Azir Build Guide

From Shurima to the Rift: A Silver guide for Silver players against Silver players

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    Greater Quintessence of Ability Power (+4.95 ability power)
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    Greater Glyph of Magic Resist (+1.34 magic resist)
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*Warning, I wrote a fucking book on how to deal with Fizz because I seriously despise that champion.

I'm fucking Silver, I doubt anyone even cares who I am lmao.
Azir Azir Azir. This guy was released with a shit ton of bugs, and still has some bugs, which makes playing him and playing against him quite annoying. As most people know, Azir has a really good late game, and I mean REALLY FUCKING GOOD LATEGAME. Azir scales really well, and scales pretty evenly as the game goes on, so naturally, Azir's weakness is his early game, which, by the way, is not weak at all.
This guide will cover Azir's early game playstyle, and let you transition smoothly into the late game, where you're pretty much set for easy teamfights and easy objective controls.
Just a brief introduction though, because Azir can be a little complicated, Azir's main damage late game comes from his soldiers. Azir's Q is used as a tool to reposition his soldiers to keep damaging enemy champions. Azir himself actually stands farther than the ADC in teamfights. Many people would consider Azir as a high skill champion, while that is true, I want to make it clear that Azir is a high skill CAP champion, meaning that you don't have to be Bjergsen to carry games, especially in Silver.
This guide will cover what to do in the early game, what items are most optimal, and go over some common mid lane match ups. However, the most important section of this guide is the tips section, which will cover some likely scenarios as well as tips and tricks to being a better Azir player. Remember that mechanics can be acquired by playing a few custom games and getting the feel for the champion, but tactical decision making is something that can only be acquired through playing the game. Azir's mechanics are not complicated, but the decision and judgement is what differentiates Azir players.

