [.]Kayle has high sustain with her W being maxed second, while not taking heavy costs in doing so. It has a higher base heal than Nidalee's, while also providing a movement speed boost. Around the time you get DFG it will be on 6 second cooldown, and heal for over 300 each shot at rank 5, while early in the game it's mana cost isn't as high, and heals for over 150 a shot. [.]Kayle has a powerful slow, and MR and armor shred tied to it, and her auto attacks, giving her great duel ability, kiting potential, and sheer skirmish damage early game, while becoming more constant mid to late game once she gets her Nashor's Tooth. [.]Kayle is an auto attacker mid. She, like Orianna, Teemo, and Gragas, all have strength balanced to her auto attacks, more so for Kayle as she has better AP Ratios than all 3, and/or better base damage scaling. [.]Quite simply, Kayle's damage is amazing both ways you look at it. Either you have Rabadons, DFG, Lichbane and can 1 shot enemy marksmen, or you have Nashor's DFG Witsend, and can out trade almost every single champion in the game. [.]Kayle is a great pusher, and has the movement speed in bursts to be able to push a lane quickly, then fly away with no risk. [highlight]Why wouldn't you want to play her? The Cons.[/highlight] [.]Kayle during mid and late game becomes highly mana taxing, and either doesn't bring much to short skirmishes, or runs herself out of mana quickly involving herself in them. (Don't use Q, and barely get off any autos, or use Q and blow through your mana pool basically.) [.]Kayle, while having a great early game lane pressure, is quite susceptible to early game ganks if unprepared due to having no escape, and having to choose between lane pressure, or taking her W earlier than you'd like. [.]Kayle can only do so much! Her ultimate is a great utility in cancelling assassin's, however there's only so much 3 seconds of invincibility can do against spells like Fiddlestick's fear, or chaining together things like Jax's stun, with Ahri's charm. In situations like that, though you tried your best, you cannot do much. Tied to that, Kayle protects one person. Only one, AoE team comps (Which have thankfully died down, Curse of the sad Bullettime was annoying.)can deny Kayle the full utility of her ultimate, you may save one, but the rest of your team may die from the AoE. [.]Well timed hard CC, or even soft CC's such as silence can stop a Kayle from ulting, things like Soraka silence during a critical ulti moment can turn a easily won battle, into an impossible battle in a second. [.]Early game, and mid game Kayle is easy to predict, making straight line skill shot champions more effective at disengaging, or fighting off Kayle. Lux and Zyra being the biggest examples of this as they can wait for Kayle to engage, and she has to choose from either dodging their bind, or taking it and a bit of extra damage in the process, either way disengaging her. [.]As I said earlier, Kayle has great mobility in bursts, but as far as base goes, it's actually pretty bad. She has a starting movespeed of 335, the same as Vayne for example. Meaning that she has the same movement speed as someone with a movement speed granting passive, and a mobility spell that can be used every 2 seconds, with only having a spell that grants movement speed. Seeing the problem here?

Pretty much I decicided the best way to make things clear is to add a tier system for items, match ups, and even teammates. [highlight]Platinum[/highlight] Anything in this tier is 'god tier' it's always core or highly reccomended. Examples are items such as Nashor's Tooth. [highlight]Gold[/highlight] Anything in this tier is highly reccomended, but isn't core, there are so many choices you can pick and obviously there's no way you can do all of them. Trying to replace something gold tier, with something in silver tier, unless in a specific situation isn't a good idea, and trying to replace something in platinum tier, with something that's gold tier is even more foolish. (IE: Replacing Nashor's Tooth with Wits End or DFG.) [highlight]Silver[/highlight] Things in this tier are pretty situational, even then you may wish to replace the item or summoner, with a gold tier one, unless the situation is very strained (IE: Taking ghost instead of flash, or exhaust instead of TP/Ignite/Cleanse) [highlight]Bronze[/highlight] Extremely, extremely situational choices, if there is a useful situation at all, another item probably fills the role better anyways. (IE: Taking heal on Kayle over barrier, teleport, ignite ect.) [highlight]Fools Gold[/highlight] Just don't. It's never worth it, and there is always a better choice. If you can't find one, look harder lads. (IE: Clarity on Kayle.)

12/21/12 World didn't end. Get back to work! 12/24/12 Added a ward map if it's useful let me know, if not, MSPaint OP. Info on BADlanta/AtIanta, a higher ELO player I -believe- is using my guide, or at the very least is using my build to great effect. Changed the item section and split it up so it's not HERP/DERP/HERP,DERP/HERP. Added more potential starts. Thanks to LionHeart7 and friends for the theory crafting. 1/09/13 : Am in the process of adding descriptions on Niche items in the item builds section. 1/12/13 : Removed mention of Runaan's applying Rylai's and ect. until I fully, 100% test it, even though I'm sure it's the case. 1/16/13 : Put in my opinions about the Korean Way of building Kayle (used by TPA and NS) and updated my thoughts on Crystalline Flask after it's nerf. 1/17/13 : Proud owner of Aether Wing Kayle! 1/20/13 : I made some major updates, talked about manamune/muramana. Updated my guide format a little, to make for a more compact item build section, seperating my endless rambling on items, to a more compacted section on item builds themselves, and when to do them, and where to take them from point A to point B. 1/31/13 : I added a new section which includes my thoughts on the patch notes as a whole. If they directly, or indirectly effect Kayle, either way, I'll add my thoughts on them. I'll clear out my last ramble on the patch notes after new patch notes are released. 2/10/13 : I removed Muramana from a 'item build', it was becoming a bit of a trap for people. It has high DPS and high burst potential, but it's not standard at all, and hard to realize compared to Lichbane Deathcap and such. Also changed my title to remove the 'Underestimated' part. Freaking Kayle bans man. 3/01/13 : Riot tried to nerf Kayle. Didn't quite work. 4/20/13 : I removed 'The Korean Way' section. Not many build Nashor's Liandry's anymore since Kayle lost her damage amp. 10/19/13 : I have added "Tiers" into the items, summoners, and runes section. 10/24/13 : I got a bit mushy, and decided to share a tale of my long winded love for Kayle. 06/09/44 : Successfully took over the world, and subjugated all human free will with my army of clones.

