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Diamond Support Soraka Guide [5.14]

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Hi, I'm Vafiyag on the NA server currently sitting at D5 with about 50 points. I've been constantly promoting to D4 and demoting back to D5, but don't mind that. T_T This is my opgg, I currently have a 75% winrate with her in 20 total games. [b][b][img=][/b][/b][b][/b] [b]Pros:[/b] - Has an insane heal - Stong utility in her silence - Can globally heal - Can sustain through almost any botlane - Can carry Vaynes [b]Cons:[/b] - Immobile and Squishy - Requires good positioning to be played to her utmost - Can be picked easily - Draws alot of attention in teamfights - Can't initiate [b]I'm here to talk about Soraka: The Starchild.[/b] Soraka is a strong pick in soloQ right now for her unrivaled ability to heal her teammates and provide them with her utility. She can make almost any laning phase difficult for the opposing bot lane if played right since she'll be able to sustain through most lanes harass and take advantages off of that. She allows her team to play more recklessly and make plays while constantly healing them and disrupting the enemy with her slows and silences. She also has a global heal as an ultimate that lets her save teammates from across the map if you have the map awareness to do so. Soraka also forces enemy teams to focus her in order to stop the immense healing during teamfights. You inherently take a lot of the pressure off your teammates and if the enemy team can't kill you, they'll most definitely lose the fight.

Soraka's early game is actually good in the right match up's. She can support most any ADC's although she does very well with ADC's with pressure. The better the ADC the more you can do in the lane (similar to Janna). Start W and leash for your jungler, when you see his health dip from about 2-3 hits heal him and head to lane. You want to push the lane for level 2 so you can sustain with starcall and trade hits with the enemy botlane. Tell your ADC to be aggressive and not afraid to take hits from the support/ad. Landing Q's is easy if you watch minion health and enemy champion movement. When you know that the ADC will last hit the creep, throw the Q out so that no matter where they go, they'll be hit by the wide skill shot. If you manage your mana well with your biscuits/mana potion, you can stay in lane for a long time as Soraka. Watch the map for allies to heal once you level up your ultimate, if an ally dies and your ult is up, theres the chance that you could've made all the difference there. Your goal at this part of the game is to get your ADC and advantage and not die. Ward the entrances to bot lane and help pink ward your side of the map.

You should be moving around the map now warding points of the map that you'll need to have vision of like Dragon/Mid lane or Midlane + enemy jungle. Only do this when you have sufficient vision of the enemy team since Soraka can be caught very easily and give away advantages to the enemy team. Once teamfights start, stay back and don't put yourself into a dangerous position. Your team gets exponentially more worth the longer your alive and the more heals that you can put out. If you notice nobody is diving you, feel free to move about the teamfight healing low health targers and disrupting the enemy. If the enemy is focusing you, peel back and dont be afriad to use your summoners to get out. If your winning focus on taking more of their map + map vision away from them and itemize so that they can't kill you or your team. If your behind, ward your jungle and play safely. Wait for the enemy team to make a mistake and capitalize. Soraka does this very well, the amount of healing she can do is deceptive and can bait the enemy team into thinking they can insta-gibb one guy, but your heals turn around the fight. Around this time you should have your Banner of Command finished. Whenever the CD is up, go into a sideline that's pushing and transform the siege minion. While you push the other side of the map the enhanced minion will put alot of pressure on the enemy team to respond and you can take free objectives through that if the enemy doesn't respond correctly.

Keep warding and maintaining vision for your team. Your at your strongest at this point since your heal is maxed out now and have alot of tools to help your team. Play with the notion that if a teamfight erupts your the first one to be dove. Play safely and heal whoever you can, ult when your team is low as a unit, disrupt divers with silence, and continually heal yourself with well-placed Q's throughout the fight. Dont forget to use your actives either, Mikaels and Zhonya's can help you and your team survive CC and strong burst. Exhaust the person with the highest kills and is AD, the exhaust is brutal to assassins and divers.

You should pick Soraka into poke lanes mainly since she sustains so well against them and they tend to not have kill pressure on her like Leona/Blitzcrank. This helps you get into the mid-late game easier where you'll be more impactful. I hope this guide helped you learn to play the goat! This is a VOD of Aphromoo playing Soraka against Alistar [vid=] This is a VOD of the one and only Faker playing Soraka support in KR challenger SoloQ [vid=] This is a reddit AMA made by Consensual Clown, a Soraka One Trick Pony who reached top 50 challenger playing Soraka. He plays her more AP oriented and it's interesting to hear his thoughts on the champion.

Thank you for reading my first guide on Solomid for Soraka!

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