Go to lane, pop a soldiers near the casters, and start killing them. You want to reach lv 2 as fast as possible. Meele minions take more hits to kill, and do less damage than casters, so get the casters out of the way. The wave will not move from the position, so you're not actually pushing the wave in the first few minutes, just getting rid of the damage so your wave dies slower. After you kill the three enemy casters, focus on the three meeles. You need 8 minions to reach lv 2, so kill the lowest health minions. When the second wave arrives, you dont have to prioritize the 2nd wave casters, just kill minions that are low.
Once you get lv 2, wait for your opponent to go for a cs. You can see your own minion's health, so you will know which one your opponent is going for. Position yourself near the minion that your enemy is going for, summon a soldier on top of the enemy mid laner, auto attack, use Q, and auto attack again. This will guarantee a Thunderlord proc. If you can proc Thunderlords level 2, there's a high chance that the enemy will be forced to blow potions, and you've effectively gained lane pressure. It is really important to proc Thunderlords because you can easily win lane by out sustaining your opponent.
Get E level three in case you over extend and need an escape. You have flash, but why blow flash when you can just use E and leave. If you have lane dominance at this point, play extra aggressive, because you have E and Flash to get out of sticky situations. Max Q and continue pressuring, you still have E and Flash, so don't worry about ganks.
Level 6, DO NOT ALL IN. AZIR'S WALL ACTUALLY DOES SHIT DAMAGE. Unless your jungler is coming, do not do the Azir Insec, its not worth, it takes tons of mana, and you can easily fuck up and not the a kill. Also, if you've been pressuring your enemy mid lane all this time, chances are, the enemy mid lane is at his turret, an Azir Insec will put you in tower range and you will take tower hits. There's no need for that kind of risk.
Regardless of what people say, Azir is a shit roamer, especially early game. E has a ridiculous cooldown early levels, so you pretty much have to walk all the way to the lane you want to gank. If you get spotted by a ward, GG, go back mid. Even if you get to the lane you want to gank, you MUST pull off your Azir Insec, otherwise the enemy will get away. This is because Azir has no hard CC that is reliable to land early game. Your objective should just be to push and keep the enemy mid lane from roaming.
Zed - This guy has poke, and will probably try to poke you out. If you hide behind minions, his Q does less damage. Once he has level 2, be wary of the Shadow. Against Zed, just push, you're not looking to win lane. Whatever happens, DO NOT GET PUSHED UNDER TURRET, because Zed will just take free shots at you while you are last hitting. If you keep him under turret, Zed will use his Q to last hit. On your first black, buy a Seeker's Armguard. It will GREATLY reduce the amount of poke damage you take from Zed's Q.
Leblanc - This is a hard one. I'd honestly just buy Negatron cloak on my first back to negate damage. That way, I won't be able to be bursted down, and my lane phase will be easier. I'd even go as far as getting Stinger and finshing my Abyssal before getting on with my build.
Fizz - As of 6.10, Cleanse no longer drops the shark. This is bad news. This means that, before you could avoid the knock up, which is the crucial part of Fizz's ability to catch up, but now you cannot. You will be heavily zoned past level 6 because Fizz players have higher chances to kill you, due to the inability to drop the knock up from Fizz ult. Taking Teleport will ensure that you can back safely and get to lane without missing too many minions.
Against Fizz, RUSH NEGATRON. Like, you might not even have time to finish Stinger, but if you don't get Abyssal Scepter, you are donezo. I hate Abyssal first item, no attack speed, slight CDR, and barely any AP, but its for your own good so you don't feed the Fizz. Unfortunately, you picked Azir into Fizz, so the last thing you want to do is be solely responsible for Fizz's killing spree.
Honestly, don't push. As scary as Fizz is, no Fizz player would try a dive level 3 if you are full health, Fizz just doesn't have the items nor the CDR to spam E and dodge tower shots, also Fizz doesn't have ult. As Azir, you need to extend lane phase as much as possible, and keep Fizz on his Corrupting potion buy. Tell your jungler to fuck off and never come mid, because you won't be doing jack shit against Fizz. You are straight playing defensive from the get-go, and your jungler could, no jokes, ruin your lane phase by accidentally pushing against Fizz. You need to play like a bitch till level 5, at which you need to SHOVE. SHOVE THAT SHIT BACK! Go back to base, get your negatron, as well as any Daggers, Amplifying tomes, Doran's Rings, that you can afford, and TP back to your tower. Now Fizz is most likely going to try and shove back, because he thinks you went back to base. If you TP back to lane, you will have an item advantage, and Fizz will be forced to defend his tower, or risk losing a ton of minions and tower health. This is good, because, now that you have Negatron Cloak, and Fizz is still sitting on his Corrupting Potion, Fizz will not be able to one shot you since he has no AP or CDR items. You can happily sit under your tower, or push the wave back. BUT NEVER EVER EVER PUSH THE WAVE TO FIZZ TOWER AGAIN. You did this the first time so you could get some items, the next time you back, you might not have Teleport up. You need to freeze this wave and keep Fizz in lane. Remember that, Fizz cannot one shot you with Corrupting Potion alone if you have Negatron. Fizz needs at least a Sheen and some CDR. If you prevent him from going back by constantly pushing, but never pushing far enough so that he can freeze on you, you will keep him in lane. Remember, it doesn't matter if you're not getting any powerspike items, you just need to keep Fizz busy while you get CS and ramp up those levels.
Ahri - This match up depends on if Ahri uses Q. Basically, Ahri's main spell is Q, and its on a fairly long cooldown (8 seconds). Without Q, Ahri cannot harass. As soon as Ahri uses Q, start working on the caster minions and proceed as normal. If Ahri reaches level 2 before you, instantly back off. Ahri's E means that she will hit 15% extra damage, along with ignite, Ahri can easily burst you while you are charmed. Ahri's Q does true damage on the way back, and if you get hit by charm, Ahri will be guaranteed full damage on Q. If you hit level 2 before Ahri, proceed to force her off the wave by W and Q to try and land a Thunderlord proc.
Talon - Same thing as Zed.
TF - Just push and poke. This guy has no damage early game except if he lands a full combo on you, but if you stand behind minions and poke from afar, TF will not walk up, stun, Wildcard, auto, unless he wants a ton of minion damage. When you see TF pick a card, just walk back and wait for gold card to time out.
Teamfight champions
Syndra, Veigar - Same thing as TF. If you are getting dominated by a good Syndra player, buy Negatron cloak on first black. Treat Syndra like an assassin if you are losing.
Lissandra - This champ pushes as fast as you do, and she gets free spells. Lissandra is also really good at assisting early ganks. I'd just play passive, clear waves, and wait till mid game when you have more items. Don't let her push you in.
Orianna - Pay attention to her ball, that's her key. Remember that she can shield your Thunderlord proc, so Q + auto, then wait till her shield runs out. Most of the time, you won't be in range for another auto, but keep your Thunderlord proc until she least expects it.
ADC mids
Lucian - This is a skill match up. If the Lucian is good, stay away from minions, CS from the side. Lucian will still try to angle his Q so that it hits you through minions. Lucian is played as a mobile spell caster, not a standard ADC. Lucian has good burst damage early, so stay away from this guy. Harass from range because Lucian is short ranged. When Lucian hits level 6, BACK OFF AND STAY WITH MINIONS. This guy can easily clear waves and still hit you with his ult, so make sure you always have 3-4 minions in front of you. If the Lucian is bad, theres a chance you won't get hit by a single Q. You lose this lane 1v1 if you choose to engage Lucian without Nashor's Tooth.
Ezreal (AD) - Should not be a big problem as long as you stay behind minions. If this guy goes Tear, you're gonna have a free lane as long as you push. Ezreal has decent CS under tower, but his wave clear is garbage without his ultimate. You might not be able to kill him, but you'll have a free lane. Remember that Ezreal can get almost all CS under tower, but since he can't wave clear, you can easily walk into enemy jungle, drop a ward, walk half way bottom, get spotted by a ward, but you'll make enemy botlane think twice about engaging. You should be able to apply more pressure than Ezreal simply by walking out of lane while Ezreal CS under tower.
Corki - I haven't seen many Corki mids, but this guy is absolutely a monster in lane. You lose 1v1 at all stages of the game if he ever gets ontop of you. This guy has wave clear, burst with passive, armor shred, AoE long range harass, and a gap closer. And he just does more damage than you in the early, and even mid game phase. Sometimes I wonder why Corki isn't a mage since Corki does mainly magic damage. Avoid this guy as much as possible. If you have to lose tower, take the tower loss, because Corki will most likely build Triforce, and Sheen proc your tower to death. I don't see how an Azir can win this matchup unless Azir gets a lucky wall or Azir gets Nashors + Rylais and does a ton of harass from afar.
Malzahard - If this guy gets through pick ban, there is something wrong with your team. Anyhow, Malzahar is not that terrifying, except for the fact that you will NEVER proc a Thunderlord until you get Rylais. Malzahar passive will negate most of your damage. The only good thing is that Malzahar is short ranged, so you should never be in range to get ulted. By the same token, you don't have any kill pressure on this guy either. CS from range, push him in, and hope you get a gank. Seriously, ban this guy though. I call him Malzahard because this guy is hard to win against in lane 1v1 :/
Swain - I doubt you will see a Swain, like ever, but if you do, PUSH HIM IN. This guy cannot clear waves, because his cooldowns are ridiculously long. The main strenght of Swain is his ability to 1v1, and 1v2, but his early game CS is really bad. Harass him after he uses his W.
Annie - Just, avoid, this champ. She can burst you down any day she likes. There's really not a way to win lane unless you want to spend ridiculous amounts of mana to poke, and even then Annie has shield to reflect 30% damage back. Farm from range, and just wait it out.
In conclusion
A lot of people might be wondering, it seems like all the champions listed have a way to counter Azir, so what exactly is Azir's strength? Honestly, Azir has no strengths early game aside from range, and even that costs a fair bit of mana. Your objective is to burn through your opponent's potions through ranged harass and being safe. You will have more effective health, thus you will be able to stay in lane and farm longer. Its true that all these champions can mess up Azir really bad, so the objective is to burn through your opponents potions so your opponent is less confident about messing you up. In a way, you're covering your weakness by weakening your opponent's confidence.