[img=skills/kayle/p.png] [highlight] Holy Fervor Passive : Kayle's autoattacks against enemy champions reduce their armor and magic resistance by 3% for 5 seconds. This debuff stacks up to 5 times.[/highlight] Now Kayle adds a stack of good old Fervor when she auto attacks(with Righteous Fury or otherwise), AND when she uses her Q. It's a very minor consolation prize for losing the 10% damage amplifier though. [img=skills/kayle/q.png] [highlight] Reckoning Active: Blasts a target, dealing magic damage, slowing its movement speed for 3 seconds, and applies one stack of Holy Fervor. Missile Speed: 1500 Magic Damage: 60 / 110 / 160 / 210 / 260 (+ 100% AP) (+ 100% Bonus AD) Slow: 35% / 40% / 45% / 50% / 55% [/highlight] It's your best nuke, it's slow increases in strength each level, and there's no mana cost increase for raising it. With the recent changes it's lost it's damage amplifier which means you lose around 30-40 DPS, and around 100 damage in burst late game in return for much greater utility. The nerfs in my opinion mostly hit DPS Kayle, while it is more of a buff to burst Kayle's connectivity. Rank second, max first. [img=skills/kayle/w.png] [highlight] Divine Blessing Active: Blesses a target allied champion, healing them and increasing their movement speed for 3 seconds. Range: 900 Cooldown: 15 Cost: 60 / 70 / 80 / 90 / 100 Mana Heal: 60 / 105 / 150 / 195 / 240 (+ 35% AP) Movement Speed: 18% / 21% / 24% / 27% / 30% [/highlight] The utility offered by Kayle's W is one thing Kayle has in this role that she has in no other's, with my standard full build it heals for about 450 damage each use, it has a higher base health per cast than Nidalee's E, and the movement speed is debatable on if it is more useful than the armor granted by Soraka's W. I prefer ranking Q two times due to the additional burst, then ranking this at 4. I max this second though; due to the higher scaling with skill ranks compared to Kayle's E, however if you aren't taking poke then it's okay to leave this at rank 2 or 3 and max E if you feel you need the extra damage. [img=skills/kayle/e.png] [highlight] Righteous Fury Active: Kayle harnesses her righteous fury for 10 seconds, granting her bonus magic damage on her attacks and increasing her attack range by 400 (to 525). Additionally, attacks on non-tower units create an area of effect that deals magic damage equal to a percentage of her attack damage plus the same on-hit magic damage to surrounding enemies. Cooldown: 16 Cost: 45 Mana Bonus Magic Damage: 20 / 30 / 40 / 50 / 60 (+ 40% AP) Magic Splash Damage: (+ 20% / 25% / 30% / 35% / 40% AD) Diameter of Splash AoE: 300 [/highlight] Kayle's E provides AoE on autoattack location magical damage that scales with your AP, as well as working as a proc for Lichbane. Assuming at late game when it deals 240+ magical damage that you get only 4 auto attacks in, it deals 720 magical damage, and applying the 10% damage amp brings it up to 792 damage, and if I manage to get in all 10 possible auto attacks that's a rather terrifying 2400 damage. Rank this at level 1, and max it last so you can poke constantly in lane. It's scaling in later ranks is very minor compared to ranking Q and W in my opinion. [img=skills/kayle/r.png] [highlight] Intervention Active: Kayle bathes a target ally champion (or herself) in holy light, rendering them immune to all damage for a few seconds. Range: 900 Cooldown: 90 / 75 / 60 Cost: 100 / 75 / 50 Mana Duration: 2 / 2.5 / 3 [/highlight] Your ultimate is very important, it cancels out burst, heavy focusing, and can actually work as a bait when people dive heavily for kills. With blue buff plus Nashor's Tooth it get's down to a 36 second cooldown. This will always be useful, even if you are shut down. Who you target, is entirely dependent on the situation. Generally, you want to ultimate someone who will be taking damage. A lot of damage. a 3 second duration means that you have a slight window to abuse. Do you want to use those 3 seconds blocking a few auto attacks, or blocking a Veigar's full combo? That said. Don't think this means using your ultimate to stop a few auto attacks is a bad thing in the right situation. Sometimes when doing this you can bait important damage dealers into over extending for a kill and instead of them hurting your back line, they ruin their own by going after a low HP champion that Kayle has officially 'Noped.'

[img=skills/kayle/r.png] > [img=skills/kayle/q.png] > [img=skills/kayle/w.png] >[img=skills/kayle/e.png] Standard as most things go, rank your R when you have it. However for the rest of the abilities I value utility higher than anything. Reckoning offers more utility due to it's slow, and it actually let's you lane. W is a second priority as the heal and increased movement speed buff outweighs the extra 40 damage on E, as such E is my last priority as it doesn't offer any utility, and is just a very low damage increase.

[imgext=] [highlight][title]Marks[/title][/highlight] [highlight]Gold[/highlight] [number]Attack Speed Marks :[/number] I used attack speed marks all the time, they're the most valuable marks you have early game, and by mid to late game your passive and tier 2 boots should get you by on what you need. [number]Magic Penetration Marks :[/number] If you prefer a more burst oriented build, like Nashor's DFG/Deathcap Lichbane, by all means. You can even mix in a little bit of attack speed marks so you still have a little bit of early game pressure. [highlight]Silver[/highlight] [number]Hybrid Penetration Marks :[/number] I've tested these quite a bit and in my opinion they're plain and simply weaker than just normal magic penetration, unless you rush sheen you're cutting your magic damage too much, and your damage isn't.. Hybridy enough. Leave these to Jax unless you plan on actually going Hybrid with Gunblade Trinity or something. [highlight]Bronze[/highlight] [number]Attack Damage Marks :[/number] If you want to lose out on some mid game scaling, then feel free to use these, they provide a tiny bit more flat damage on your Q and E, but if your opponent get's armor seals and MR glyphs, you can't really damage them too much, even with a mix of attack speed marks. [highlight][title]Seals[/title][/highlight] [highlight]Gold[/highlight] [number]Scaling Health Seals :[/number] I use these almost all the time. They are your best line of defense against magical damage in the Seals department, and out-scale flat HP at just level 5. [number]Armor Seals :[/number] I use these whenever I'm up against an AD mid, or if I'm legitimately more afraid of minions than I am of my laning partner. It is also very helpful against mids that out range you with auto attacks. (Annie, Anivia) Or out trade you due to defense or steroids. (Orianna, Gragas) [highlight]Silver[/highlight] [number]Gold Per 10 Seals :[/number] As funny as it is, if you legitimately are not afraid of your mid opponent, and are not afraid of minion damage, you don't need mana regen seals at all and can go this to accelerate your late game carrying. [highlight]Bronze[/highlight] [number]Mana Regen Seals :[/number] Almost worthless on Kayle. With 2 doran's rings, 3 if you want to overkill it, you can infinitely refill your mana by simply clearing out the caster minions with your E, and the rest of it is just profit. However I do like scaling mana regen for the purposes of late game, after selling your doran's rings. [title]Glyphs[/title] [highlight]Gold[/highlight] [number]Magic Resistance Glyphs :[/number] You should especially use these if you are up against a trouble mid such as Zyra or Gragas. Infact you should -always- use them. [highlight]Silver[/highlight] [number]Ability Power Glyphs :[/number] I used to prefer flat AP glyphs, but as I face against better and better players, less and less fall for the level 2 AP burst they offer, and it's better to be able to trade hits, instead of hoping you don't get hit back. Setting up a page for quadruple AD threat is a good idea though. Scaling Ability Power Glyphs : They increase your damage highly by late game, however it takes 7 levels for them to actually out scale Flat AP. [highlight][title]Quintessences[/title][/highlight] [highlight]Gold[/highlight] [number]Movement Speed Quintessences :[/number] Adds an extra 4.5% movespeed, 7.5% if you go 21 in utility, 10.5 with a Janna on your team, give or take. They're the best options on Kayle in my personal opinion. [highlight]Silver[/highlight] [number]Ability Power Quintessences :[/number] An additional 15 damage on your Q for three tiny slots. If you don't want or don't have movespeed quints, these are a good option. [highlight]Bronze[/highlight] [number]Attack Speed Quintessences :[/number] You can opt to use these versus Mordekaiser, but I feel it kind of hurts you once you get some items and Mordekaiser is easy enough mid lane, and other tanky AP mids shrug off your DPS anyways. [highlight]Fool's Gold[/highlight] [number]AD Quintessences :[/number] They offer half the Q damage, and about the same damage on your E. (.3 more or so.) Do not use these on AP Kayle.

