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  • 9
    Greater Mark of Attack Damage (+0.95 attack damage)
  • 9
    Greater Seal of Armor (+1 armor)
  • 9
    Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction (-0.83% cooldowns)
  • 3
    Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed (+4.5% attack speed)
18 Ferocity
5/ 5
0/ 5
0/ 1
1/ 1
0/ 1
5/ 5
0/ 5
1/ 1
0/ 1
5/ 5
0/ 5
0/ 1
1/ 1
0/ 1
12 Cunning
0/ 5
5/ 5
0/ 1
1/ 1
0/ 1
5/ 5
0/ 5
0/ 1
1/ 1
0/ 5
0/ 5
0/ 1
0/ 1
0/ 1
0 Resolve
0/ 5
0/ 5
0/ 1
0/ 1
0/ 5
0/ 5
0/ 1
0/ 1
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Skill Order
Piercing Light
Ardent Blaze
Relentless Pursuit
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Lucian's a versatile, well-rounded AD Carry with large amounts of outplay potential. He’s an extremely safe pick, and if played well is able to beat out most of his lane competitors without much help. He tends to be strong throughout the game, and isn’t necessarily reliant on item power spikes compared to other AD Carries. Furthermore, his mobility gives him amazing clean up and DPS potential in teamfights, and gives him the opportunity to position aggressively while at the same time being safe.

While Lucian is an extremely strong pick, he still suffers disadvantages compared to the other meta ADs in terms of numbers and overall statistics. These disadvantages make it so that in order to win, you’re reliant on outplaying your opponents and do not have as much room for error. With that being said, he’s still an extremely strong pick, and in the right hands will always be a relevant threat to the enemy team.

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Good Supports: Lucian’s super lane dominant and falls off hard late game because of his low range, so you want stuff like Janna and Nami to help set you up and to get close and personal

Disengage Supports:With these supports, you’ll tend to be doing most of the damage in lane and setting up your own kills by poking the enemy low and dashing in. These supports are really good at helping you fight 1v2 safely. You will probably have to play a bit more passively, as their usefulness comes in the form of CC and not damage.

  1. Good for lane, but she’s off meta as her Q is difficult to land in lategame fights, making her a lot less effective than Janna.
  2. Make use of her E charges, all her spells give you a movement speed boost and you can very easily dash in and out while trading with the enemy with her.
  3. If she lands a Q, you get really free damage on whoever she hits.
  4. Try not to take too much damage as her heal costs a lot of mana.

  1. She’s a good support for most of the game. She helps enable you to 1v2 in lane while being able to protect you, and she’s great at helping you out in the teamfighting phase.
  2. Generally speaking you just want to get off as many auto attacks and spells on the opponent in the duration her shield is on you.
  • However, note that once the shield is broken you should immediately back off
  1. Janna can’t really engage for kills, so you have to be really careful when trying to fight

  1. She can instantly negate any bad trades you make by just healing you up.
  • Generally speaking, you would be frontlining for her in lane because of this.
  • However, she cannot save you from dying to burst damage, so be careful of high burst champions like Corki, and make sure you’re healthy enough to survive an engagement for more than half a second before fighting.
  1. Her Qs do decent damage, and she’s reliant on hitting them to sustain in lane
  • In addition to the fact that she can heal you through quite a bit of damage, extended trades actually work out in your favour since she’ll be able to hit multiple Qs while healing you, while the enemy laners probably can’t heal at all.
  1. Her E is more of a disengage tool, so you can’t rely on it to start a fight

Aggressive Supports: These supports are really good at setting you up to dash in and get kills. Generally they have a hard CC that they can land, and they will often go into fights with you and help you soak up damage while you kill the enemy laners.

  1. You have really good trade and kill potential when he hits his Q.
  • It’s very easy for Lucian to pop Braum’s stun.
  1. His shield and W makes you really safe for when you fight, as he can give you additional tank stats plus absorb a lot of damage while you kill people.

  1. Whenever Thresh hits a hook, you can dash in, auto, and get a Q off for a very free trade.
  • A mistake a lot of low elo players do is that they sometimes go in too hard on a hook.
  • Be careful that you’re not getting ganked when capitalizing on a hook that hit, because a gank in that situation will most likely lead to your death.
  1. Your all in potential is really strong with a Thresh, so always be ready to go in if you’ve poked the enemy laners down


This matchup is very dependant on the support.

  1. Kalista’s condition for winning lane is having her support set up rend stacks.
  2. Lucian’s win condition is good wave management with Q pokes.
  3. If she has a sustain support that can nullify your poke, you want to play safer.
  • Your best chance with smashing the lane would be to have your support set up good ways to all-in the Kalista.
  • If you don’t have a good opportunity to all-in, just sit back and farm

If she doesn’t have a sustain support.