Oh baby. Azir's wave clear starts to ramp up as you get more items. Now you can pretty much clear waves without using a lot of mana, the casters die pretty much instantly from Q + auto + auto. Now you cannot be pushed in unless the enemy sends 4 people to push you off. But its okay because you kill casters, and if the enemy tries to hit your turret, your soldiers are already in position to give some nice stabs. If the enemy try to dive you, wall them off, and give them the finger as you walk away.
Once Azir gets his Rylais, your life is super easy. Summon a soldier, Q the enemy tank, adc, support, jungler, mage, whatever, and watch them try to run away, only to get Thunderlorded in the back. Keep doing this, advance little by little, gain more grounds as you keep harassing the enemy with Rylais and Q procs, and watch your enemies retreat to their tower. Then, keep them there. Just keep them there while your team does something else. If the enemy engages, Wall, use E to escape, and its like nothing ever happened. If you have passive up, summon a turret to deter your enemies from trying to dive in the first place. You can literally keep an entire team at bay by yourself just because your WQ combo is such a pain in the ass, yet it does so much damage for practically no risk. Its your reward for being patient in the early game.
Against assassins
By this phase of the game, every assassin is yours to toy with. Not in a kinky way, but you can literally just spank them back to base by proc'ing Rylais slow and Thunderlords. If they all in, Wall off, and walk away.
Against teamfight champions
Same thing as assassins. No one has longer range than you in the game.
Against ADC mids
Not much difference from other champions. Usually, a team with an ADC mid will just end up having two ADCs instead of a mage + ADC. Either way, both ADCs are squishy.
Against annoying champions
As long as you don't get flashed upon, you should be fine.
In conclusion
You are now at the early stages of Godhood, you are starting to see your powers and why people pick Azir. Tanks will build SPECIFICALLY AGAINST YOU just so they can survive your 5 second combo. You are looking to get a Nashor's Tooth and Rylais at this point of the game.