[title]Platinum[/title] [img=items/sorcerers-shoes.png] [highlight]Sorcerer's Shoes[/highlight] The single best shoe options on Kayle, it's probably the only platinum item that has a situation in which it can be replaced. Because I don't start with magic penetration, I like picking tier 2 boots at around the time I get stinger/fiendish codex, and tier 3 boots around the time I get Nashor's tooth, and get another fiendish codex to hit 40% CDR. However if you're going more damage oriented, and not CDR oriented, the time I'd get T3 boots is around the time you get a needlessly large. [img=items/dorans-ring.png] [highlight]Doran's Ring[/highlight] Kayle's best early game mana regen item, some champions can build Chalice, Kayle isn't one, and she can regen her mana infinitely by using her E. If you must get an early AP, or mana regen item this is it. I typically start with it as my first item With one doran's ring, like I enjoy to start with, killing the caster minions and Kayle's base mana regen, (Or 3 minions in general) refunds the cost of her E. Two doran's ring, like I feel is ideal, killing 2 caster minions makes your E entirely ideal, if you are at full mana, last hitting, throw your Q out to your opponent, even if you're going to push, so that you can continue to gain more mana, as well as provide lane pressure. [img=items/nashors-tooth.png] [highlight]Nashor's Tooth[/highlight] It gives Kayle everything she wants, attack speed, additional AP scaling, cooldown reduction, AP itself! Considering Kayle's passive, E, and Q all scale off CDR, and attack speed, and that Kayle's R itself scales PURELY off CDR, I think we -all- can understand what puts this here. If you don't, let me put it like this. When using a generic mastery page, Nashor's Tooth makes it so that with blue buff, Kayle's E has a 100% up time, and helps ensure she deals the most possible damage that she can while it's up by increasing her attack speed. While also giving her AP for the scaling of her Q, as well as CDR scaling with her Q, on top of the way your passive works increase the damage output of -both- abilities by shredding more armor and magic resist. [title]Gold[/title] [img=items/wits-end.png] [highlight]Wit's End[/highlight] This has become my favorite MPen item on Kayle. Due to her E, and her passive scaling off attack speed and the fact that it's the highest flat pen item in the game (25 flat penetration at 5 auto attacks)as well as GIVING MR it is easy to see why, isn't it? [img=items/deathfire-grasp.png] [highlight]Deathfire Grasp[/highlight] Before this used to be a godtier item with Kayle, due to stacking it with her Q's damage amplifier, and it still is a god tier item for a few reasons. For one, Kayle has a lot of onboard MR shred, and for seconds, combining this, with my prefered masteries, and Nashor's Tooth, it's the only good 10% CDR item, with a very powerful active, and high AP in the game, and fits smoothly in as Kayle's 2nd big AP item. [img=items/rabadons-deathcap.png] [highlight]Rabadon's Deathcap[/highlight] What can I say? It's the highest AP granting item in the game, and amplifies all AP you have, including those from your passive, if you're fine with going 21 in offense, and being blue reliant, it's the best replacement to DFG. [img=items/lich-bane.png] [highlight]Lich Bane[/highlight] It offers % movement speed, more burst to your E, and AP. It works insanely well with both DFG, and Deathcap, and is a great replacement to Wit's End if you are against a very squishy team. [img=items/liandrys-torment.png] [highlight]Liandry's Torment[/highlight] It's a flat magic penetration item, that does % health damage onhit with your E. It also gives health, and AP. I consider it Kayle's best selfish Mpen item, I get it after Wit's End typically, as the MR shred of WE outweighs Liandry's. [img=items/abyssal-scepter.png] [highlight]Abyssal Scepter[/highlight] It's the highest flat magic penetration item, and unlike Liandry's Torment, it's an aura. If you have another source of AP damage on your team, that isn't building this item already, my all means, please do so. It's also one of the best sources of magic resist. [img=items/boots-of-swiftness.png] [highlight]Boots of Swiftness[/highlight] These are the second best boots, and the only alternative to Sorcerer's Shoes. The reason is that they reduce the strength of slows, and give Kayle a speed boost. Two things she needs. The only times I would get this is against static slows like Swain's Decreptify for instance, or if the enemy team is very squishy in the MR department and is more evasive than anything. [img=items/enchantment-homeguard.png] [highlight]Homeguard Enchantment[/highlight] This is a teleport users best friend, and seeing as how Teleport is my favorite spell on Kayle.. Anyways, upon returning to base and officially exiting combat, a champion recieves a massive speedboost, and has all it's health and mana restored instantly with no tick-times. Well.. If you teleport, you retain your movement speed boost, and you can teleport instantly after going B. So a very fast, flaming angeled that can grant invincibility to herself and allies.. I can dig it. [img=items/enchantment-alacrity.png] [highlight]Alacrity Enchantment[/highlight] If you don't take teleport, this is your best item. Flat movement speed is much better on Kayle than a % movement speed boost, and it is always there, unlike Furor. [title]Silver[/title] [img=items/void-staff.png] [highlight]Void Staff[/highlight] VOID STAFF? SILVER? WHAAT! Yes, I put Void Staff in silver, for a few reasons.. 1) Kayle's passive shred's magic resistance, it doesn't simply add penetration. There for Void get's weaker each Kayle auto attack. 2)Wit's End, my favorite 3rd item on Kayle, also shred's magic resistance, making Void weaker each strike. 3)Void Staff offers no stats but damage and magic penetration. Looking at all my items.. [.]Doran's Ring offers health, mana regen, and AP. [.]Nashor's Tooth offers AS, CDR, and AP. [.]Deathfire's Grasp takes off 15% of someone's total HP with it's active, amplifies all magical damage with said active, offers CDR, and of course.. AP. [.]Wit's End, MR, AS, MR shred, and increases MR even further with it's unique passive. [.]Liandry's offers the health, flat magic pen, 25 AP, as well as HP shredding on hit. [.]Abyssal assists more than just yourself in the realm of Magic Pen, and assists everyone on your team, as well as granting magic resistance. I put a lot of stock into the secondary stats, and effects that these items offer, and I really can't see myself purchasing a selfish Mpen item over them. [img=items/twin-shadows.png] [highlight]Twin Shadows[/highlight] It's use is debatable, move speed, AP, and it's active is useful for chasing down champions with short range escapes, and it spots stealth. So Akali, Shaco, Twitch.. Very useful against them. Though the question is what you'd replace to get it. [img=items/guinsoos-rageblade.png] [highlight]Guinsoos' Rageblade[/highlight] Attack speed, half HP Lifesteal and spell vamp with a mix of AD and AP that stacks up the more you auto attack, it's a debatable replacement against squishy teams for Abyssal/Liandry's, however I'd get Lichbane in that situation. [img=items/zhonyas-hourglass.png] [highlight]Zhonya's Hourglass[/highlight] Overkill much? 3 seconds of invincibility not enough for you guys? Joking aside it's great in situations where the enemy team can focus two people at once (Kha'zix+Zed teamcomp)so you can ulti your AD carry, as well as yourself. It's just -very- situational, and it'd mean you have two instakill assassins against you. [img=items/hextech-gunblade.png] [highlight]Hextech Gunblade[/highlight] It's sheer, unadulterated damage. The only item that offers more Q damage to Kayle is Deathcap. Which is the only reason it is really here. [img=items/quicksilver-sash.png] [highlight]Quicksilver Sash[/highlight] QSS is the in-game item version of Cleanse. It's situational, like if you don't want to lose a summoner in return for losing an item. You can get Mercurial Scimitar afterwards, and it'd amp your Q and auto attack damage. So the item works, only reason it's not with the rest of you bronzies. <3 Jk [title]Bronze[/title] [img=items/trinity-force.png] [highlight]Trinity Force[/highlight] It's good for it's utility, the flat MS increase, and the higher-than-Lich Bane % MS increase, as well as attack speed, and the sheen active. If you really want to go -that- hybrid, I reccomend you also pick up Hextech gunblade and Guinsoos' [img=items/enchantment-furor.png] [highlight]Furur Enchantment[/highlight] As I've discussed a bit before, I value flat movespeed more, and % movespeed when it is constant. Furor isn't constant, and is only in place after you Q, or auto attack, therefor it's bronze-tier'd [title]Fool's Gold[/title] [img=items/enchantment-captain.png] [highlight]Captain Enchantment[/highlight] Why are you on the front line? GET OUT O' THERE! [img=items/frozen-mallet.png] [highlight]Frozen Mallet[/highlight] It's an expensive AD-HP item. Sure you slow people when you auto attack, but.. ლ(ಠ益ಠლ) AT WHAT COST?! [img=items/blade-of-the-ruined-king.png] [highlight]Blade of the Ruined King[/highlight] Before Kayle's damage amp was removed, I'd probably rate this the same spot as Wit's End if you got Liandry's. Now?... [img=items/rod-of-ages.png] [highlight]Rod of Ages[/highlight] It's a ramp up item, that gives selfish stats. 80 AP, and a decent amount of health and mana. Why don't I like it? Because unlike every other item, it doesn't work with your skills. For one, you have invincibility, why do you buy extra health? Maybe back when Muramana did magic damage would I value this. Now however? EEEEH. It's fool's gold in perfect definition, looks good, but once you scratch the surface it's as valuable as clay.