  1. Just poke with your Q, don’t go for all-ins unless you have a chunk that gets her to approximately half hp, then you can dash in for the kill.
  2. Your support needs to back you up and try to make it so she can’t get many rend stacks on you
  • If Kalista has a melee support, you want to get pushed on and freeze, so the melee support will have a hard time proccing her W
  • If she has a ranged support just shove

This is a really hard matchup for Lucian

  1. Prioritize dodging .
  • If you get hit you automatically lose the trade, regardless of what you do. So be careful of level 1.
  • Generally, the way you’ll win a trade is by landing your own Q and dodging his
  1. To start a trade, through a creep, auto, dodge his Q with a , and then get a second set of autos on him
  2. He has higher range and slightly better push, a slightly better level 6, and be careful of the package.
  • Because of his slightly better push, your best bet is to try to keep the wave even with him
  1. Be careful of his Sheen/Longsword buy, which is more damage than your BF Sword
  2. Abuse him early if you can
  • At level 3, you want to spam your through creeps to poke him and keep him down
  • You will be relying on your support to initiate trades after this

  1. You have a much better laning phase than Jhin
  2. Poke him through creeps
  3. Make sure you dodge his or you’ll lose the trade
  4. When he’s reloading, dash in to get a free auto attack
  5. Make sure to shove

  1. Always poke him through the creeps, if you walk past them to auto attack it leaves you very vulnerable to his Qs.
  2. Punish him when he misses a Q by dashing in and getting a double auto on him.
  3. Stay within your creep wave.
  • You want to make sure it’s constantly pushing.
  • You’ll win every trade where you’re standing in your creeps, and lose every trade where you’re standing away from them.
  1. Try to learn how to read his Qs. If you can dodge every single one, you’ll definitely win the lane, but if you constantly get hit, you’ll definitely lose it.

  1. In Patch 6.3, Kog’maw is really broken and you will probably lose the matchup
  2. Your largest opening is at level 1 when his W is on cooldown
  • An equally skilled Kog’maw will win every trade against you past this point
  1. If he wastes his E to push, you should dash in and try to punish
  • If he has his E, be very careful of dashing in as he can E you and chase your down with his W
  1. Only thing you can really do is call for a gank

  1. You want to try to hit her by using your through creeps
  2. Make sure you dodge her and ; generally she will Q the minion wave, so don’t stand inside it if you can help it.
  3. To play around her range, you either want to sit outside of it, or get really up close and personal to fight her
  • Never stand in a spot where she can hit you, but you can’t hit her
  1. Try your very best to never walk over a trap of your own accord, doing so will probably make your lane very hard to win.

Your allows you to dictate the pace of the lane.

  1. It allows you to poke and push at the same time.
  2. Generally, with low range/melee supports, you want the wave to be frozen and even so your support has the option of walking up and denying the enemy lane.
  3. With a ranged support, you generally want to shove the wave and poke the enemy while you’re under tower

If you successfully land a lot of Qs on the enemy, you will probably be able to have great kill pressure.

  1. Use it as often as you can, and try to constantly be in a position where you can use it to do good damage

Making good use of the extra damage from your passive can really.

Be careful with using your E too much, but don’t hesitate to use it to dodge spells like Corki’s Q or Kalista’s Q.

Save your W for when there’s a full on engage or when you’ve won a trade and you can get in an extra auto.

Before a teamfight, always look for an opportunity to use your to poke someone low before the fight begins.

In a teamfight, make sure you spam your abilities and keep them on cooldown, while weaving an autoattack in between each cast.

  1. You can auto -> Q -> auto -> E -> auto -> W -> auto -> E which is generally how you would start your DPS combo in a teamfight.
  2. In an extended teamfight, always look to Q -> auto -> E -> auto -> Q …. and so on.
  3. Make sure you use your E to interrupt your passive’s auto attack animation.
  4. If you manage to weave all your spells and attacks properly, you’ll be dealing truckloads of damage to whatever you’re hitting.

As with all AD Carries, always attack what you’re in range to hit.

  1. If you can only hit a tank, hit the tank.
  2. If you can choose between hitting a tank and a squishy, hit the squishy.

With Lucian, you have pretty low auto attack range, meaning that there are times where you’ll have to E in to start attacking people. This is generally fine, so long as you are mindful that nothing will turn and instantly kill you (so don’t E into range of a LeBlanc or Zed when they still have their cooldowns or E into a Malphite who still hasn’t used his ult).

  1. If you’re chasing down weakened enemies, casting your WE combo can help you catch up

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