Get your team to teamfight whenever possible. Your ADC will LOVE YOU, if they don't already. You have a Wall that peels better than fucking Janna Monsoon because the enemy LITERALLY CANNOT DASH OVER YOUR WALL, unless they flash over, but then they would have to deal with no flash as gap closer. Keep in mind that Azir is one of the SAFEST mages that deals one of the HIGHEST amounts of damage for mid lane mages. Azir stands farther back than the ADC, so to get to an Azir, one has to; get past the tanks, get past the support, get past the ADC, all while trying to dodge damage from Azir and his teammates. Most people don't make it past the tanks. Azir is one of the strongest and safest teamfighters in the game, with one of the best self peeling skills in the game. Sit back and right click, move up when the enemy is retreating. If the enemy gets too close, guess what, USE E AND DRIFT AWAY. Don't forget to spam the mastery emote.
Against any champions
There's a simple rule. If they get too close, Wall them off. Protect yourself. As long as you stay alive, you can put out insane amounts of damage and win teamfights singlehandedly.
In conclusion
Peel for your ADC and yourself. Be careful not to get flash engaged. Late game is about teamfighting, and you don't want to die. Ward out, and just let the teamfight play out. Most of the time, you will just because you are Azir.

General Tips and Tricks
-Against enemy assassins, IT IS CRUCIAL YOU GET THE THUNDERLORD PROC to put you on even footing. You will not win lane unless the enemy misplays badly.
-As Azir, you start having a noticeably easier lane phase once you reach Stinger, because you will have sufficient attack speed to proc Thunderlords reliably. Nashor provides a much higher guarantee, but Stinger will allow you to make decent trades reliably, and clear minion waves at a decent speed as well.
-There is an animation when Azir is summoning his turret. During this animation, Azir cannot use any skills. However, you can Zhonyas during that animation, and the turret will still be summoned. This is good when you get dived but you are summoning a turret because the enemy diver will take a few turret shots, which may deter them from following up with their dive.
-Azir has had some changes where he will E to where his soldier's final position is, rather than E'ing to catch up to his soldier. E is also much more reliable when crossing terrain than previously. Azir can E to a soldier, use Q, and travel in the complete opposite direction. Azir can also use ult while using E. Strongly suggest practicing how to Drift as Azir, because it is extremely useful to escape or catch up.