[highlight]Nashor's Tooth and you![/highlight] Nashor's Tooth, and inexplicably Stinger are key items for Kayle. They effectively double her DPS by increasing her attack speed, and decreasing the cooldowns on her abilities, meaning that for what Kayle get's out of it, the items are insanely cheap. The attack speed is important because it is effectively a second form of CDR for Kayle decreasing her E's CDR by increasing her attack speed causing her to have an effective damage increase of 50% DPS of her E, and a 20% DPS increase of her Q [img=skills/kayle/p.png]+[img=skills/kayle/e.png]+[img=items/nashors-tooth.png] Effectively, attack speed can act as not only a double CDR on your spells, but also an effective MR shred increase from Stinger and Nashor's Tooth, as the more you Q and the more you auto attack, up to a cap of 15% your opponents get squishier, meaning Nashor's Tooth essentially gives you 4 effective stats with a cheap 2500 price tag. [highlight]Wit's End vs. Void Staff[/highlight] [img=items/wits-end.png] [img=items/void-staff.png] Some may question my use of Wit's End over Void Staff, and to put it simply, Kayle's auto attacks actually reduce MR and Armor, meaning that when she hits her target 5 times, let's say they have 100 magic resist, it is reduced by 15. Because of this, Void Staff becomes less efficient, now only granting 28 Magic Penetration. It is still 3 more than what Wit's End offers you of course, however Wit's End also offers 43 damage on hit, the equivalence of a little bit less than 100 AP of damage, I'd say about 15 more damage than what Void Staff's AP offers you, while Void Staff still doesn't provide Magic Resist, it's selfish magic penetration, and doesn't offer you attack speed. [highlight]Why is the fight between Wit's End and Void Staff, and not Void Staff and Abyssal?[/highlight] [img=items/liandrys-torment.png] [img=items/abyssal-scepter.png] Quite simply, if we keep in Wit's End, still assuming the magic resist is 100.. [.]-15 Magic Resist from Kayle's passive. [.]-25 from Wit's End. [.]Grand total of -40 magic resist. Now we bring in Void Staff to remove 35% from 60, which is -21 magic resist. 1 more than Abyssal, 6 more than Liandry's. However we go to the item's alternate effects. -5% HP burn from Liandry's, non-selfish MR reduction from Abyssal, and the secondary stats of both items. (Health for Liandry's, Magic Resistance for Abyssal.) That makes Abyssal and Liandry's more valuable in my eyes. Now, as the MR discrepancy becomes bigger, let's say to 200 MR, then we have to take into account the power of Kayle's spells, to those of her allies, then to how much health shred you can do with Liandry's when picking an item. Meaning that later on in the game, if someone invests heavily in magic resist, it can definitely be worth it to invest into a voidstaff, and selling either Abyssal and/or Liandry's. My rule of thumb goes that if my target has 200 MR or more, but less than 3500 HP, I'll sell Liandry's for Void Staff. Second rule, if my target has 200 MR, and no other allies use your magic resist reduction of Abyssal heavily (I count Corki among these champions that use it.)then look at the enemy's team magic damage, and determine how well your Abyssal Scepter is keeping you alive. That's a hard call, but if you feel you don't need the magic resist, and the previous rule follows.. Sell your Abyssal.

[highlight]Jungle friends[/highlight] Kayle is a central [img=champ/vi.png] [highlight]Vi[/highlight] -claps hands and rubs them together- Ohhh yes. My favorite jungler to co-op with on Kayle. Every part of Vi's kit functions with Kayle's. Kayle's Q makes it easier for Vi to land her Q, Kayle's W does the same, Kayle's passive+E makes her % HP more powerful due to the armor shred, and Kayle's ultimate works with her R to make any dive she commits to the best dive OCE. [img=champ/nocturne.png] [highlight]Nocturne[/highlight] Champions have to fit a few criteria before they're my favorites. They have to be able to tank, be able to CC, be able to dive, and still deal damage. Nocturne does all of these, he also has a spell shield for blocking CC, functioning with your ulti's ability to make him immune to damage! [img=champ/nautilus.png] [highlight]Nautilus[/highlight] I believe any champion that can grab, snare, knock up, then slow, all while dealing damage and tanking is my definition of a best friend. He's one of my favorites, but he requires a little bit of baby sitting, but isn't teleport Kayle the definition of a baby sitter? :) He's well worth it once he hits 4-5 and 7-8. [img=champ/sejuani.png] [highlight]Sejuani[/highlight] She has Vi's Q without the slow down, and charge up time, does damage, and slows with an AoE stun. She's very nice to have, and makes my list from those alone. That and she's on a boar. [img=champ/aatrox.png] [highlight]Aatrox[/highlight] Well, you both have wings, and if he uses his skin his color scheme matches! I jest, Jungle Aatrox offers a potent slow, a knock up, and requires movement speed to stick, and get to his targets, while also assisting Kayle in getting to her targets. He's also got great sustain, decent DPS even while going tanky, and awesome survivability! I'd say the main flaw with Aatrox is that because one of his CCs is a slow, and because it adds multiplicatively with Kayle's slow, you're overall both weaker CC wise when focusing the same target. [highlight]Top Lane[/highlight] [img=champ/renekton.png] [highlight]Getwrekton, or as some call him, Renekton[/highlight] Good old alligator. He has a double gap closer, allowing him to get in, do damage, and get out, or simply chase even further, he has a stun, a ticking damage ultimate that makes him tankier, and a burst move that also grants him sustain. Renekton doesn't require Kayle ultis, unless in specific situations, but the sheer amount of damage, from his enraged slice and dice's armor shred, W-Q combo makes him a potent ally to have, as he and Kayle both shred armor, and mixing their CC's together is a very strong ball of damage, CC, and sheer survivability. If he feeds, then Kayle get's alligator skin boots. Win win right? :) With his long duration stun, durability granting ultimate, and sustain burst Q, he's a grade S diving buddy for sure. [img=champ/nasus.png] [highlight]Nasus[/highlight] I like him for some of the same reasons I like Renekton, he has a sustained, ticking damage ultimate, passive sustain, scales greatly into late game, and is a joy to gank for. He also shreds 50 armor with his E maxed, meaning like Renekton, he works well in helping Kayle shred enemy armor. Just make sure you don't stack each other's slow, or the result is a short lasting Kayle Q slow that doesn't slow for much at all. Nasus, with his most powerful slow in the game, armor shred, inherent tankyness with his ultimate and passive sustain, is a grade A diving buddy. [img=champ/riven.png] [highlight]Riven[/highlight] Riven is hard to kill. She shields, stuns, knocks up, all the while life stealing inbetween auto attacks. Let's give her a bit more healing with Kayle, movement speed, then make her invincible. Oh boy. Riven has great initiation if she can survive, great survivability if she's allowed to life steal, and amazing damage. It's worth noting you reduce armor, which also works amazingly well with Riven. With her stun, knock up, ability to chase people down, and do tons of damage, all the while shielding herself? Grade S diving buddy. [img=champ/rumble.png] [highlight]Rumble[/highlight] Rat on gundam? Eh. Anyways, Rumble has some of the highest DPS in the game with the combination of flamespitter and his ultimate. Combo him with Kayle turning him invincible as he burns your enemies alive, and granting him more movement speed? It's a match made in heaven. With his damage, slows, and personal mobility, and durability, combined with Kayle's ultimate, he's a grade A diving buddy to be sure. [img=champ/singed.png] [highlight]Singed[/highlight] He doesn't need his teammates in fights~! Uh, where was I? Oh yes, Singed is probably the tankiest champion in the League, with good damage, powerful slows that tenacity cannot help against, and an ultimate that regenerates his HP dramatically. Combine that with granting him even -more- movement speed, even -more- healing, and 3 seconds of invincibility? Ohh yes. We've got ourselves grade S diving buddy. [highlight]Support[/highlight] [img=champ/leona.png] [highlight]Leona[/highlight] Did you bring your sunglasses? No? Shame. Leona like Nautilus can basically single target suppress, by tagging with her E, perfect delaying her Q, then throwing her R down, while also using her ultimate's range to catch long range targets, doing everything in a reverse order. Her passive is great, and it's like a bit of extra damage to add to your own. She is yet another a grade S diving buddy, you don't even need to ulti her due to her W giving her so much inherent tankyness! [img=champ/sona.png] [highlight]Sona[/highlight] ... :) Mute lady here amplifies all your damage, her Q aura at rank 5 gives a total of 40 Q damage, and about 30 or so damage to your E auto attacks, she also has very high base damage, meaning she can even take advantage of your DFG with her Q Powerchord combo. She has a wide spread AoE CC, and can flash initiate and give durability and sustain with her W. Sadly she herself is squishy, making her an indirect diving buddy, that I rank at about B ~ A. [img=champ/annie.png] [highlight]Annie[/highlight] She summons a bear that you can ultimate, what more do you need? Well.. She has a level 1 AoE stun, a single target moderate range stun, an AoE click on stun, and inherent tankyness with her E along with high base damage. That work? She's a grade S diving buddy, you can teleport to her bear, and her bear will also tank turrets for a shot or two before it changes priorities, she has an AoE stun, and it hurts early-mid game. [img=champ/fiddlesticks.png] [highlight]Fiddlesticks[/highlight] A 3 second CC, an AoE.. Okay-ish damage ulti early and mid game, and a silence, as well as an MR reducing passive? Ding ding ding, we have a winner here folks. Fiddlesticks wins an all expense payed trip on a crowstorm to the enemy's turret, and a free 2 assists when Kayle homeguard TPs-ultis him and get's a double kill! (unless his damn birds steal the kills.) [img=champ/janna.png] [highlight]Janna[/highlight] I've had people disagree with me on this, however my feelings stand. She gives you +50 AD, which means +50 Q damage, and +50 auto attack damage, on top of increasing your survivability and being a play maker. She makes AD Carries that generally don't work, work, because the issue with some Marksmen is they lack an escape, so you make them invincible so they can auto attack for 3 seconds, and not much else. However with the amazing disengage of Janna's ultimate she can save even champions such as Ashe from sure death. On top of that she's a play maker, and can even be a diving buddy, by flashing in, and pushing people -out- of their defensive position. Granted due to the unreliability and chance that she can also save your foes, I'd rate her at a Grade B diving buddy. [highlight]Marksmen, who does Kayle even like?[/highlight] I've had people tell me 'Oh Kayle works well with Sivir because she's short ranged, or works well with this champion because they have no escape' The real answer? Champions with escapes. I'm not picky. If you have a built in escape, you are automatically gold/platinum in my book as an Marksman. Even Lucian and Quinn! So no, I am not picky. I have my preferences obviously, Ezreal, Caitlyn, Vayne, Tristana, Corki are all perfect for the same reason, great escape/range/poke/mobility, that abuse Kayle's kit to the letter T. As for Ashe, Sivir, Twitch.. Sorry guys, and you know I love you Twitch, just not when I play Kayle.

This is a short section on leashing and damaging small camps, as well as jungle objective securing. [highlight]Leashing[/highlight] With the changes to Leashing and the fact that buffs go after the closest target now instead of actually leashing, it's better to stick around and just damage the buff, use your E, and hit it 3-4 times, then leave. If you see your opponent in lane, leave immediatley, you winning your lane without jungle support is more important than a bit of extra damage sadly, and sacrifices have to be made. [highlight]Enemy Wraiths.[/highlight] Kayle isn't exactly a hit over the wall kind of girl. She needs to spend personal time with the big wraith, but with her burst that isn't an issue, a Q and a few auto attacks after getting double doran's and she will clear the small wraiths, it may take 2 Qs to actually completely clear the camp. [highlight]Blue Buff and Red Buff[/highlight] Kayle actually works pretty well with both, red increases her chasing capability, and blue increases her sustain in lane drastically allowing her to W sustain, as well as constantly poke and push with her E, and is capable of soloing buffs quite easily even with just double doran's, in the case of blue buff, she can easily take it out solo and not lose much HP so she can avoid calling her jungler away to baby sit her blue buff gathering especially once she hits mid-to-early game core. At early-mid, once you have your core, be a nice Kayle to that buff providing gank factory, if you see them taking wraiths, abuse your W's range, and give them a heal and a speedboost to their next buff, and keep them healed when they help you with your own buff as best you can, and when they walk near you. [highlight]Larger Jungle Objectives[/highlight] Once Kayle hits her mid game core. she actually deals significant damage per second to dragon, and baron. Obviously they're immune to debuffs therefor no shredding, but she can sustain a jungler, and work over the big guys at a moderate pace with her team, and in the case of dragon, can duo it quite easily with certain junglers. [highlight]Core Warding Positions[/highlight] [imgext=] This is just a small thing I made to show positions for good warding in my opinion throughout the laning phase. Safe ward spots : These spots should generally be warded constantly, a small amount of map awareness will let you place these safely. Solid Blue : Blue Side Solid Purple : Purple side Dangerous Ward Spots : These spots are more risky, but the reward is obvious, controlling the enemy's blue can help you dominate your lane even harder as you deny them mana regen, and cooldown reduction. You should see the enemy jungler near toplane, at his wraiths, or at his red before even considering these spots. Red Outline Blue : Blue Side Red Outline Purple : Purple Side