Remember that Azir's strength comes from the player's decision making rather than mechanics. Here are some likely scenarios that could happen to an Azir player.
The Azirsec/Shurima Shuffle
Everyone has seen the Azirsec, or the Shurima Shuffle. Basically Azir shifts behind the enemy team, and uses Wall to knock back the entire enemy team. Let me tell you something that MANY people will disagree. A good Azir player can pull of Azirsec 9/10 times. A GREAT Azir player will never have to use Wall. The Azirsec is EXTREMELY RISKY, even if you build Azir with Zhonyas/GA, because there will be a window of time where you are in the enemy team, and your team is catching up. There's no need to take such risks late game when you can just poke them out, force enemy team back to base, rinse and repeat, especially with long death timers.
Some of you will say "But Sichuan, my grandpa is Plat and he says your a shit player and your advice sucks". Okay, fair. First off, your grandpa is Plat, this is a guide for Silver. Second, Azir's strengths comes from decision making. Easyhoon pulls off Azirsec all the time. But do you know why? I'll tell you. Easyhoon is in communication with his teammates, and he knows that, even if he dies, his team SKT will get a HUGE advantage because SKT was already in position for the Azirsec to happen. In a way, SKT EXPECTS Easyhoon to pull off an Azirsec. Your soloq teammates are NOT SKT, they might have an idea that you want to pull something, but they won't expect you to succeed.
Bottom line is, don't pull an Azirsec for the sake of being flashy. Play it safe, and win by taking calculated risks.
Ganking the enemy botlane
Remember how I said Azir is a bad roamer? I wasn't kidding. However, if Azir manages to walk past the wards and get into position, Azir can pull off some amazing ganks. So here are some scenarios.
If your botlane is winning or even, go in, and wall the enemy botlane towards your botlane. Since your botlane has the advantage, the enemy botlane is reluctant to engage, so you need to make sure that you can force an engage and get your botlane a double kill. And besides, its 3v2.
If your botlane is behind, try to seperate the enemy botlane. Wall diagonally, against the border of Summoner's Rift, in a way, try to pin the easiest target against the border. This will single out enemies, and you will probably walk away with one kill instead of two, but its a lot less risky. If the enemy botlane is winning, they could probably 2v2 or even 3v2 your botlane and you, so its best to just single out an enemy, and not be greedy.
If the enemy jungler shows up, well it becomes a 3v3. If you Azirsec, you will be in enemy territory, taking enemy damage. Its best to just back off, ward Tribush, and make sure that your bottom lane can reset. Unless you are super far ahead, theres always a risk of losing your lead, in fact, your enemy mid lane is probably farming and hitting your turret while you took a trip to bottom lane.
Dealing with ganks
As Azir, the enemy jungler might perceive you to be a threat. Now you should never be in a position to be ganked if you constantly ward. And if manage to poke out the enemy mid lane, you won't worry about ganks because you can just double kill enemy mid and jungle.
However, there will be some games where the enemy jungler will camp you from 3 minutes into the game, and will constantly visit midlane. It is frustrating to be camped, but here's the good side.
As Azir, you're not looking to dominate early game, or even mid game. You are looking to farm up your items. If you see the enemy jungler in the bush, or if you have a strong feeling that there's an enemy in the bush, you have to waste his time. Yes, its frustrating because you can't go aggressive, but know this. The more time the jungler wastes trying to gank you, the less time he has to farm his own jungle, gank other lanes, ward out, and control objectives. This means that, not only can all other lanes play more aggressively, but your jungler can farm, get EXP, steal camps, ward out, and basically do everything the enemy jungler can't. You are sacrificing your ability to play evenly for the team to gain an advantage from knowing the enemy jungler's position. Remember, you're Azir, its ok to get camped. Just play safe, farm, and become a god later.

Mind of the enemy ADC
First off, the enemy ADC wants to avoid you as much as possible because they will get slowed and chunked if they get hit by your Q. This means that, in a teamfight, you will be unlikely to hit the enemy ADC. So don't try to hit them. The enemy is avoiding you because they know you are a threat. Simply knowing that you are present is enough for the enemy ADC to play safe. So NO FANCY AZIRSEC, the enemy ADC is probably saving his flash JUST so that he can escape you. This info is important because if you stay with your tanks, the enemy ADC will play scared, and be more likely to misposition.
Mind of the enemy Tank
Even the fearless tanks know that theres something scary about a late game Azir. Nevertheless, all tanks have one objective, and its to dive the carries. The enemy tanks will charge at you, knowing that you will just wall them back. Sometimes, multiple tanks will charge at you, only to be thrown back by your wall. You are a target for enemy tanks, and you need to know your value in a teamfight. Because of this, you need to play smart and safe, which is why NO AZIRSEC! You need to save your wall so you can peel for yourself. Don't hang around your tanks unless the enemy tanks are low, or dead. It might sound simple, but sometimes the teamfight can shift positions. A Mundo might walk into a teamfight, then Flash Cleaver you. You can kill Mundo, but not before Mundo deals a ton of damage to you. Why be in a position to be flashed on in the first place? That's not smart, thats called underestimating your opponent. Don't be like that, play smart, play safe, you win teamfights just by being Azir.
Mind of the enemy Midlane
If you are a god, then the enemy midlane is the god killer. He knows that he's the ONLY person capable to taking you out of a fight by killing you with one combo or forcing you to back. Midlaners generally have burst damage, and even though Azir builds Rylais, midlaners can often hit through that extra HP with ignite. However, the enemy midlane is also a carry, and in a sense, they think the same way as the enemy ADC, which is; don't dive Azir if Azir's tanks are still alive. The difference is that midlaners have one combo, they have one Spear of Longinus, and if they use that combo on a tank, then lucky for you, nothing can burst you down anymore. Enemy midlaners are often faced with a difficult choice of saving their damage combo for you and losing a teamfight because they are essentially not dealing damage in a teamfight, or dive through the tanks to reach you while you stab everyone. Keep in mind that if the enemy midlane does not use their ult, you are at risk of dying.
Mind of the enemy support
This depends on the kind of support, so I'm going to split this section into Dive supports and Peel supports.
Dive supports
Leona, Alistar are the ones that come into mind. Being the supports and being fairly tanky, these champions don't care about their ADC and will simply try to disrupt your damage as much as possible. Unlike tanks, these champions don't care if they die, because there are still the tanks to deal with. You and your ADC will be the sole target, so make sure they target the ADC. It sounds harsh, but remember that Azir is more important than some trash ADC simply because most champions itemize against ADCs anyways, and Azir hits through champions who heavily itemize armor. Remember, you have one Wall, you can only use it once. Which means that, as soon as you use it, you are vulnerable. I hate to say it, but its sometimes better to be selfish and save your Wall against the enemy tanks, than to use your wall against enemy supports to save your ADC, only to have nothing left against enemy tanks. Your adc should understand that, as Azir, you deal more damage anyways. Besides, its a support. If your ADC dies to enemy support, well, theres not much to be said.
Peel supports
Soraka, Janna, Thresh are the ones that come into mind. Remember, the peel supports don't care about enemy carries, their job is to ensure their ADC is safe. Peel supports won't target you unless you get close to them, and in a teamfight, you are on the complete opposite side while the tanks are battling in mid. Peel supports are there to make sure their ADC is safe from threats. These guys will stay near the ADC, so don't even try to hit them unless the enemy tanks are gone. The first thing that will happen if you come close to these guys is Exhaust. Then you will get CC'ed, and possible blown up by whatever damage that comes your way. Your damage and attack speed will be reduced significantly, and you will be forced to retreat. Prioritize the enemy tanks rather than the squishy enemy supports. Let your tanks take the CC, so you can deal damage safely.

In conclusion
Its not enough to just think about yourself, you must know how the enemy is planning to deal with you. Remember that, although the score might be in your favor, the enemy team is hardly going to give up without a final fight. And you can bet that, in their final discussion, they are talking about how to deal with you, as Azir. Your team often identify primary targets before a teamfight, so there's no reason to think that the enemy team won't do the same, and that you are their primary concern. Simply knowing how the enemy thinks, will allow you to find the best method of dealing damage. Remember that, as long as you are alive, you win any teamfights. just by being Azir.

I watched this guy on Youtube named Dong Huap. Dont worry, I am not Dong Huap, he's a diamond player and I'm fucking silver. He's also a top laner, while I'm a mid laner. But he does give a lot of tips. I don't know what the rules are against advertising, but I found his videos extremely useful as general tips. If you have the time, I suggest watching his videos on how to deal with Tanks, Assassins, Enemy Junglers, Rengar, and Laning
Dealing with frustration
DO NOT RAGE, BE PATIENT. Azir is a champion that takes time because he scales pretty evenly throughout the game. Azir's powerspike is literally lv 16, when all his skills come together, because E doesn't really matter in the last two levels. So be patient, give up objectives, not your life, and give yourself time to scale.
Azir is an extremely fast farmer, so take jungle camps if your jungler or enemy jungler is not around. Clear the camp for extra EXP and gold, and get out before anyone notices.
Don't feel the need to be flashy
Outplays are cool, but Azir is much more about tactical teamfight position rather than outplays. This might seem boring to some people because Azir is not a flashy champion since he just sits back and lets his soldiers do the work. Azir has a high skill ceiling, but a good Azir does not have to be a flashy Azir. Sometimes, the simplest method is the most effective method.
WARD. Azir has long range, but that doesn't excuse Azir players from not warding. Dropping wards to cover areas is a team effort, even if it doesn't benefit you directly, it will benefit the team. Ultimately, Azir needs wards to farm safely just like any other champions. So ward.
I can't stress this enough
Lastly, DONT FUCKING RAGE. ITS NOT GOOD FOR YOUR HEALTH, AND ITS NOT GOOD FOR THE TEAM. You rage, you tilt your teammates, and everyone's angry with each other. All you have to do, is not be a dick, and you'll have a great game.

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