I rate these by a few categories, and their most annoying/dangerous trait to you, will be highlighted below the portrait. Also, I do not rate champions from 'easy' to 'hard.' Though you can generally guess that if a champion has a large amount of annoying traits, that they have a POTENTIAL to be annoying. This is not always the case. [highlight]Disengagement[/highlight] Disengagement champions are click on, or easy to land (on Kayle) skillshot champions that stun, root, snare, or massively slow Kayle to the point that she cannot keep aggressive against still try to go on the aggressive, just because you're snared, and stunned, you are still forcing your opponent back off of minions. [highlight]Pusher[/highlight] These champions stop you from roaming with constant pushing strength, and can also be their greatest flaw if you win your lane hard enough in some situations. [highlight]Narrow Ultimate Window[/highlight] It's a hard, or very niche/hard to telegraph window for you to ultimate yourself against these champions, and a second too early or a second too late can lose a fight. [highlight]Damage Per Second[/highlight] These champions have very consistent damage much like yourself, either early or mid-late game, and can be hard to trade with if not fought properly. [highlight]Gapcloser[/highlight] This champion cannot be kited, and can quickly get within melee range of you. [highlight]Escape[/highlight] These champions have a very good ability to escape from you, and leave your E range, without directly stopping you. [highlight]Survivability[/highlight] These champions are very bulky, and have good sustain, allowing them to somewhat ignore your poke, and eat your burst. [highlight]Roaming Threat[/highlight] If this champion cannot defeat you in lane, they will in turn punish your friends by roaming around the map and ganking. They generally have high mobility, or mobility abilities. ~~~~~ NOTE : Anything non-highlighted as a trait, is simply my opinion. I will state champions are easy/hard/annoying, if you do not feel the same, then I understand. Their base abilities to push, roam, disengage ect. are however, not my opinion. ~~~~~ [img=champ/khazix.png] [highlight] Kha'zix Escape/Pusher/Roaming Threat/Gapcloser/DPS[/highlight] Kha'zix is easy to poke and harass in lane, and you can negate most of his damage when he goes in to commit. Dodge his W's and focus on Q+Eing him in order to win every trade. Don't bother itemizing armor, in runes or masteries for he is easy to avoid. Buy plenty of pink wards when you are nearing his level 6 so that you can keep fighting him when he uses his ultimate. Always call MIA. [img=champ/zed.png] [highlight] Zed Escape/Pusher/Roaming Threat/Gapcloser/DPS[/highlight] He's pretty easy to fight so long as you don't let him get ahead. He's worth taking armor seals for because he can be hard to avoid and can chunk you if you just go scaling health/mana regen. Remember when ulti-ing his R to ulti after the mark has landed, and not before, otherwise you're spending precious ulti time blocking him gap closing on you, and not actual abilities or the mark explosion itself. It's worth it to dodge the damage after the mark lands, and not the mark explosion, because it decreases the damage of said explosion significantly, while also blocking his burst. [img=champ/lux.png] [highlight] Lux Disengagement[/highlight] Overall annoying to deal with as Kayle. Her snare, slow, and shield can keep you away from her and stop damage. She can farm with her ranged attack, and abilities combined with her passive making her difficult to punish for farming. She has a hard time killing you but is almost impossible for you to kill without great effort. [img=champ/anivia.png] [highlight] Anivia Push/Disengagement[/highlight] A skill shot stun, pretty good burst, and an AoE slow with a passive that makes her quite hard to dive. Overall a potentially annoying champion to deal with if played against incorrectly. Her stun is easy to dodge, and you shouldn't stand close enough for her to just double tap activate it. Poke her as much as you can pre-6, and hope you do enough to continue to be able to dominate post 6. At post 6, she can shove the lane much harder than you can, and makes roaming difficult, with a combination of her passive, ultimate, pushing capabilities, you lose the ability to deny her, if you haven't denied her well enough pre-6, and the lane goes into her favor. [img=champ/annie.png] [highlight] Annie Narrow Ultimate Window/Disengagement[/highlight] Not too threatening, she has a blockable ultimate, but is worth mentioning based on the fact that she can stun you, therefor disengage, and is easy to underestimate. Do -not- pop your ultimate until she uses her's. There's a grace period where you can actually hear tibbers yell, before he spawns and deals damage, if you master that timing, you can dominate Annie hard throughout most periods of the game, be mindful of her shield though. It -does- hurt if you hit her with it up too much. Overall, read for her ultimate, and never let her get free spells off, most she can do is Q and W you pre 6, after that, don't get afraid, Q and start auto attacking until she's lost more than you have. [img=champ/brand.png] [highlight] Brand Disengagement/Pusher[/highlight] Dodge his skillshots, he becomes ridiculously easy, he's highly telegraphed with his flame pillar, and stun skillshot, as well as his ultimate, easy to abuse and poke with good positioning. If you don't dodge his skillshots, then he provides pretty consistent damage, and constant pressure, in the form of pushing, and a disengaging stun. Don't underestimate his crowd controls, or his damage output post 4. [img=champ/cassiopeia.png] [highlight] Cassiopeia Disengagement/DPS/Burst/Narrow Ultimate Window[/highlight] Do -not- underestimate snake lady, and do -not- fight her when she's 6 unless you've got a fucking hair-trigger and can quickly read the wind up for her ultimate, poke her like crazy 1 through two and dominate her hard enough so her level 6 doesn't matter, if you don't she will eat your soul with rice and dumplings. If you don't, the best you can do is dodge her, and keep farming, and wait for her to engage onto teammates, and ultimate them. If you can get ganks, this is a very good opportunity, she will want to roam at some point with her move set, and a few wards, and awareness of where she goes can allow for a shutdown post 6. [img=champ/diana.png] [highlight] Diana Pusher/DPS/Gapcloser/Survivability[/highlight] Poke her like crazy pre-6, but don't underestimate her post 6. Her skillshot is actually pretty interesting, if you stay on the opposite side of which it sweeps (always the right side of the map I believe) you get quite a bit of reaction time to it, and can make it easy to dodge with good enough positioning, and activeness. Don't underestimate her when she hit's 6, test the waters a bit, don't go diving her. She does have periods where she's hard to click/target with her R and her shield is very potent in melee range, giving her good trade skill against you. On top of that, her passive allows for her to keep fighting while her cooldowns are up, and is a condensed version of your E, so it's very much worth your while to kite her as best you can. Her ultimate cannot simply be spammed, she needs to Q first, or deal with a 17 second cooldown. [img=champ/evelynn.png] [highlight] Evelynn DPS/Roam/Narrow Ultimate Window[/highlight] Yes. Evelynn, she's a powerful mid as many knows, not as powerful after the basic halving of her ultimate's scaling. Either way for Kayle she's cake. Kayle can easily out damage Evelynn even with constant Q spam from her 1-5 at the very least, but Eve has her escape which removes all slows which is very annoying to deal with for the blood thirsty. Ultimate her ultimate and you can win easily, even if it isn't easy to do so. Also try and keep your lane warded, and always call mia even if you saw her just go B. Last thing you need is your team unprepared for a Evelynn gank. Your best option is to either push your lane hard, or tail her as best you can when you see her leave your lane and counter gank. [img=champ/galio.png] [highlight] Galio Push/Disengage/Survivability[/highlight] A lot of AoE, pushing strength, and he likes his magic resistance, he -is- a pretty damn good counter to you. but don't fret, like most champions he can easily be poked, and even shut down if you work hard enough, if you can dodge his abilities, you have the potential to knock him out before he becomes too much of an issue. If a full HP post 6 Galio Flashes on your face, ultimate, as fast as you possibly can otherwise it probably won't end well for you. His bulwark can make him difficult to poke, as he actually sustains as you hit him, so aim to hit him while it's down, and avoid his skillshots as best you can, and keep consistently auto attacking him as much as you can early game. [img=champ/gragas.png] [highlight] Gragas Pusher/Disengage/Survivability/Gapcloser/Escape[/highlight] Chubby here is all skill shots, but he has very good sustain as well as durability. That can make him hard to kill, but easy to trade with. With a few skins, he flings out his Q sort of identical to the way he uses his R at 6. Get used to listening for his type of grunts when he uses both, and ultimate his ultimate and you should be able to survive, if not beat and kill him. His belly flop enables him to escape you quickly, and drunken rage allows him to regen his mana as well as peel off a percentage of your damage. [img=champ/heimerdinger.png] [highlight] Heimerdinger Pusher/DPS/Narrow Ultimate Window/Disengagement[/highlight] Issue with Heimerdinger is the fact that his turrets can easily be set up, and used to proxy you away from him, as well as his blind and stun stopping your E's lichbane proc, and overall, he's obnoxious to deal with, but not impossible with enough early game pressure, and being mindful of his turrets. He's a hard champion to ultimate against, because of the fact that he's got very short cooldowns on his main damaging abilities, and his turrets are pretty much auto attacking you, while it isn't necessarily a 'narrow' window, it is a very hard decision on when and how to ultimate against him. [img=champ/karthus.png] [highlight] Karthus Disengagement/DPS/Push[/highlight] Easy as hell to poke, harass, and kill. Be mindful of his defile, and don't take free hits when harassing him, Q + E puts you just on the border of his AoE, and he can start Qing you before you get into Q+E range, and his wall is a very good disengage/dive preventer/dive punisher. Be mindful of his passive, and troll him with your R. Do not underestimate the damage output of Laywaste, he can and will hurt you if you do not avoid them, and can easily kill you. If you leave lane, he can easily push hard, though not as hard as Heimerdinger, or Anivia. [img=champ/kennen.png] [highlight] Kennen Disengagement/Escape[/highlight] Easy as hell. Be mindful of the passive stacks, and [imgsmall=skills/kayle/r.png] his ultimate, you out trade, out damage, and can easily out farm Kennen, his lightning rush can be annoying for disengagement, but if you land Q pop your W and chip away at him because the slow plus the speed boost, allows you to outweigh his escape. In larger fights, he becomes more of a threat, and while his ultimate is easy to block, be mindful of who it is you should be ultimating, and who his team is focusing. Just because you and your AD Carry I caught in it, it doesn't mean that you shouldn't ultimate your tank/bruiser/support taking the rest of the team's flak. [img=champ/leblanc.png] [highlight] Leblanc Escape/Gapcloser/Disengagement/Roam/Narrow Ultimate Window[/highlight] Despite the fact that she has a lot of annoying traits; she is actually very easy to deal with. You out trade, and out farm her 1-5 and so long as you dodge her chain, and activate Q and E before she Sigil and jumps on you. She ss very simple to deal with, at 6, try not to hair trigger your ultimate, keep an ear out for noises she makes, if she makes two fast, repetitive noises matching with Sigil, pop your ultimate and you will win the engagement hard. She can easily get away, and roam and you should always follow her especially early game, usually it's okay to just push hard, and punish them for leaving, but a Leblanc really doesn't care, as she only has her early game, and she can't get it from you. [img=champ/mordekaiser.png] [highlight] Morgana Push/Survivability[/highlight] Huehuehue BR? But seriously. He's incredibly easy to fight, consistant DPS keeps his shield down, using your Q after taking down his shield allows for some serious punishment on him, be mindful of his ultimate and the fact that it heals and shields him. Try and ultimate for atleast part of it's duration to stop it. He's very hard to roam against, he is a very effective pusher, and can punish roaming, however you are also a good pusher, and he cannot roam either. Mordekaiser -loves- Wraiths, if you communicate with your team, and ambush him at them, he will away from minions to shield himself, and if you catch him after he starts hitting them, they will help in chipping away at him. Be mindful of the enemy jungler's position. [img=champ/morgana.png] [highlight] Morgana Disengagement/Pusher/Survivability[/highlight] She's another annoying champion who can easily disengage you, but her Q has a much slower movement speed, and doesn't go through minions/first target like Lux's Q so proper positioning and dodging and she actually becomes cake really, constant poke, not entirely magic based damage, basically means you can eat her soul quite easily with proper playing. And always [imgsmall=skills/kayle/r.png] her ultimate. It won't stop the slow and stun but it will stop the damage. She is can be hard to zone if not denied hard enough, and will start W'ing the caster minions, your best course of action is to push the lane hard after she uses her W, so she can't farm with it. (Note : She's your sister. Be mean anyways.) [img=champ/nunu.png] [highlight] Nunu Disengagement[/highlight] Funnily enough. You're a Nunu with range and a lichbane, but he's easily more annoying for you to deal with than you'd think concidering that.. He can stop a lot of your damage with iceball, but you both can trade evenly for the most part, if you manage to get a good Q+E off on him you can win trades. Note : You CANNOT cancel his ultimate, most you can do is ultimate to stop it's damage, but it still slows you and takes down your attack speed, making him nearly impossible to kill in lane, and he will always out sustain you. [img=champ/orianna.png] [highlight] Orianna Push/Disengagement[/highlight] She's actually rather simply to deal with so long as you're mindful of her ball's positioning, if you can keep away from it, and avoid dissonance's slow, and block her ultimate, you out trade, and out damage her hard enough to dominate her. She's another champion whom even if you shut her down her ultimate still is powerful if for nothing more than the crowd control, so remember to ultimate based on the enemy focuses, not just on who is more squishy on your team. [img=champ/talon.png] [highlight] Talon DPS/Roam[/highlight] You dominate him. Hard, like most anti casters, he's reliant on his silence to hurt you, however if you keep E active, and Q him you can stop him from farming, and getting to a point he can kill you, as well as deny him pretty hard, and stop his burst. He -can- get his full combo off in 1 silence, therefor negating your ultimate, but he shouldn't get so strong as to be able to 1 to 0 you, get enough farm, or even harass you at all and overall isn't a threat. Follow him when he roams, or push hard. Being AD he has follow up auto attacks obviously. [img=champ/twistedfate.png] [highlight]Disengagement/Roam/DPS[/highlight] With a stun that has a 5 second cooldown he is a big disengaging terror. With his Q and 5 second cooldown AoE slow he is a good pusher. With his ultimate can easily counter gank, and gank where you cannot. Fight him like you will any other, and don't take free harass, and at the very least you should win your lane with no exterior interference (him getting kills or assists in other lanes for instance) You should win most early game trades with him, but be mindful of his cooldowns, if you see him activate red/blue card, immediately press on him hard, he cannot out trade you with his Q alone. You cannot follow Twisted Fate, you can only push to counter gank. He also has follow up damage with his E, and you should never underestimate his stacked deck. [img=champ/veigar.png] [highlight] Veigar Disengagement/Push/Narrow Ultimate Window[/highlight] Very easy to bully. He has a powerful disengage but it can be quite easy to avoid, however he can hurt you a shitload if you get caught if not outright kill you even while behind. I recommend getting a QSS even if you feel you've shut him down. His ultimate without QSS however is very hard to block, which means once he hits 6, Whatever you do, do not get caught in his stun. You will regret it. [img=champ/viktor.png] [highlight] Viktor Disengagement/Pusher[/highlight] Solid disengagement, easy to poke and bully, not much of a threat really, his ultimate is easy to block, and his disengage is easy to bypass. Avoid the invisilaser. Not much noteworthy, I just remember a friend having issues against him as Kayle, don't walk into his slow-stun and you will be perfectly fine. [img=champ/vladimir.png] [highlight] Vladimir Pusher/Narrow Ultimate Window[/highlight] Vladimir is very difficult. Do not pick Kayle against him. . . . HAHAHAHA Good joke. Easy to poke and harass, every hit you make on him is as if you're stealing his mana, don't let him get farm, and overall, show no mercy. If you don't you will regret it, you need to go as aggressive as possible, he does out-scale you, and becomes very hard to fight if you don't deny him. You really can't roam against him, not because he necessarily punishes you, but because of the fact that you don't want him getting strong, try and stay in lane, and follow him when he leaves lane. [img=champ/ziggs.png] [highlight] Ziggs Push/Disengage[/highlight] He's the interesting specimen where he can actually out trade you in short fights. With his passive, and a well placed Q he can actually really hurt you early game if you give up the fight too fast, the longer the fight goes on, the harder you win it 1-2. Later on, when he gain's his satchel charge, and slow he becomes a bit hard to constantly fight, do -not- take his slow, his satchel is weak damage, and you can pretty much juggernaut his early game skillshots and out trade him. Once he hits 5+ do not do this without your ulti. [img=champ/zyra.png] [highlight] Zyra Push/Disengage/DPS/Narrow Ultimate Window[/highlight] Utter. Terror. Amazing disengage, pretty much has 3 separate ways to do it. Snare, Plants spawned from Snare that slow, and a knock up ultimate, if she get's blue buff you're going to be spending a lot of time dodging... Constantly dodging.. Do as much as you can level 1, be mindful of her level 2. A lot of Zyra's like either starting snare, or plant, if a Zyra starts W, poke her as much as you can. If she starts snare, be wary of the skillshot, and keep mobile, but always move towards her and force her back, if not kill her. If you get first blood, rush tier 2 boots as fast as possible in this situation. She is one of the biggest threats mid to you. Her damage is very hard to ultimate, because on one hand she has her spells but on the other her plants can do severe damage if left unchecked and her ultimate is rather instant, and hard to predict before you take the damage.

[highlight]Walking into Lane[/highlight] You've walked into lane, you've helped your jungler with their first buff, and now you're able to start actually laning. Now you need to put yourself dominant over your lane partner, your level 1 is stupidly powerful at this stage in the game, attacking constantly with your E and chasing your laning partner away from farm and XP is vital, especially against champions like [imgsmall=champ/ahri.png][imgsmall=champ/annie.png][imgsmall=champ/lux.png] ect. Because they quickly gain the ability to disengage, after that trading with them becomes a bit more challenging but not impossible you still have a high potential to out damage them, and fight them throughout most of early game, and mid to late game if you do your job right. [highlight]How to harass and Deny[/highlight] Immediately start using your E and auto attacking, make sure you never run straight at someone, unless you know for sure what they took, for instance, if you know Lux took her slow, and not binding, there's not much you can do but zone her out, and try and waste the cooldown on it. The more you hit your target, the more they hurt essentially, so constantly auto attack, your enemies' damage is based around cooldowns, whereas your damage is a constant auto attack, giving you the advantage of an AD Carry mid, with the AP scaling of a standard AP caster. [highlight]What is the reason for such early agression?[/highlight] You want to hit level two before your opponent, the more of a skillset your enemies get, the more powerful they become early game, you start off at a high strength, but lack what you need to truly commit, once you get your Q you can effectively execute your laning partner. [highlight]How?[/highlight] Assuming by this point you've knocked your opponent to atleast 3/4 of their HP, you may even be able to commit right away. At this point with my setup your E should deal around 30+62 give or take, and your Q around 90. Most mid champions, excluding a select few, won't be able to take much punishment, and you can easily commit, using Q and E and continuously auto attacking. Always ignite as you use your Q so that you get the +10 damage from Ignite's passive, if you didn't take the ignite passive and went 9/0/21, why didn't you go teleport? :) [highlight]Can't I just farm?[/highlight] You are not a classic or standard mid, Kayle is a champion who starts off at a high strength in lane, and can maintain that strength throughout the entire game. But that isn't why you send her mid, her E early game is such a powerful denial source, and her very good scaling allows her to fully abuse it compared to champions like Teemo for instance. If you don't deny your opponent, harass, or kill your opponent, you will be mostly there for utility and minor burst, without having an incredibly high impact mid game. It's why I'm willing to sacrifice her laning phase summoners, in return for the team oriented teleport 90% of the time.

[highlight]An intro to the mid game[/highlight] You've hit mid game, we'll assume you hit the ground running so to speak, at this point I'm going to assume you had your core of Boots Double Rings, if not a stinger or fiendish codex, the situation in which you get either or depends on your enemy. If they're playing far back, and/or have built a doran's shield, it's better to get the codex for more AP, if they're in a position where even without your Q you are getting 3-4 auto attacks off, stinger is very nice. If you can constantly auto attack it is very nice because it actually requires the enemy to get both armor -and- magic resist early game, or many potions. [highlight]My status on sustain and what I should be focusing on[/highlight] At this point you're getting blues, and your W is a potent speed boost, you can gank lanes, help secure dragons, and can relax into a support-ish role until you get your hands on a target and can suitably wring it's neck like a wet towel. [highlight]Overall Mindset[/highlight] This -is not- early game, you don't want to trade with anyone who can trade back at the same rate, unless you are very far ahead. (AKA Don't stand in melee range of Jax trading autoattacks. He wins.) Your W is to be used on initiators that need to get close, and to help position and sustain your team when they take poke. Make sure you watch their HP values so you do not heal them above their max HP, and take into account their life steal, and the saftey of said life steal. That said, while pushing as a team, if your AD has a complete lifesteal item (bloodthirster, botrk) don't wave the lane, and let them life steal. Focus on farming, and only roam as needed, you are a very good pusher with this setup, and can quickly take out caster minions in 2-3 hits, and melee's in 4-5, keep your lane warded, and keep yourself farmed, always be mindful of ganks, for both enemies, and allies, and keep your eye on your laning partner, if you see them leave, try and cut them off, if you see them go for blue, or know their blue will be up soon, inform your jungler, and keep tabs on it so you can try and ambush them and the enemy jungler at it. Obviously depending on who your jungler is and who the enemy jungler is.

[highlight]Late game and what it means for you and your team[/highlight] At this point the lanes are starting to converge, but not entirely, mid is sometimes bot more than they are mid, the AD Carry is now focusing more on objectives than farming, and overall the game is turning from a series of 2v2s, 1v1s, 3v2s and 3v1s, into the eventual 5v5s that the game is entirely based upon. [highlight]Objectives, and how to secure them[/highlight] At this point you should be securing dragons, you can work them over quickly, especially while abusing your attack speed and your burst damage, and turrets fall at a decent pace as well. It's important to note when taking turrets, only activate E if you are at risk. It will not deal any additional damage. Also. Hitting turrets will -not- splash onto targets near turrets with E up. [highlight]State of farm[/highlight] Be mindful that you have others on your team. You aren't 1v5ing. If you see a malphite that needs farm, or an amumu, AD Carry, ect. let them farm as well. There's nothing to be gained by wiping out waves of minions, and leaving your team to starve, only tend to lanes not currently being tended. [highlight]Decision making and things to watch for[/highlight] Keep aware of allies health, and what is happening to them. I've turned around 'Yep. GG' situations many times by Flashing to get into ultimate range or W range to save someone. Just make sure they're worth saving as far as their overall team value. Don't waste a Flash, or even an ultimate on a Taric or Soraka. They aren't worth keeping alive compared to saving those summoner's to save yourself, or initiators/carries. Some supports are definitely worth the weight though such as Sona, Janna, Leona ect. with amplifiers on items such as oracles or how close a teamfight is. [highlight]Surprise Kayle Love and Affection![/highlight] Kayle has a very scary habit of scaring the crap out of people. Especially when she gives herself good ward coverage, ambushing at wraiths, buffs, and while navigating the map can be a fun thing to do, and it's also possible to Flash Q E to knock someone to damn near critical if not outright kill them. Be mindful that using Flash this way -can- be a waste, take into consideration the value of an escape, and the possibility of not catching a target without the summoner spell blown, as well as this character's value to the team. Support without Oracles or an AoE crowd control for instance isn't worth a Flash Q and E while an AD Carry, the enemy jungler, AP carry ect. can all be worth it. Just weigh in the risks, and costs. Last thing you need to do is to assassinate a Teemo, then see a charging Hecarim, and Kassadin and wishing you had a better escape than your 30% speed buff and 3 second invincibility.

[highlight]Important mindset to have, and decisions to make[/highlight] You are not the chosen one, you are not the sole carry, and let's face it, getting close enough to Q E most of the enemy team causes pain and is potentially fatal. You have fallen into a 1v1ing support clean up. Keep allies healed, your carries protected, speed em up and tell your counterpart on the enemy team to go to hell with your ultimate, Q enemy divers, keep them off your team, and bide your time, and be patient until your own initiators, and divers set up a window for you to go in and fight, your W is mainly for sustain, your ultimate is there to protect the important targets of your team, and your Q and E are at the ready to push back bruisers, and clean up the enemy team after your own bruisers go in. When your team does go in, W the initiator, be sure you know who the hell that is. Don't sit there W'ing an Olaf when there's an Amumu who would love so very much to be the center of the attention for once. 30% movement speed is nothing to joke about, and nothing to squander and waste. When fighting, you want to focus those whom deal damage first. Focus your counter part, or the enemy AD Carry, preferably the latter. Your counter part has items they can easily build which grants them survivability to your burst, athene's, lichbane, abyssal ect. all provide very decent protection, while AD Carries are mostly squishy, but be mindful of your positioning, if you push out too far, you push your tanks out and backline out with you, and you, and you alone can ruin a team fight. [highlight]Always be prepared, and always do what is best for your team[/highlight] Before team fights, keep stocked in elixers, you never know when a small amount of attack speed, or even just a hundred health will mean the difference between a won teamfight, and a failure. If your team is not warding, and you have space. Ward. I don't care who you are, or how special mommy say's you are. >_> [highlight]Who to focus, and why[/highlight] The focus is -not- always a 'carry' if your enemy has a 0/20 Twisted Fate and a 0/9 Twitch. DON'T FOCUS THEM Let's face it, they can't do anything, focus the one who's strongest, this won't always be the case, and the ones with the most damage will most likely be a 'Carry' but always be aware of when they -are not- a carry. 20/0 Sona is always more scary than 0/1 Twitch.. Usually. If you can't get to your enemy's backline before the risk increases again, focus on a frontline champion who hasn't blown important abilities yet, if you can knock a ultimate available Malphite down to half or lower HP in a fight, you can remove a deadly diver, and peeler from your enemy team. Do not waste time considering targets, or trying to catch a target who's running from the fight. Clean up who is in the fight, and deal with stragglers later. Ones in the fight are still dealing damage, the ones running, aren't. Be smart.

As a final disclaimer. I am NOT a professional player. You can even look me up I'm silver division II and was sub 1.2k last season. Nor do I claim to be a good player, or some sort of expert. I just feel this style of Kayle is (no longer) underestimated, and undervalued, and I hope that my guide inspires people much better than me, or that it proves to be the nail in the coffin for my idea. In my current state-of-the-game it has proven effective, and an absolute stomp in lane, and I hope you at least have fun trying. Summoner name CorsairUlciscor Some gameplay footage I'm starting to scrounge up for S3, requires LOLReplay, unless someone wants to stream/broadcast this for whatever reason : The Ranked that wasn't. I thought this game was ranked, but it turns out it was just a normal that I tried a bit too hard to win. I made quite a few micro mistakes, but it shows you Kayle's utility and damage potential. (PS LolReplay be busted for me) ~~~~ This build may not work for you, and it may be difficult at first, before first trying this setup I already had several games. Over two hundred Kayle games, not counting bot matches obviously, before even attempting the build. So far I've had success in teaching a friend to do it, and even with complete lack of knowledge of Kayle, and he even built trinity instead of lichbane, he was still able to carry a game by himself. I can't say the success will go for everyone, I can't say that my way of building Kayle is best, what I can say is : She hurts, provides a lot of utility, and a lot of damage overall and works in a large amount of team compositions, and against a very large amount of AP mids. I'm not great at Kayle, or even at this build I created, but it's proven effective for me. That said, I plan to take this build into ranked, once I can honestly say I trust myself with it 100%, and once I can make my team trust me with it. And I shall update this guide as much as possible. I'm always learning new things, and finalizing parts of my guide in draft. For further match ups, If there's a match up you feel is worth mentioning, or that you've had issues with that I haven't mention, or you feel I have not discussed in enough of a degree, let me know in the comments, and I will update my guide accordingly. Read, Review, and criticize!

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